The Loltún cave is an essential stop in the southern part of the state of Yucatán, a place that tells the history of the Peninsula. A spectacular walk through an underground cavern 80 meters below ground awaits you.

The Yucatan Peninsula was covered by the sea millions of years ago. On the ground of this limestone rock land you can easily see petrified corals throughout the territory. When the peninsula re-emerged it was almost at sea level, the maximum elevation is the Sierrita de Ticul, 350 meters above sea level.

Geological characteristics of the Yucatan Peninsula:

Thousands of are intertwined under the Yucatan Peninsula underground caverns, some dry and others flooded with water. The terrain causes rainwater to seep into these caverns, nothing is retained on the surface, there are no rivers or lakes on the surface. 

Fantastic landscape under our feet that form the fresh water, what we know as cenotes.

Loltún, first settlements of the sedentary Maya 1

Here at the puuc route (hills Lomas in Yucatecan Maya), where we find the highest elevation of the Peninsula, the caves are dry. The Loltún grotto despite going down to 80 metersYes, it is a dry space, where millions of years ago the waters gave it the current forms.

For those who have never dived a cenote, I usually tell them to imagine this place full of water to get closer to the idea of ​​cave diving.


How to visit the Loltún Caves?

Access to the caves can not be done alone, you must go accompanied by a guide, and you enter fixed schedules, so be on time or you'll have to wait for the next shift.

The guides are people from the area who are dedicated to this need, they do not have an adequate training course and in some cases it shows. The place depends on the INAH because it is an archaeological zone because of the vestiges found. The guides sometimes recreate themselves with tales and vapid fables, which make the visit somewhat heavy if you pay them a lot of attention. If you get a good guide, thank you.

Grutas de Loltún, Yucatán
Guide telling stories about the name of Loltún

 Tour of the Loltún Caves:

La Grotto of Loltún (stone flower, lol flower And you stone) is a tour where you go for more than an hour through different cameras, antechambers and rooms, going down to 80 meters without finding out, going through a canyon, incredible domes, curious formations, impossible stalactites ... a luxury of underground road where to distract you in every corner.

The last gallery of the tour, the Room of the Paintings, simply spectacular, you will enjoy it 🙂

SCHEDULES ROUTES: 9:30, 11, 12:30, 14, 15 and 16 hours. They are punctual, if you are not on time you will have to wait for the next turn.

Room of the Paintings

Loltún was home to the first sedentary Maya, as well as other caves in the area. Since the first settlers who inhabited these lands between 9000 and 3000 BC, it has been used as a ceremonial place, temporary camp, for water supply, as an exploitation of clay for the manufacture of vessels, it was even a refuge for the rebellious Mayans in the caste war.

Grutas de Loltún, Yucatán
Loltún, first settlements of the sedentary Maya 2

The grotto of Loltún It contains a wealth of paleontological evidence of animals such as mastodons, bison, camels, wolves, horses and a variety of mammals, all already extinct.

So far, 145 wall paintings, 42 petroglyphs and ceramics from various eras have been located. Loltún preserves a story with a continuity until approximately 1250 AD

Loltún, first settlements of the sedentary Maya 3
At the entrance there is a preclassic Mayan glyph

La Grotto of Loltún It is a special place where you can surprise yourself with history, imagination and the senses. The tour lasts almost two hours and you walk about 1000 meters. It is not a narrow grotto and the roads are good. In the rainy season it is somewhat slippery, but nothing you can not do.

Loltún, first settlements of the sedentary Maya 4

What else to do in the area of ​​the caves of Loltún?

Loltún is a few kilometers from the town of Oxkutzcab, so make yourself the gift of visit your market in the morning, from where many of the fruits, vegetables and legumes are distributed to the whole area. To savor the pure life of the current Maya, take the opportunity to buy and taste the rich flavors of the Yucatan countryside. You can have breakfast at the market.

In December it is the Fair of the Orange in Oxkutzcab, an event where they make sculptures with oranges


You will not regret entering this area of Yucatan, where you can spend a few days between caves, farms, the Puuc route, the convents route and the beautiful cenotes.

If you are going to stay to sleep in Oxkutzcab, I recommend Hotel Puuc, a cheap, clean and comfortable hotel that perfectly solves your stay in Oxkutzcab. Central, with pool and breakfast service.

BOOK here and see the photos and opinions of other travelers of the Hotel Puuc

We like this area of ​​Yucatan a lot to people, here you will enjoy an authentic trip.

Loltún, first settlements of the sedentary Maya 5

Grotto Loltun, nature

LOCATION: Loltun caves are located 7 kilometers south of Oxkutzcab
GUIDED TOURS SCHEDULES: 9:30, 11, 12:30, 14, 15 and 16 hours. They are punctual, if you are not on time you will have to wait for the next turn.
PRICE ENTRY: 105 mxn foreigners and nationals 78 pesos. The guide's tip is not included in the visit.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Mérida bus terminals: TAME (69 street between 68 and 70) or combis from the Northeast (67 street between 50 and 52). About two hours away. The Loltún caves are located 7 km from the town of Oxkutzcab, where public transport arrives. You can reach the caves by van or private taxi, they await you at the exit.
WHAT TO BRING? Light clothes and closed shoes.

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