The interior of this amazing country preserves some of the most fascinating ancient Mayan cities. Lamanai is one of the most incredible.

What we now know as Belize, They were the so-called lowlands of the Mayan civilization. In this strip some of the most impressive cities of the Classic Maya period, which included 250 aC to 950 DC: Tikal, Caracol, Naranjo, Piedras Negras, Mirador, Yaxchilán, Palenque, Toniná, Calakmul or Lamanai They are part of this cast.

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Unlike all the others, Lamanai remained occupied permanently until the arrival of the colonizers. The locals proudly boast that they ended up expelling the Spaniards there.

archaeological zone lamanai belize

How to get to Lamanai

There are two possible ways to get to Lamanai: drive by a somewhat winding road or navigating the New River for forty-five minutes through a splendid landscape. During this tour by boat through the lagoon River New you pass through one of the Mennonite villages. Several agencies include in their excursions a visit to the town where you can get a glimpse of the particular Mennonite way of life.

After the fantastic tour, you continue your adventure among the vestiges of this city consumed by the jungle and the weather, something that gives it a more adventurous air.

Arrival to the Lamanai archeological zone

The thing to navigate by boat to get to Lamanai is something that undoubtedly gives a plus. It's just cool to do different things, get out of the routine, give us the air in the face, observe in silence the surroundings, pure life that would say in Costa Rica 🙂

Lamanai is immersed in the high forest of Belize, on the banks of the river. Its privileged location makes it a more interesting walk through the nature of the place. It is very likely that you will see or hear animals such as monkeys or toucans, as well as crocodiles on the way down the river. It is a real enjoyment of vestige, where just groups of tourists arrive from the coast, crossing passage and isolated backpackers.

Lamanai archeological zone
archaeological zone lamanai belize
lamanai ruins

Lamanai archaeological site

Lamanai, submerged crocodile in Maya, it is endowed with exquisite details, stelae, ceremonial centers, observatories and ball games that make it worthy of a visit paused by the site. Architecturally it is very complete, very fun and interesting to explore.

It was a city built in phases, using the ancient temples to continue growing. You will see constructions like Temple of the Masks, the tremendous Temple of the Jaguar Masks And from the High Temple o Castle, with 33 meters, you will enjoy magnificent views. From the heights it was ruled.

Temple of the Masks
High Temple o Castle, 33 meters
How to get to the archaeological zone of Lamanai 1
High Temple o Castle, 33 meters
How to get to the archaeological zone of Lamanai 2
Ball game
How to get to the archaeological zone of Lamanai 3
In the background the Temple of the Jaguar Masks
Temple of the Jaguar Masks

Lamanai Museum and services

Lamanai I loved it, it is a magnificent city where you imagine the times of the great Mayan lineages. The fierce sounds of hauling monkeys They help you get into the magical scene that forms the visit to Lamanai.

At the entrance, as in most Belizean archaeological zones, there is a museum that brings us closer to the Mayan world. It is appreciated to see pieces in situ, models evoking how were the ancient Mayan cities and other details that help the visitor's curiosity.

After the visit of the archaeological zone of Lamanai, the return by boat by the river allows you to settle the emotions of the day, it is simply a pleasure. Lamanai leads you to an adventure, do not miss it on your way.

How to get to the archaeological zone of Lamanai 4

Lamanai, archaeological site

LOCATION: Jetty launches to Lamanai are located at Tower Hill Toll Bridge, about 5 km from Orange Walk. On the jetties there are several companies that offer excursions. The crossing to go by car is located a little earlier. Some 20 km. slow driving
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: open from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. daily. There are services at the entrance and a museum on site. They don't sell food inside.
PRICE ENTRY:40 USD per person (includes transportation by boat, lunch, museum tickets and ruins).
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?Arriving by public transport and walking a section can, but it is complicated. Better to arrive by boat or private vehicle.
WHAT TO BRING?Light and light clothes, hat well held by the air in the boat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes better to climb the pyramid and some water always goes well.

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