Mérida is the proud cultural capital of the region, a beautiful colonial city with strong manners. Mérida offers a range of interesting possibilities to the visitor.

Merida is the cultural reference of the Yucatan Peninsula, a beautiful Colonial city of marked Yucatec character, forged through years of influences without losing an iota of its essence. Their customs and accents are part of the intangible, of everything that will inevitably trap you.

Merida Yucatan
Merida Yucatan

Brief history of Merida:

Merida it was from the settlements that the Spanish colonizers to establish itself, transforming the ancient Mayan city of Ichkaantijoo in the new city of Merida, linked to the kingdom of Spain for years. They say that they called it that because the Mayan vestiges reminded them of the Romans of the Spanish Merida, something that we can not appreciate because they destroyed it.

The conquest developed from Merida, heavy weights like Montejo the groom, whose house occupied an entire block of the Plaza Grande, lived in Mérida. Since ancient times it has not ceased to be the capital, the clear reference of power in the Peninsula.

Merida it ended up being outlined in the city that is during the century of splendor that lived thanks to the henequen, a local product that changed the economic panorama of the Peninsula. From the middle of the eighteenth century thousands of Haciendas henequeras. The leaders of this business, the divine caste, a group of the richest landowners who controlled the henequen trade, they resided in Paseo de Montejo of the solemn Merida.

Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 1
Casa Montejo
Casona del Paseo Montejo

How to visit Mérida ?:

The majority of Mexican colonial populations are governed by a urban layout similar, made to string and square, forming a chess board in the style of Castilian and Andalusian cities. Merida it's also like that: perfectly ordered parallel streets.

Recommendations of what to visit in Merida

La Merida tourist is divided into two large areas, the center and Paseo de Montejo. You can walk from one to the other, the bad thing in Merida is not the distances, but the heat.


At the center of this calculated path is the Big square located in the heart of the city, where we find the government buildings as government palace, the city ​​Hall, Or the House of Montejo. These buildings are open to the public, it is worth visiting them. The Cathedral of San Idelfonso It was built between 1562 and 1597, you can visit on Saturdays with a guide to know the history.

Cathedral of San Ildefonso
city ​​Hall
Hall of the Government Palace
Casa Montejo


In the Paseo de Montejo we see the Merida of stately and opulent buildings. Most of them today have bought companies, hotels and banks, usual trend in several cities. This trip tried to imitate with more or less success the Champs-Élysées from Paris. It is a pleasant walk to walk, you can also ride it in buggy and on Sundays it becomes a bike circuit.

Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 2

Where to sleep in Mérida?

Merida has a very wide hotel offer, sure you find your perfect option. To make your search easier we write an entry about where to sleep in Mérida, We hope you find it useful. I leave you a picture with the offers of accommodation in Merida.


What to do in Merida?

In Mérida you will not get bored, it offers endless cultural activities, museums, restaurants and shops, there are even cenotes to visit. Merida is one of those comfortable cities that travelers love to spend a few days and make it our base camp.

Merida has been expanding the cultural offer, you are going to find a city with a very local atmosphere dotted with places that the traveler likes.


THE PLAZA GRANDE IS THE SOUL: in its surroundings there is a great part of life that makes the traveler get stuck in it. Do not miss the Sundays in the morning: see the regional dances, eat at the park stands, handicrafts, the funny clown show, the grannies who dare to dance, the gentleman who carries the cotarro ... entertaining is little.

Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 3

PASEO MONTEJO: This long walk that evokes splendorous times is one of the places most valued by the visitor with patisseries, colonial mansions, restaurants and some museums such as the Palacio Cantón or the Quinta Montes Molina Museum House. From the 49 street to the Monument to the Flag it is the section most traveled by the traveler, from here the walk is more for the use of the citizen.


NOCHES FROM THURSDAY TO SUNDAY they close the traffic of the urban center and Mérida becomes a pleasant place to wander. Most of the bars and restaurants in the city center, they set up their terraces on the street and live in a vernacular atmosphere, where you can dine, walk, dance, go to the theater ... Merida it moves, of that there is no doubt.

Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 4
Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 5
Merida Yucatan

CALLEJEAR MÉRIDA: most shops, restaurants, churches and attractive markets for the traveler are located in the center, in the surroundings of the Plaza. Callejea, poke your head in the courtyards of old houses, eat at the markets or street stalls ... enjoy Yucatecan life as a local.

Merida Yucatan
Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 6
Merida Yucatan
Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 7

MUSEUMS IN MERIDA: the culturetas you find in this city a small oasis where you can visit several of the most attractive museums, the Mayan-themed ones Great Mayan Museum of the Mayan World Catherwood house or the Canton Palace with itinerant expos, are the most outstanding. I leave you an interesting list of Museums in Merida.

Guangzhou Palace
Grand-Museum -Maya-Merida
Great Mundo Maya Museum

Many travelers from the Yucatan Peninsula they travel this land in a rental car, a way that gives you freedom when planning. My option is book the car via internet because it is usually cheaper. If you come at Christmas or Easter, I recommend you do it in advance. I leave you some tips for driving around the Yucatan Peninsula. S

What to visit in the surroundings of Mérida?

Merida Yucatan

This is the Merida that results, a sincere Mérida with a charm that catches, a place where things do not stop happening. If you like to spend the night in a fixed place for a few days, it is a perfect city as a base for some excursions in this area of ​​Mexico.

Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 8

Merida, towns

LOCATION: Merida It is located in the northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula. At 3 hours and a half of Cancun and only at hour and little more than Campeche.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? To Merida arrives transport from Cancun 4 hours, Valladolid 2'15 »h, Campeche 2'30» h.Official Web of the main bus company that operates in the area.
TIPS: try to make your visit during the weekend to experience the festive atmosphere of the city.
WHAT TO SEE IN THE SURROUNDINGS? Good base for excursions to the Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve, archaeological zone of Uxmal and others of the Puuc route, Hacienda Yaxcopoil, Izamal, cenotes Cuzama and others, the route of the convents, Progress and the archaeological zone of Dzibilchaltún y Xcambo. All these places are reached by public transport and the agencies of Mérida make excursions.

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Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan 9
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