The Kíichpam K'áax ecotourism center is an ideal place to stay and to live in the hands of Mayans an approach to their culture, customs and natural environment. An authentic coexistence in nature knowing the traditional Mayan world of the countryside.

Once you travel to the south of Tulum, the bordering town of the Riviera Maya, an area little explored by the visitor begins that combines culture, cenotes, lagoons, archaeological zones, natural parks, an area that has great charm for travelers who like get off the usual routes.

The ecotourism center of Kíichpam Ka'ax, Beautiful forest, is located a few kilometers from Chunhuhub, a town located on the interesting Route of the Churches, which runs through several towns in the area to Peto.

Kiichpam Ka'ax Ecotourism Center, Selva Bonita. Chunhuhub

Mayan community tourism in Kíichpam Ka'ax, Selva Bonita

Kiichpam Ka'ax, Selva Bonita, is a Mayan cooperative focused on rural tourism and ecotourism. The architect of this interesting project is Damián, who along with his family has been growing since 2008 in his idea of ​​sharing with the visitor experiences that bring us closer to the culture and customs of the current Maya.

On a large piece of land in the jungle, he has built rustic cabins within a space where we also find the traditional Mayan house, the cornfield, interpretive trails of the local flora and corners dedicated to local customs such as henequen plantation or the domestication of the bee. melipona (xunaan cab), a very common practice in the field of Maya field.

Damián in the milpa
Live the Mayan culture in Kíichpam K'áax, Selva Bonita 1
Cabins area
Live the Mayan culture in Kíichpam K'áax, Selva Bonita 2
Live the Mayan culture in Kíichpam K'áax, Selva Bonita 3
Traditional Mayan house, milpa and oven to make meals like the pib or the black filling

Kíichpam K'áax It is an authentic rural Mayan camp, where Damián and his family put their hearts to you, receiving with pleasant and sincere enthusiasm, making you feel at home. Kíichpam K'áax It has become one of my favorite corners of the Yucatan Peninsula.

My excuse to go Kíichpam K'áax was to participate in the traditional Mayan celebration of Janal Pixan (Day of the Dead) with them, and thus I lived the most enriching cultural experiences of these years. From now on any excuse is always good to return. It is one of our favorite destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cooking pib in Janal Pixan

Kiichpam Ka'ax Accommodation, Selva Bonita:

LOCATION: It is located at Km 87.5 of the remodeled Mérida-Chetumal highway, 10 kilometers south of Chunhuhub, Quintana Roo. The Kíichpam K'áax ecotourism center, Selva Bonita, it is well signposted, the parking lot is right on the side of the road. Other distances are: 175 km from Chetumal by the short route, 60.5 km from Felipe Carrillo Puerto and 216 km from Mérida. Link of how to get to by public transport or car Kíichpam K'áax.

PRICES: 10 rustic cabins with a small porch with a table and chairs, ideal for breakfast. The cabins They are equipped with a fan and a private bathroom with toiletries. The beds are comfortable, and the sheets and pillows are nice, as are the towels.

  • Simple: double bed. 650 mxn (Mexican pesos) per night, capacity 2 people.
  • Double: two double beds. 650 mxn per night, capacity 4 people.
  • Triple: two double beds and one single. 1250 mxn per night, capacity 5 people.
Kiichpam Ka'ax Ecotourism Center, Selva Bonita. Chunhuhub

SERVICES: local food restaurant and alberca (swimming pool) where local people usually come on Sunday with the family. The internet signal only in the reception area and restaurant. There is parking. On Kíichpam K'áax They offer different volunteer programs and interesting excursions to get to know the area. They rent bikes and the center has wide paths through the jungle.

Juanita, Natasha and Margarita.

THE BEST OF THE PLACE: one of the most interesting places to experience the rural world of the Yucatan Peninsula up close. This Mayan family proposes interesting activities where you learn from them about the customs of the Mayan world, preparing or tasting traditional foods, in the jungle with Damián you will learn about medicinal plants, flora and fauna, they offer bird watching outings, you will have the opportunity to practice old profession of chiclero with the nice Severo, who at the age of 11 started in the profession. At 75 years old, he continues to climb the sapodilla trees in an admirable way, nobody better than to explain tricks to survive in the jungle.

The affection, closeness and enthusiasm with which they carry out their work spreads the stay with good vibes. A unique place to live in contact with local life, you may even visit the aluxes 😉

Severe, old chiquero
This is when Severo laughs with desire of one ;-)
This is when Severo laughs with desire of one 😉

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Due to being a country place without luxuries, you may find yourself with little pressure in the water in the bathrooms, the weakest part for sure. Remember that you are in the field, so do not be surprised by the insects and noises that may be there.

Live the Mayan culture in Kíichpam K'áax, Selva Bonita 5


There are several nearby places to visit in the area. The local staff, who are guides accredited by the Government of Mexico, offer various activities and experiences that will bring you closer to Mayan customs. Ask them and choose what interests you the most: walk through the Mayan mountain, gastronomy workshops, bonfire nights and legends, community tour, henequen.

There are also several interesting places nearby where they can accompany you:

After your stay here, there are several directions to continue your way through the Peninsula: Bacalar, Tulum, Valladolid or Mérida await you.

Kiichpam Ka'ax Ecotourism Center, Selva Bonita. Chunhuhub
Margarito working the vine in his house
Archaeological zone of Chacchobén
Cenote Hamtun

Contact of Kíichpam K'áax, Selva Bonita:

phone and whatsapp: +52 983 114 31 21. Your Facebook page and Twitter to follow your promotions, your website and your email: [email protected]


Nothing is more interesting than a local with interest and knowledge of their environment tells you about their land, take advantage of getting to know the area with Damien and his family. My sincere thanks and affection for them, what a good experience.

Good way,

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