The revival in Mexico of the It goes hand in hand with the healthy practices that service providers in Mexico must develop. To take care and take care of ourselves we are going to expose healthy tourism practices in Mexico.

The new normality affects the daily life of all citizens, we must be forewarned and be able to cope so as not to expose the spread of covid-19 in our activities. Tourism in Mexico, as well as reality in general, at this moment has meant a turn in practices. We are going to see how the Mexican tourist guides act before the new normality to give security to the tourist and the population in general.


To service providers such as our case (tourist guides accredited by the Government of Mexico NOM-09 TUR-200), we are presented with a new way of acting in the face of the pandemic that has affected the entire world. During this time of pandemic, there have been several courses that have been given to train Mexico tourism providers. Both guides, tourist agencies, transporters, hoteliers or restaurants have been offered free training for the good of the sector from government institutions and private associations.

This effort of the Mexican tourism sector is the evident desire to continue offering quality services to the visitor. Accredited guides and certified agencies are working on healthy tourism practices in Mexico, in addition to the quality we give as professionals in the sector. All of us must be registered in the National Tourism Registry (RNT) of the Ministry of Tourism.


We have taken various prevention training and healthy practices

  • IMSS: The Mexican Institute of Social Security has offered online courses from which we take 'All about the prevention of COVID-19' and 'Recommendations for a safe return to work before COVID -19'
  • SEFOTUR: the certification of Healthy Practices granted by the Ministry of Tourism Promotion in Yucatan
  • AMTAVE: is the Mexican Association of Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism, a private sector body established in 1994 that represents companies dedicated to operating adventure tourism and ecotourism in Mexico. Meet AMTAVE, who group together more than 130 of the best specialized companies

With all this, we feel reinforced and able to receive and advise Mexican tourism in the face of this new normality due to the covid-19.


We all need to take care of ourselves to take care of the rest. We must create awareness of new practices in the current coexistence with SARS-CoV-2. If you are a tourist in Mexico or travel to other countries, follow these indications.

Mexico tourism covid-19. Healthy tourism practices in Mexico for the new normality. one
Mexico tourism covid-19. Healthy tourism practices in Mexico for the new normality. one


According to an analysis by the World Health Organization based on a study with 56.000 patients, 80% of those infected develop mild symptoms (fever, cough and, in some cases, pneumonia), 14% severe symptoms (shortness of breath and shortness of breath) and 6% serious illnesses (lung failure, septic shock, multi-organ failure and risk of death).

Among the symptoms presented by the patients, the most common were fever (approximately 88% of cases), dry cough (almost 68%) and tiredness (38%). Only if you have difficulty breathing should you go to a health center. Service providers have on hand useful telephones for the service of action if necessary. Contact phone covid-19 México: 800 0044 800

If you have mild symptoms stay at home or in your hotel if you are a tourist, notify the health authorities but do not go to a health center. The same gives notice to your family and hotel to take care of you according to the control protocols and not propagation.

What the WHO says about covid-19


  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. If you don't have soap and water, take antibacterial gel 60% -70% with you. When do I wash my hands? Before and after each meal, after coughing or sneezing, before touching your face, after going to the bathroom, entering and leaving a crowded area, vehicle or having touched something, you should wash your hands as door handles, after littering.
  • Use the mouth mask in situations where you are less than 2 meters from other people who do not live with you in the same home.
  • Wear your face mask at all times if you have any of the symptoms that indicate a suspected case of covid-19. It is the most practical way of caring for others. You should also stay home if you have symptoms.
Mexico tourism covid-19. Healthy tourism practices in Mexico for the new normality. one
Mexico tourism covid-19. Healthy tourism practices in Mexico for the new normality. one
mexico turismo covid-19 wash hands
Wash hands with soap and water
antibacterial gel hand wash
Antibacterial gel hand wash


Our specialty is private tours with chauffeur / guide escorts in the Mayan area of ​​Mexico. Private multi-day trips where you will have the opportunity to know the most significant of these Mayan lands. We leave you our cover letter in case you are interested in these services.

mexico tourism mayashyjugujjjjjjjjjjjgsu
Meet our Mayan Mexico travel

The good news about our private trips

Traveling alone with your family or friends substantially reduces the risk of contagion. In our trips we do not go to crowded places because we like to travel through remote places and alternative ways to the usual ones. The unmissable visits such as the case of Chichén Itzá, we always go in hours of less tourist influx. Our travelers always highlight the privacy they experience on trips, it is part of our personal seal.

We have designed protocols with the help of what we have learned in the different trainings we have taken in Mexico tourism on covid-19. With this we feel ready to give you the service. We will adapt to the new normality in Mexico as the pandemic develops.

Our duty is to strictly adhere to these rules to take care of you and thus take care of all of us.

  • TRAVELER'S REGISTRATION BEFORE THE TRIP: we will pass you a registry where we will ask you a series of health questions in order to provide a better service.
  • COVID-19 INFORMATION: Before the trip we pass on the necessary information about the covid-19.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: every day we do a temperature control with a non-contact infrared thermometer. If any of the members has covid-19 symptoms, we act with the responsibility of taking care of it and stopping the activity.
  • VEHICLE SANITIZATION: before and at the end of the day the vehicle is sanitized.
  • ENTRANCE MAT: We have a shoe mat before entering the vehicle.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL GEL: We provide each of our clients with a personal antibacterial gel. We will fill it in when necessary during the trip. We do not share the gel among the members of the trip. We also carry refillable water bottles for each traveler: this helps us not to consume as much plastic and also helps us to make the objects of the trip personal and not to share objects.
  • POSTERS ON THE VEHICLE: as a reminder of good practices before covid-19 we put up informative posters on how to wash your hands.
  • MOUTH COVERS: we use mouth guards on a mandatory basis whenever we are within 2 meters of anyone. In spaces shared with your family, you should not use a face mask. We maintain a minimum safety distance and comply with the established protocols with the use of face masks.
  • VEHICLE VENTILATION: on the move we ventilate the vehicle as a protocol standard of sound practices.
  • HOSPITALS: in our field logbook of certified guides we have listed the corresponding hospitals in the area where we operate.
  • COLLABORATORS IN THE SAME TUNING WITH RESPECT TO COVID-19: hotels, restaurants and activities of our private trips are verified equally with good uses and customs before the new normality in Mexico with tourism.
mexico tourism covid-19
Tourist activities with the new normality covid-19


We do not forget that one of the great attractions of our area are the reefs of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf beaches and the cenotes. In these spaces we also give the appropriate information, in this case the protocols prepared by CONANP.

We take care of the environment, it is an inherent part of our guidance.

Mexico tourism covid-19. Healthy tourism practices in Mexico for the new normality. one

As we are taught as accredited nature guides NOM-09 in Mexico, safety is first and foremost, in addition to caring for and protecting the environment. We hope to continue enjoying what we like the most is traveling. Always being aware of this new reality. Travelers in the Mayan lands of Mexico are waiting for you.

Good way,

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