There are several ingredients that will give you a complete vision of this beautiful piece of land to know its history, its culture, its landscapes, its people. These are my essentials to get to know the Yucatan Peninsula well.

Several essential to know the Peninsula, those basic dishes that will give you a complete vision of the history, culture, the character of its people, landscapes and nature of the Peninsula, such as archaeological zones, beaches, cenotes, towns, natural places, farms….

I present my tasting menu of the Yucatan Peninsula, the different tastes of the most characteristic of here, the best dishes of this piece of karst land.

Archaeological zones Yucatan Peninsula

One of the main attractions of the Peninsula are the ancient Mayan cities, one of the most fascinating civilizations to know. You can visit many of the big cities like Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Edzná, Ek Balam, Dzibanché o Cobá....

La archaeological area that takes the palm in the Yucatan Peninsula is the colossal Calakmul. In addition to its colossal magnitude of buildings, its important historical legacy within the Mayan world, the priceless location within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve he gives us encounters with wild animals like monkeys and toucans. Calakmul It is a delicatessen, one of those that will accompany you forever.

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Beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula

No doubt the Best beaches they are in the Caribbean coast, this is where the beach tourism comes together, and for something it is. The best beaches of the Mayan Riviera they are true paradises where the idyllic white sand postcard. turquoise colors and palm trees comes true. Cozumel, Isla MujeresHolbox they also have beautiful beaches. Just seeing the color of the sea on this Caribbean coast makes me smile broadly.

Our essentials in Yucatan Peninsula 2

Grottos and caves Yucatan Peninsula

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. caves we find many of the traces of our past, something really fascinating in my opinion. The Peninsula is a huge cheese full of cavities where many cavers enjoy their passion. Know some of the caves of the Peninsula It is essential.

If I have to choose a single dish, it would be the caves of Santa Rita, a well of surprises this place, with painted hands and groundwater to 10 meters deep. A magical place that will help you understand the history and character of the Peninsula.

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Photo courtesy of Fátima Tec Pool

Haciendas Yucatan Peninsula

The Haciendas shows a trace of the colonizing past, a time where various abuses were committed from the castes of power, something that is constantly repeated in our brief History of Humanity. Visit any of the Haciendas henequeras allows you to know a crucial period in the history of the Peninsula. In some they make guided tours of the Hacienda, some have been transformed into lodgings, others will see them half reduced along the way, others are restaurants ... the haciendas are very alive in the Peninsula.

Of the many you can see on your way, the one of Yaxcopoil It has a special charm for my taste, being halfway between laziness and tourist restoration. They have a couple of rooms to stay.

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Colonial cities of the Yucatan Peninsula

There are several colonial cities that seem very greedy to visit in the Yucatan Peninsula: Valladolid, Mérida, Izamal y Campeche. In fact I recommend visiting the 4 because each of them provides different views.

As I have to choose one I stay with Campeche, where I feel the pleasure of wandering like nowhere else, among colored houses and stone paving. Good hotels, museums, restaurants and the sea. Campeche, if it does not end up becoming a tourist scene, is my colonial place.

Our essentials in Yucatan Peninsula 5

Pueblear in the Yucatan Peninsula:

Pueblear It is one of the essentials that you must do in the Peninsula, in the towns is where you will find the most authentic flavor of your trip. Many are the towns where I have enjoyed its people, its streets and daily life ... places like Oxkutzcab, BacalarSabacché, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Ek Balam, River Lagartos, Chunhuhub... they are ideal for sleeping on the road, they have authentic flavor and you find an offer of accommodation.

Among them, the population of Santa Elena I find it a special place to stay, for its comfort for the traveler, its tranquility of Mayan people, its history.

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Natural places in the Yucatan Peninsula

Among many fantastic natural landscapes, in the Yucatan Peninsula there are four Biosphere reserves, representative areas of the territory that can contribute to sustainable development: these are the Sian Ka'an, Celestún, Calakmul y Ría Lagartos.

All of them are places of nature highly recommended, but as you have to discard, I thought that the one of Calakmul visits the road to the Mayan ruins of the same name, Sian Ka'an is spectacular but its famous visitors because of its proximity to Riviera Maya has some puntito, and between Celestún or Ría Lagartos, both habitats of the pink flamingo and of similar landscapes of coast, mangrove and salt flats, I prefer the Reserve of Ría Lagartos, where we plan to live some day 😉

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Natural phenomenon in the Peninsula

In the Yucatan Peninsula we can enjoy a beautiful nature and fauna, and some unique natural phenomena, such as the hanging snakes of Kantemó or the Eye of Water by Dzilam de Bravor. In Calakmul there is one of them: you can see millions of bats come out of a cave, an amazing experience.

La cave of the bats of Calakmul It would be my unmissable place as a natural phenomenon.


Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula

Choosing cenotes is like having a family of children and they make you choose between them, impossible. Cenotes there are thousands, so the ignorance of many makes the choice worse. The types of cenotes The most striking are those of cavern or semi-hood, so they will be the chosen ones.

Since I have gotten into this mess I will choose a couple, and a list of the best tourist cenotes on the Peninsula is still pending. Are the cenote X-Ca'anajaljun and Chooj Ja '.

Our essentials in Yucatan Peninsula 8

Like any personal choice it is unfair, but it is there when you choose the dishes. I hope you can one day savor this tasting menu from my beloved Yucatan Peninsula.

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