Runners are a small tribe that soon end up knowing the best places to go for a run. These are some of the best places in Cancun to run.

I'm not a runner, but I have friends who are, that's why you end up thinking about these things, because of proximity. There are several groups with personal trainer and athletes who train alone who go out in the mornings and afternoons to train in the best equipped areas of Cancun for running.

Best places to run in Cancun:

Malecón Tajamar

Running with the Nichupté lagoon background is a luxury. An open space with raised lanes for bikes and skaters. The Tajamar boardwalk It has a kilometer of distance from end to end, and half a kilometer from the Bonampak to the lagoon, with almost no shadows to take refuge. The tracks are not marked with distances, but you already have them.

Enjoy the place, one of my favorite spaces in Cancun, ideal for runners. Malecón Tajamar is currently a controversial point due to the more than probable devastation of the mangrove area and the construction of blocks of buildings, in one of the open spaces most appreciated by the locals.

Location: it is entered from the Bonampak Avenue, in front of the Las Americas shopping center.

malecon tajamar, Cancun

Urban Park Kabah

Our Urban Park Kabah It would be the equivalent of Central Park in New York or the Ciutadella in Barcelona (the land gives me away). Another of the favorite places for the athlete to go running and take advantage of the sports equipment installed in the park. A marked route of one kilometer eight hundred meters in the shadows in this thick natural park, the lung of Cancun, is the great attraction for runners.

Location: it is located between Kabah Avenue and Nichupté Avenue. There are 2 entrances, one entrance on each avenue, both with parking. Opening hours: from 6 a.m. to 18 p.m. every day

Kabah Park

Km 0 of the Zona Hotelera

Probably the busiest track in Cancun, where tourists and residents sweat together. It travels almost without cuts more than 26 kilometers along the Boulevard Kukulcán, where the Zona Hotelera. A very pleasant place between light and shadow, sometimes too crowded for my liking. At km 0, on Bonampak, there is a large parking lot. Another attraction is that the space is equipped with sports equipment. Yoga is also practiced here. You see, a very busy point with a lot of life at km 0.

Location: on Av. Bonampakwhere begins the Boulevard Kukulcán that runs Zona Hotelera.

Kilometer zero cancun

Delfines Beach

For the most extreme runners who want to gain leg power, you can run for Dolphins beach, one of the favorites of some sports coaches for the slight slopes of the sand dunes. A great luxury to take advantage of the Caribbean and its enchanting colors, to wake up here running will surely put you the perfect pile for your day.

Location: 18 Kilometer of Boulevard Kukulcán, in the Zona Hotelera from Cancun.


Cancun port

A space somewhat similar to Malecón Tajamar, where they built an office, business, residential and retail complex on the waterfront. The sidewalks of Cancun port and the reduced traffic allow running in open space, you will have few shadows. The track connects you on killometer two of the track Zona Hotelera, a circuit that seems very attractive in combinations. It also connects with Las Perlas beach, a space not so crowded for the exquisite runners.

Location: Puerto Cancún has two entrances, one on km 2 of Bolevard Kukulcán, and another with parking at Bonampak, past Superama to Puerto Juarez.

Neighborhood Committee Park

This park is a little hidden gem. It has a somewhat dilapidated concrete court, but it is a very attractive space with basketball courts, circuits and sports equipment. This place is one of my favorites in Cancun to go for a walk, on the weekends a heartbeat of placid life flows between dogs taking their owners out for a walk, athletes, young people having romance and groups of friends playing hide and seek or handkerchief. I like this place.

Location: between Bonampak and Tulum, from the stretch of the Bullring to the 0 Kilometer Zona Hotelera. Look out and discover it.


Running track

These public facilities are among the best in Cancún, with a track of eight lanes in excellent conditions, where each track is used as you run more or less quickly. The track, known as The Valenzuela bullIt is a good space for practicing other sports such as boxing, you also have sports equipment for common use and basketball and soccer fields.

Location: main access via 39th street, between Francisco I. Madero avenue (route 4) and Miguel Hidalgo (route 5). Opening hours: from 6 a.m. to 23 p.m. every day

Puerto Juarez, Punta Sam road

The Maritime Terminal of Puerto Juarez There is a cycle path that takes you 4 kilometers to Punta Sam. Many runners use this concrete cycle track where bikes hardly pass. Most of those who commute by bike continue to use the road due to the constant ups and downs of the unfortunate layout of the cycle path. So it's a great track for runners. You can finish at Playa Niños doing stretching in front of the sea.

Location: In Puerto Juárez, the track begins near the Puerto Juárez Maritime Terminal, past the Oxxo del Capitán Hook.

Playa del Niño, Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico

I hope it will help you decide where you will sweat. If you have somewhere where go for a run in Cancun and you want to add it to the list, we do it. In the variety is the spice.

Good sportsman's way,

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