Madresal is a local beach destination on the Pacific coast of Chiapas, one of those places where you arrive and want to repeat. Local and relaxed atmosphere where you can taste the smell of salt.

In the last getaway to Chiapas our friend Jordi, owner of the delicious restaurant El Cau de San Cristóbal de las CasasHe advised us several places along the Pacific coast. Thanks to their local experience we were able to discover less touristized places, something that we appreciate on our way.

El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.

Pacific Coast in Chiapas

In this same Pacific Coast are the best known Puerto Arista y Mouth of Heaven, this more backpacker environment. Our initial idea was to go to Boca del Cielo, my brother had recommended it to us and I also read it in the interesting blog of my colleagues from PlanBiajero. We had never heard of El Madresal, but coming from Jordi, we did not hesitate a second to change the plan, we knew that we were going to the right place. I am convinced that Boca del Cielo is also an excellent place, with more atmosphere and services than El Madresal.

El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.

How to get to El Madresal?

After taking the detour from Puerto Arista towards Madresal, you drive several kilometers along a beautiful road that makes you the day, until you reach a small pier from where you the boats leave to the beach of El Madresal. The boat trip between mangroves is only 10 minutes, it is about crossing the estuary, the mangrove zone that separates the coast from the mainland (15 pesos per person).

Once on the other side of the mangrove, you are already on the volcanic sand beach. This is where the ecotourism center El Madresal, run by a cooperative of local families: 17 cabins and a restaurant on a lonely golden sand beach of endless kilometers.

El Madresal beach, Chiapas, Mexico.
El Madresal Cabin, Chiapas, Mexico.
Pacific Ocean in El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.

Characteristics of the accommodation El Madresal:

Price and accommodation capacity: 17 rustic cabins with a small porch with a hammock. The cabins are equipped with fan y private bathroom with toiletries. The beds are comfortable and clean.All the cabins have two double beds with mosquito netting. They are from 1 to 4 people and have a cost of 800 weights. Surely if you go alone they make you discount. As well you can camp and use the services of bathrooms, showers and restaurant.

accommodation in El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.

Cabin facilities: en The Madresal They offer activities such as bird watching, go see crocodiles, walks through the mangrove, fishing .... They inform you of their services. You can also see the sea ​​turtles spawn in the season from July to November. Many locals come to the restaurant, especially on holidays and Sundays. During our days of stay, although the restaurant was filled every day, once the restaurant closed at sunset, we were left alone with a couple of tables. In the early morning they arrive for breakfast. Rich and fresh food 🙂

El Madresal, Chiapas
Pacific Ocean Coast, Chiapas, Mexico-
El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.
Channels to reach El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.

If you are one of those who do not need more, it is your place without doubt. Walk, bathe, a chela, tasty food, hammock, nature ... pleasures over pleasures, fill your heart and mind with nutritious things, that's how the most beautiful smiles are born.

Pacific Ocean in El Madresal, Chiapas, Mexico.

They were a lujazo of days, I hope that you enjoy this less known corner of Chiapas. For us, the trip along this coast went from surprise to surprise. Little more to say about El Madresal, go and enjoy it.

Madresal, savoring the Pacific 1

Madresal, beaches

LOCATION: EL Madresal is located at 45 kilometers from Tonalá, through the Tonalá-Puerto Arista highway. Follow the road to Ponte Duro or Manuel Ávila Camacho, there is a sign indicating the El Madresal ecotourism center.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Tonalá, the collective is taken to the Ponte Duro ejido, from here a mototaxi to the pier where the boats depart to Madresal (15 pesos per person).
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (I am one of those who prefers to cover himself rather than lie potingues) and the swimsuit.

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