In the 35 kilometers that pass by the one known as Route of the CenotesOn the road that connects the coastal Puerto Morelos with the interior Leona Vicario, you will find several wonderful cenotes, are you going to miss them?

The Ruta de los Cenotes takes place on the road that runs for more than 30 kilometers between Puerto Morelos and Leona Vicario. This area is gathering a nature tourism thanks to areas for bird watching such as the fantastic Toh reserve, cycling routes, charming hotels in the jungle, ranches and, of course, the cenotes.

We know the area because we live here from the 2007, we hope to answer your questions : )

The cenotes of the Ruta de los Cenotes live from agency tourism that arrives from Riviera Maya. Most of the cenotes of the Cenotes Route function as adventure parks with different activities such as zip lines, ATV circuits, bikes, visits to different cenotes, ceremonies.

Mira los Cenotes in Playa del Carmen you can't miss

These facts have made access to these cenotes more expensive, compared to the prices that are handled in Yucatan. In this Route of the Cenotes, only the cenote Popol Vuh stays above 100 pesos, something that residents and cenote lovers appreciate.

Cenotes route


We will go making a route from Puerto Morelos to Leona Vicario to see the cenotes of this popular route of the Cenotes, so you do not miss any and choose to your liking.


El Las Mojarras cenote, With 67 meters in diameter and 17 meters deep, it is the largest open cenote you find in this area, a real place of recreation. Managed by the company Loma Bonita, it offers other interesting activities such as zipline, ATVs and horseback riding,

  • Location: cenote Las Mojarras It is located at Km 12.5 of the Puerto Morelos - Leona Vicario highway (known as Route of the Cenotes). The detour to your left is signposted. The cenote is 2.8 km from the road on a dirt road.
  • Cenote characteristics: Las Mojarras It is open, 67 meters in diameter and 17 in depth.
  • Entrance cost: 150 mxn
  • Services: basic, palapas, rotisserie, changing tables and zip lines.
Cenotes route


El cenote seven mouths It is one of the most expensive. It has seven entries as indicated by its name. Some galleries are connected to each other, so you can swim inside the cave from one entrance to another. The magic of the reflection of the lights is spectacular.

  • Location: kilometer 15.5, on the right direction Leona Vicario. Well signaled.
  • Cenote characteristics: 7 Bocas it is semi-open with 60 m depth. If you dive I have been told wonders of the 7 Bocas.
  • Entrance cost: 300 mxn, residents of Quintana Roo 250 pesos
  • Services: basic and rustic. You can have a barbecue, everything has a cost in this cenote.
Puerto Morelos Cenotes


El Boca del Puma cenote It is located at kilometer 16 of the aforementioned road. You can visit two open cenotes and one closed one, as well as do other activities in this park of more than 100 hectares. It is a good place to do activities such as horseback riding, quad biking and vertiginous zip lines of more than 700 meters long. I do not know him personally, we will have to look out to assess. On the right, direction Leona Vicario. Price: 250 for local residents and 300 for foreigners. Schedules: of 9 to 18 hours.

Commentary of the traveler Iván Ruíz that you can read full in the lower section of comments «I must say that it is a beauty, they are two cenote, one of them underground, it is beautiful, the vision of this when you enter is not very spectacular compared to others of the type of cavern, but once you use the goggles it impresses you as you see the abyss type formation that you have, fantastic, then the open cenote is a beauty! (...) the price is $ 250 for local residents and $ 300 for foreigners, you can take your food and drink, they give you if you want life jacket included in the cost, also on the weekend they make food (...) »


The incredible crystalline waters of those that we normally enjoy in the cenotes have in cenote Lucero Verde the prize of seeing the aquatic vegetation that stain it with life and color, giving the place a plus: arrive, see it and smile, you are already in your cenote! This open cenote has two platforms from which to launch

  • Location: the cenote Lucero Verde It is located at km 18 of the Puerto Morelos-Leona Vicario highway (left hand side), on the Ruta de los Cenotes.
  • There are toilets, changing rooms, showers, palapa, temazcal, rent vests ...
  • Cost: 150 mxn general admission and 100 mxn with resident ID.
  • Characteristics of the cenote: the cenote Lucero Verde can be dive y swim. Depth of 9 × 19 meters. It has zip line and a couple of platforms to launch: from 3 and 7 meters.
  • Services: basic, palapas, temazcal, zip lines.
Puerto Morelos Cenotes


Open cenotes, such as Popol Vuh cenote, they lose spectacular formations that we can appreciate in the semi-new type, but they are great recreational spaces. It is very popular among locals to spend the day in a cenote, and the Popol Vuh offers all the facilities in services: barbecue area, palapa, restaurant, bathrooms, vests, changing tables ..

  • Location: the cenote Popol Vuh It is located at km 33 of the road, on the left towards Leona Vicario
  • Cost: 70 mxn, the cheapest in the area
  • Lodging: has a house to stay, the House Cenote Popol Vuh.
  • Characteristics of the cenote: The Popol Vuh cenote you can dive and swim.
  • Services: of bathrooms, changing tables, showers, zip lines ... there are also restaurant services and you can take advantage of a barbecue on the premises.
Cenotes route


From the main road we will now take a detour that will take us to 4 cenotes and the Toh reserve, a nature reserve where you can watch birds. The cenotes are Zapote, La Noria, Kin-Há and Xenotes Park. This road is of dirt road suitable for all cars. These cenotes are far away to go by public transport.


I had the opportunity to go out to observe birds in this reserve of more than 500 hectares where thanks to their conservation work they are getting native fauna to return through this jungle that we are devastating as predatory ants. This space is a luxury, with marked trails of several kilometers through the jungle. You can also visit the cenotes of the Toh Reserve.

