Labna is one of the Mayan cities of the Ruta Puuc, a route where you will enjoy the exquisiteness of the puuc architecture of the ancient Maya. An area rich in history and tradition.

The Puuc Route It is one of the many attractions of Yucatan, a state rich in history where you can walk between past and present, trips that lead you to learning and reflection.

Travel with respect and you will see how the doors open for an incredible journey.


The Puuc Route:

The so-called Puuc Route is basically made up of the archaeological zones of Xlapak, Sayil, Labná, Kabah and Uxmal, the jewel of the puuc. These ancient Mayan cities share their own common architecture, the puuc style, for many it is the most exquisite, elaborated and careful among the different Mayan architectural styles.

Labna For me it is an essential stop in this area. This area is very interesting, if you feel like going through it I advise you to read how to do it in this post la Puuc Route.

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Labna archeological zone

How to go to Labná:

Located between Xlapak and the caves of Loltún, in the Puuc Route. 42 kilometers southeast of Uxmal.

  • tour with agency: From Mérida the agencies offer tours to see the Puuc route. The two puuc cities most in demand are Uxmal, which package it with Kabah.
  • renting car: from Mérida take the 261 road towards Muna-Uxmal-Santa Elena, well indicated. Many travelers dare to drive through the tranquil Yucatan Peninsula.
  • collective transport: buses leave from Mérida from the bus station on 69 street between 68 and 70, a group that runs along the Puuc Route. It leaves at 8am and returns at 16pm on Sundays. If you stay in Santa Elena you can also get there by bus.

If you decide to do it for free, I recommend you stay a few days in this area. I really like the option of sleeping in Santa Elena. 

archaeological site Labna

Brief history of Labna:

De Labna (old house o abandoned) there is archaeological evidence that places it from 200 BC to 1000 AD. The heyday is dated between 600 and 900 AD.

It was part of a group of cities including Uxmal, Sayil and Kabah, which along with Oxkintok, Labna and Nohpat dominated the highest area of ​​Yucatan. An road network, many of which we see today, indicate the relationship between these cities. Puuc it is a Mayan word that means hillturkey o loma, with just over 300 meters of elevation.

El arch of Labna It is one of the most notorious architectural symbols of the Mayan world.

archaeological site Labna

Explorers in Labná:

This set of Mayan cities of Puuc They have been among the most studied. In the 1842 the explorers John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood opened a window to the Mayan world with their books and lithographs. They did several research work in this area, and Catherwood shaped several emblematic buildings.

His famous arch is part of the memory of many thanks to his drawings. In Mérida you can visit the Catherwood House Museum, where there are original lithographs. A delicatessen space.

lab bow
Catherwood sheet of the Arch of Labná. Source

How to travel Labná?

It is a small place with emblematic buildings, easy to walk, a beautiful walk awaits you. The archaeological zone is formed four main buildings: the Palace, the Arch, the Viewpoint and the Temple of the Columns. Several sacbé (white road) run through the site joining these main buildings.

The palace It is the longest Puuc building that has been discovered, it is more than 120 meters long. Inside are representations of Chaac, representing rain, lightning, lightning and water in general.


The arc is the little gem: it has 12.6 meters long, 4 meters deep and 5 meters high. The southeast façade is adorned with frets, the northwest façade shows panels with lattices and two niches in which there are remains of stucco sculptures that still retain traces of color. Above the niches there are miniatures of Mayan houses. Architectural beautification

Labna archeological zone

El Mirador It is a great monument that had statues of ball players, as in many occasions there was looting and they were stolen. A pity not being able to appreciate this reconstructed building.

The Labná Viewpoint

Temple of the Columns: Another sacbé leads you to this building adjoining the Palace. Its columns are its most representative brand.

Labna archeological zone
I took to the Temple of the Columns

If you are from stones and history, go to Labna. Not many people usually arrive here, so it is likely that this magnificent vestige you can travel without hardly anyone.

Discover Labná on the puuc 1 route

Labná, archeology

  • Location: located between Xlapak and the caves of Loltún, in full Puuc Route. 42 kilometers southeast of Uxmal, 120 km south of Mérida. From Mérida take highway 261 towards Muna-Uxmal-Santa Elena, well indicated.
  • Hours and services: open from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. daily. Sundays are free for nationals and residents with official identification.
  • Entrance cost: 50 mxn
  • How to get there by public transport? From Mérida, the ADO station on Calle 69 between 68 and 70, a bus leaves that runs along the Puuc Route. It leaves at 8 and returns at 16 on Sundays.
  • What to bring? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes better and some water always goes well.

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