Kohunlich remains crouched in nature silently captivating the lucky ones who visit her. Located in the middle of nature, it is one of the most attractive Mayan sites.

The ancient Mayan city of Kohunlich It is one of the most attractive covers to promote tourism in Quintana Roo and hardly anyone knows it. Their masks are one of the icons of the Caribbean state of Mexico.

For us it is one of the most beautiful Mayan archeological zones. Without doubt the best of Quintana Roo.

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kohunlich masks

Kohunlich is far from the great tourist force that the Riviera Maya exerts. Day trips from all-inclusive do not arrive here. For the independent traveler it is a very attractive and authentic area, where you can walk almost alone in this imposing and beautiful city of exuberant nature.

Kohunlich ruins

Temple Masks of Kohunlich

The vestiges of Kohunlich possess one of the Great jewels of the Mayan civilization: el Temple of the Masks, which was built between 500 and 600 AD. The masks is an image widely used to promote the Mayan culture. 

At first glance it is a simple temple, but its sides keep masks of 2 meters high in good condition.

Kohunlich Masks Temple
Temple of the Masks
Kohunlich temple masks
Recreation of how the masks were in ancient Mayan times

I'm in love with this archeological zone, It's very addictive, so be careful. The enclosure is very wide, one of the most explored and with more areas open to visitors, with walks between Acropolis, plazas and ceremonial centers, residential groups, water channels.

Built under the influence of different architectural styles, it is one of the most surprising places for the traveler.

Kohunlich archeological zone
Kohunlich ruins
Kohunlich ball game

Walk, enter and climb the buildings you can. Walk the track calmly, it's worth it. Close to all the 27 steps You have great views of the Petén jungle.

From here you can see neighboring Belize, a country with great Mayan treasures.

Kohunlich ruins

What does Kohunlich mean?

What just rounded off this magnificent place is its integration into nature. Among the typical corozo palm trees from this southern area, lives a very rich ecosystem that will surely surprise you.  

The original name of Kohunlich is unknown, as of so many ancient cities. Kohunlich comes from English cohoon ridge (lomerío de corozos), referencing the corozo palms, a characteristic species of the Petén area. (Source INAH).

If you do not have transportation and you are in Bacalar, I recommend this day trip to Kohumlich and Becan

palm trees corozo kohunlich

Fauna in Kohunlich

In Kohunlich I saw my first toucans in Mexico, how not to remember this momentazo with great affection. You can also hear the howler monkeys roaming the area and there are plenty of bats that inhabit the buildings. It is a cool walk in this room.


Being a sparsely populated area, nature moves quieter through these lands in the southern Yucatan Peninsula. Do not miss Kohunlich in your walk through these lands, you will appreciate it.

Explore Kohunlich, the Mayan city that falls in love with 1

Kohunlich, archaeological site

LOCATION: Kohunlich is located at 65 km from Chetumal, the capital of Quintana Roo. It is reached by the federal road from Chetumal to Escárcega.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: Open from 8 to 17 daily hours. They do not sell drinks or food inside. There are services at the entrance.
PRICE ENTRY:70 mxn. On Sundays the entrance of the INAH is free for Mexicans and permanent residents. Access to archaeological sites is free every day for children under 13 years, students, teachers and senior citizens with valid credentials.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?There is no public transport to Kohunlich. It is about 8 kilometers inland from the Chetumal-Escárcega highway. From Chetumal and Bacalar lagoon, where you can find all kinds of accommodations, there are taxi services and the agencies offer day trips.
NEARBY ACCOMMODATIONS:the accommodation near Kohunlich is the luxury venue ofExplorean Kohunlich. It has a restaurant service: Yucatecan and international food, in case you want to eat there.
WHAT TO BRING?Light and light clothes, hat, insect repellent, closed and comfortable shoes to climb structures and protect yourself from insect bites, always carry water with you.

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