You can visit it with a specialized guide, learn about flora, fauna and also surprise yourself with the cenotes of space. They also do nightly meditations, eager to go to one of them. PRICE: 120 pesos the entrance, I do not know the cost of the other activities. SERVICES: They have ecological services conditioned and a space to give talks.

reserve toh


El cenote Zapote, also known as Hells BellsIt is an open cenote 52 m deep. A well of magnificent crystal clear water in the middle of the jungle. For those who practice diving here you can see one of the most unusual formations in the shape of a bell. And for the bravest, you can jump from a 10-meter platform. Do you dare diver?

  • Location: kilometer 20, on the left towards Leona Vicario. It is less than 500 meters from Kin-ha.
  • Characteristics of the cenote Sapodilla: for swimming and diving, 52 m deep.
  • Entrance cost: 200 mxn
  • Services:  All the services. Circuit of ATVs, zip lines, ceremonies.
Puerto Morelos Cenote Route


Cenote La Noria, with a depth of 18 meters and 47 meters in diameter, it is a cave, with easy access. To dive and bathe. It is located at kilometer 20 of the route. Along with the Kin Ha, the most beautiful for my taste.

  • Location: kilometer 20, on the left towards Leona Vicario. Share entrance on the road with the Kin Há and the Zapote, the entrance is well signposted.
  • Characteristics of the cenote: La Noria It is underground cavern with a depth of 18 meters and 47 meters in diameter. Ideal for swimming and diving.
  • Entrance cost: 250 mxn
  • Services: basic, palapas, ATV rides and zip lines.
Cenotes route


El cenote Kin has (Sun and water in Yucatec Mayan) it is a closed cenote, with some opening through which the light penetrates creating magnificent games of lights, you are left speechless in this cenote. The waters are so crystal clear that your sight reaches more than 40 meters deep. There is a hammock hanging between a wooden platform and a column, a genius idea!

  • Location: kilometer 20, on the left towards Leona Vicario. Well signaled.
  • Cenote characteristics: Kin-ha It is a 40 m deep underground cavern. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Entrance cost: 200 mxn entrance to the Kin Há, 250 mxn with the cenote Blanca Flor.
  • Services: They have all the services, also restaurant. Bicycle circuit, ATVs, zip lines.
Cenotes route


El Grupo Xcaret has a cenote park in this areaa, where to enjoy cenotes and different activities such as rappel, swim by underground rivers, kayak and zip lines. Who knows this company knows that fun is guaranteed. If you want to know your park, the best is buy the ticket directly with them. I leave you direct link to your website. If you are staying in a hotel and you don't have transportation, they put it.


It seems an interesting option to stay in this area of ​​living jungle. Options like Jolie Jungle (we have stayed and treated us wonderfully), the House Cenote Popol Vuh in the cenote of this same name, the Roots of Heaven and the new and recommended Cheél Lodge Ecológico.

All are great options to sleep in the jungle, in some you will barely have internet signal and you will be in a different environment than usual, to connect directly with your environment. Do not be scared, we can be without internet, it was like that years ago 😉

Another option is to stay in Puerto Morelos, where you find more variety. From Cancun and Playa del Carmen you also have the Route of the Cenotes.

Detailed map of the Ruta de los Cenotes. Source Sipse newspaper

I hope the information serves to encourage you to meet them. I'm missing some like the Chilam Balam and the Jungle Park, we will expand the information, because the Cenotes Route is in continuous movement.

Complete guide to the Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos 1

The Route of the Cenotes, cenotes

 LOCATION AND INDICATIONS: la Route of the Cenotes It is located at the south exit of Puerto Morelos (the closest to Playa). You must enter Puerto Morelos from the side, not the bridge, to take the detour.
HOW TO TRAVEL THE CENOTES ROUTE? You can walk it in car, contract taxi from Puerto Morelos o Leona Vicario (They will take you to the cenotes and wait for you. Tourism Agency (several agencies offer these cenotes), in bike (It is a route very used by cyclists, who also take advantage of dirt roads inside the jungle) or in public transport.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? There is a bus between Puerto Morelos and Leona Vicario that will leave you on the road: from here you will have to walk a few kilometers along a dirt road through cleared jungle until you find them. There are some very close to the highway such as Lucero Verde or Boca del Puma, others such as Kin Ha, Zapote or La Noria you must walk about 5 kilometers. The schedules of the groups de Puerto Morelos-Leona Vicar: 6 am, 7.15 am, 8.15 am, 12.15 pm, 13.15 pm, 15.15 pm, 17.15 pm, 18.15 pm, 20.15 pm. From Leona to Puerto: 7.15 am, 8.15 am, 9.15 am, 12.15 pm, 13.15 pm, 15.15 pm, 17.15 pm, 18.30 pm, 19.30 pm.
SCHEDULES OF THE CENOTES: cenotes are normally open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.
WHAT TO BRING TO CENOTES? Swimsuit and towel or pareo to dry after bath. A change of clothes to change, hat, insect repellent (use it after bathing if you stay in the area and there are insects). Do not forget the mask or visor (in many cenotes they rent, but that way you save it). You can access most of the tourist cenotes with flip flops, the closed shoe always gives you greater protection, it is my choice almost always. Booties or water shoes are not necessary to access the cenotes. Bring water, the heat squeezes a lot and you need constant hydration.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTER: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Go through the shower before entering the cenote. Do not hang on the roots of the trees, or touch the stalactites, or do any other idiocy that damages the place. If we learn to appreciate the natural environment we will better treat it.

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