One of the concerns when going on a trip or living abroad is how to communicate with our families and friends. How to use your mobile in Mexico? And for residents, how to make calls in Mexico?

If you come to Mexico and you bring your  (cell) with internet access, you can connect to the networks WiFI for free in most restaurants and hotels Mexico.

Set your phone's settings NOT to Mobile Data (cellular data) to avoid spending unnecessarily.

Once connected to the internet you have many calling programs like skype, whatsapp, facetime, line, which will allow you to talk for free with whoever you want.

Options to call from Mexico while traveling:

If you are one of those that you should call just arrive at the airport, you can use your mobile phone if you have credit and call. The international call will go out for a fortune due to the high cost of roaming, but you can do it. Rates vary by company.

  • What about prepaid cards? In airports they sell prepaid cards that allow international calls at low cost. I have never tried them and I do not know how they work, but except in exceptional cases of someone who travels a lot and needs to make many calls, I do not think they are profitable for your trip.
  • International calling cards: in Mexico you can buy international calling cards that allow you to call at low cost by dialing from a landline phone, such as the one in hotel rooms. For about 100 mxn you have more than 300 minutes for calls to landlines in Spain. Nor do I think they are necessary in most cases, but they are options.
call Mexico


A solution for the traveler who will move independently and will need local calls and consult the internet, is as follows: You must have a mobile phone released, which will allow you to put a local card. The chip of a prepaid card costs you about 100 pesos. Perfect, you already have a Mexican phone for 100 pesos. You just have to load it with money, there are interesting prepaid options, for about 300 pesos you have plenty.

  • Which company to choose? There are several such as Telcel, Iusacell, AT&T, Movistar. Telcel continues to be the one with the best signal and coverage in the area, it was the monopoly of telephones for a long time in Mexico.
  • Where do I buy the chip? There are several shops that sell the chip and make phone charges, it will not be difficult for you to ask and be told.
Indicative prices of prepaid card

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How to dial another phone in Mexico?

From the 3 of August of 2019 a new way of dialing in Mexico began, before this I assure you it was an odyssey. From now on you forget about the 044, the 045 and the 01, the thing gets much easier.

The three major cities of the Republic of Mexico, CDMX (55), Monterrey (81) and Guadalajara (33), have the long distance codes of 2 figures and the numbers are 8 figures. The rest of the country have the long distance codes of 3 figures and the telephone numbers are 7 figures.

How to make calls in Mexico and use your 1 mobile phone

When someone gives you his phone number he gives it to you: with the long distance code and the number. Just dial that number of 10 figures from your device and that's it.

How to make calls between Mexico and abroad?

To dial Mexico from abroad: access code 011 + country code 52 + national number of 10 digits.

To add a Mexican mobile phone number to WhatsApp you must put 0052 + 1 + -number-

To dial from Mexico abroad: international call 00 + country code 34 (in the case of Spain) + city number 93 (in the case of Barcelona) + number (if it is a cell phone it does not carry the city number)

Web with the international codes of all the countries of the world

How to call emergency numbers?

You do it directly, the 911 It is the main emergency number.

Another useful roadside assistance phone is the 074.

How to make calls in Mexico and use your 2 mobile phone

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