Isla Mujeres is one of the Caribbean islands off the coast of the Riviera Maya, one of the most celebrated attractions. Located a few kilometers from Cancun, it becomes an ideal place to spend an excellent day.

Isla Mujeres It used to be the island where backpackers arrived, a corner that stayed away from the all-inclusive tourism that began to develop in Cancun. Today it is part of the tourist circuit of the Riviera Maya, many tourists come here to spend the day, others decide to spend the night on the island.



Isla Mujeres is located a few 10 kilometers from Cancún, the ferry that leaves from Puerto Juarez and the Zona Hotelera from Cancun it takes 20 minutes. I leave you the link with the information of How to get to Isla Mujeres by ferry.

  • FOR FREE: It is very easy to arrive by free. Information of How to get to Isla Mujeres by ferry.
  • ON TOUR WITH AGENCY: Riviera Maya agencies sell the excursion to Isla Mujeres, where they include transportation and tour of the island.
  • ON TOUR WITH COOPERATIVE: Another option is to make the trip with the fishermen's cooperatives that you will see waiting for you in the vicinity of the Puerto Juarez ferry. They are complete excursions with snorkel, food and time to buy in the village. They cost you about 450 pesos and they leave from Puerto Juarez.

What to do in the zona hotelera from Cancun: beaches, hotels, entertainment, tours


Isla Mujeres is small, very comfortable to know: an extension of about 8 kilometers in length and 1 in width, with several beaches and points to visit.

The ferries arrive at Punta Norte, where the town and the best beach of the place are located, North Beach. Many tourists stay in this place to spend the day, where there are all the services you may require.



  • ON EXCURSION: You will snorkel, visit several points of the island and give you free time to tour the town. The excursions with fishermen's cooperatives from Puerto Juarez and Isla Mujeres cost around 450 pesos.
  • CYCLING: It is a good option in times of not too hot. The island has some rise, nothing alarming, and because it is small, the route is simple.
  • BY TAXI: They travel with space of time so that you enjoy the different points of the island.
  • IN A GOLF CART: It is the most popular way to tour the island. At the exit of the ferry you will find several companies that rent a golf cart. They all handle the same prices, around 600 pesos for 1 rental day. In high season like Easter and Christmas, the carts are sold out.

So as not to miss anything in your itinerary, travel the island in the opposite direction of the clock, always to your right and you will make the complete return to the island, it's that easy.

Isla Mujeres, former 1 backpackers shelter



In the town, where you disembark, you find shops, restaurants, bars ... It is fun to walk around here. In this area are the majority of accommodations. If you come without a car and with friends, I recommend the center to move at your whim. If you come with your family or relax, you can stay at the southern tip of the island.

In Isla Mujeres, shopping is usually somewhat more expensive than in Cancun.

Women Island


You walk calmly from the pier where the ferry leaves you, it is a beautiful beach where you can spend the day in the purest Caribbean style: warm waters, white sand and palm trees, with lounge chairs and facilities to spend a comfortable day. How easy it is to settle in the Caribbean 🙂 A magnificent place for the sunset, you will see how the water turns mercury, how beautiful the colors transform with the light.

Women Island


One of the beaches where you can stop to take a bath, there is a restaurant. Unfortunately they have a cat shark confined in a tiny space. There are tourists who like it. The best way to end tourism that you do not believe in is not to participate in the activities.  



In this same cart of Playa Tiburón there is a hatchery of turtles, to my liking in miserable conditions for the animals. There are other ways see turtles in Riviera Maya during the spawning season. If you continue to the end of the road, you will see some entrance to the lagoon.

Isla Mujeres, former 2 backpackers shelter
With the nice man at the end of the road


Continuing towards the southern tip of the island, is the Beach club of the Garrafón Park, a place run by the Xcaret group. The entrance per person are about 1200 pesos

Tirolina parque garrafon


Adjacent to the Garrafón Park is this small beach where the entry of 80 weights It is more popular. There is a restaurant, lounge chairs, rent vests and snorkel equipment and share the same reef as the Garrafón Park, where you can swim among fish. 



After here it continues until south point to get to know the Mayan ruins of a sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel. I do not think it's worth paying the ticket but you're very interested, being a minor place. But the views from here are a chulada, so it's worth stopping and taking a walk among the iguanas that take over the place. The sea on this side of the coast is much braver.

Isla Mujeres


A hidden corner of Isla Mujeres is the King's Pool. A saltwater inlet forms a natural pool that delights visitors. Especially the instagramers and hunters of the moment who like to show the delights of their lives. The place is part of the MIA Reef Isla Mujeres Resort.

Isla Mujeres, former 3 backpackers shelter
Photo from Mexico Unknown

The return to the town can do it for the other coast, the less developed one of the island when lacking the beautiful beaches. Here the sea and the wind are stronger, forming a sharp coast, but just as beautiful. You find places to stop, go looking.

Isla Mujeres, former 4 backpackers shelter


There are two main options, one is to stay in the town and the other in a hotel or house away from the town. The ferry leaves you in the village, at 500 meters from where is the most beautiful beach of Isla Mujeres: North Beach.

IN THE VILLAGE: you have all the services at your fingertips, restaurants, bars, beaches, agencies ... it's where the bustle is, where the nightlife is also.

OUT OF THE PEOPLE: You may want to be relaxed and more isolated in comfortable rental houses or quieter hotels away from the town. If you want to go to the town, you must take transportation.

Isla Mujeres has a very wide hotel offer, you will surely find your perfect option. I leave you the offers you can find in Isla Mujeres accommodation.
Isla Mujeres, former 5 backpackers shelter

Isla Mujeres living in Cancun is a fixed to which we go with the friends who have come to see us, so I have a special affection for so many good times. It was one of the first places we visited when arriving at the 2007, Isla Mujeres never fails. Just see the colors of the ferry crossing and you're worth the trip.

Isla Mujeres, former 6 backpackers shelter

Isla Mujeres, towns

LOCATION: Isla Mujeres is located at 8 kilometers from Cancun.
HOW TO GET TO ISLA MUJERES ?: Isla Mujeres is reached by ferry (20 minutes) from the Zona Hotelera from Cancun, or from the area of ​​Puerto Juarez. I leave this link to How to get to Isla Mujeres by ferry.
HOW TO ARRIVE IN TRANSPORTATION UNTIL THE FERRY? Up to the ferry from Puerto Juarez arrives the 1 route and collective taxis that depart from the Crucero terminal (Av Lopez Portillo with Av. Tulum). In Puerto Juarez there are two ferry companies: Ultramar and Captain Cook (something cheaper). Even the most expensive ferry in Zona Hotelera they take you the routes 1, 2 and 27.
FERRY PRICE: 300 mxn round trip (round trip). 140 pesos for Quintana Roo with official ID

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