Mexico is an interesting country in beers, a different world from taking the beer: with shrimp, chelada, michelada, red eye, with mango, do you want to know the Mexican beers? 

La beer (beer) is a matter of culture in Mexico. I remember one of my first times in a joint (bar) with a university atmosphere, where ordering a beer had its difficulty with the strange offer of beers with mango, pineapple, shrimp (prawn) ... or cheladas, micheladas and red eyes. Nobody took a simple bottle beer, another world ...

A frosty chelada with salt
A frosty chelada with salt

Mexican beers

The two great Mexican beer brands

En Mexico or two large industrial beer companies, these are the beers that you will find the most. Usually restaurants, bars or clubs have one house or the other. Each of the brands has a wide range to choose from.

  • Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Group: Bohemia Clara, Bohemia Obscura, Carta Blanca, Indio, Sol, Tecate, Lager XX, Ambar XX.
  • Model group: Crown, Star, Lion, Model, Montejo, Pacific, Victoria.

Both brands have light beers, ambar and some similar to the traditional black. Of all of them, if I have to choose the beer par excellence of all these, I choose the Bohemia Obscura, then I continue with Indio, Montejo ... As a Yucatecan curiosity, to say that León and Montejo beers were manufactured years ago in this land, taking as a reference to Don Francisco de Montejo y León, the Adelantado, Spanish conqueror.

Prices from 25 to 60 pesos, depending on where you take it.

Mexican beers

Organic and craft Mexican beers

A study published by Greenpeace in 2016 refers to the fact that all the beers of these two great brands are made with transgenic products. If you want to go to organic and artisan products, you should get these more difficult to find brands:

  • Baja Brewing Company (Baja California)
  • Bayernbrau produced (Puebla)
  • Skull produced (State of Mexico)
  • Cosaco (Mexico City)
  • Minerva (Jalisco)
  • BeerFactory

Once tested several of these beers, I join the artisan group without a doubt. The trouble is that it will be difficult to get them in a conventional restaurant or bar.

El price in a bar, beer ranges between 60 and 100 pesos. You can find some artisanal ones in big supermarkets such as Wall Mart, Chedraui, Mega… at about 35 pesos.

Mexican beers

Beers in the Yucatan Peninsula

On your trip through these Mayan lands, either in the Riviera Maya or in the interior of the Yucatan Peninsula, you will mostly find the beers of the major brands Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma y Model. A lot of variety to try these two brands.

Entrance to a canteen in Valladolid
Entrance to a canteen in Valladolid


Where to drink in the Yucatan Peninsula?

In all the important towns of the Riviera Maya you find dens (bars) and restaurants for beer. The most beer-like atmosphere is in sports bars (the sports bar It is a concept that the Anglo-Saxon likes on the Caribbean coast) and some Irish Pub. Here you can consume some beer thrown (in draft or draft).

In the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula they serve beer in most restaurants in the towns. There is always a corner where you can have a cold chela.

The Mexican place to go out for chelas is the cantina, a typical bar of drunk where they drink until they fall dead. The atmosphere of the old-style canteens is very authentic but it is not very recommendable for travelers, there are other places where you can have a chela more calmly.

Mexican beers

How to order your beer served?

Chelada, michelada, red eye, in frosty jar, with sauces ... these are some of the questions that your waiter (waiter). Everything depends on the area of ​​Mexico that you are on the Yucatan Peninsula, except in some cases, the thing goes like this:

  • Chelada: jar (glass) frosted with salt, lemon juice and beer. Similar to our white, shandy or shampoo, made with lemon or soda pop. Here the chelada de México is prepared with natural lemon juice, a pleasure!
  • Michelada (In some places they know her as Cuban). Frosty glass with salt, lemon juice, soy sauce, English sauce, a little pepper, tabasco sauce and beer. You read it well, beer with sauces ... Will you dare? It has a regustillo that catches 😉
  • Red eye: beer with clamato, lemon juice, chirimique (maggi sauce, English sauce and tabasco sauce to taste), ice, salt, lemon and / or celery.
  • To taste with shrimp, mango, kiwi... they are not the most usual, but you find them. They are usually served with a skewer of the chosen flavor inside the beer glass.

Cheladas, micheladas ... has an extra cost of 5 to 25 pesos.

Well, here is your beer menu. I hope you enjoy a good cold in Mexico, and remember that they heat up fast in this climate of the Peninsula 😉

Health and good path,

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For the pleasure of sharing a chela, health!
For the pleasure of sharing a chela, health
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