How to get to Holbox from the different destinations in the Mexican Caribbean? On the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is Holbox Island, a place between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Holbox is the island of calm, an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural environment. Despite not being in the Riviera Maya, it is identified with this area by being close. In some way it has benefited from the proximity of a highly developed tourist coast, and has managed to remain intact in its natural beauty.

Holbox is one of the best beach destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. It has a landing strip, but it remains unpaved, this is Holbox.

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How to get to Holbox from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other 1 destinations
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How to get to Holbox from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other 2 destinations


Holbox is a very accessible island to walk it, it is 2 km wide by 40 long. You do not finish its endless beach, and during your walks you can see the different sea birds, sometimes even pink flamingos.

The small town is concentrated in practically the same nucleus, the different lodgings that have appeared have stretched it along its north coast. Here it moves in golf carts, you can rent them to move around the island.

We live in the area since 2007, we can help you on your trip

In Holbox you breathe calm everywhere, you immediately realize that no matter how fast you go you are not going anywhere. This is the island, time ceases to exist, enter calm 🙂

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How to get to holbox
How to get to Holbox from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other 3 destinations
At 20 km / h maximum, great calm


To get to Holbox Island you must go to the town of Chiquilá. This town has benefited from tourism that reaches Holbox, where they provide parking for cars. It is their business, so they take care of the cars so that nothing happens to them, while you enjoy the stay.

If you go by car, you can leave it in the dozens of parking lots in Chiquilá. 12 hours 50 pesos / 24 hours 100 pesos

Ferries and boats depart from Chiquilá to Holbox: the journey takes 20 minutes crossing the Yalahau lagoon, where we have seen dolphins on more than one occasion. You can cross by ferry (there are two companies that operate with continuous schedules) or by small boat, all options cost the same. With this spectacular arrival, Holbox already wins your sympathy, until it inevitably conquers the visitor.

FERRY TO HOLBOX PRICE: 200 pesos per journey. 150 pesos with a Quintana Roo credential. Children from 0 to 1 years free. Tickets price children up to a height of 120 cm. (half price children).

The last ferry to Holbox It is at 8 in the afternoon. Each ferry trip is 200 pesos per person (Quintana Roo 150 pesos)


  • BY BUS: the buses (trucks) of the ADO depart from the central terminal of Av. Tulum. SCHEDULES AND TIME: output to the 10: 30, duration 3 hours and 30 minutes, price over 270 Mexican pesos.
  • IN TAXI: A taxi from Cancun costs you about 1900 pesos the way, 4 people enter the taxi.
  • BY CAR: less than 2 journey hours for the fee (120 pesos price), 2 hours and a little more for free.


  • BY BUS: The ADO buses leave from the two terminals of Playa del Carmen. SCHEDULES AND TIME: outputs 8: 30, 8: 50, 9: 25, 10 hours, duration between 2 hours and two and a half hours by bus, prices around 280 Mexican pesos.
  • BY CAR: for the one of quota 2 hours and little, by the free 3 hours. Fee are about 280 pesos, exit to Holbox well indicated.


  • BY BUS: ADO buses leave from the central terminal, two blocks from the central park. SCHEDULES AND TIME: Daily bus leaves at 9.45, lasts 2:30 hours and costs 200 pesos. There are other options by second-class bus or passing through Tizimín.
  • BY CAR: 2 hours and little approximate journey.


  • BY BUS: the ADO bus leaves from the town terminal. SCHEDULES AND TIME: to the 8: 10 and it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes, price of 360 pesos.
  • BY CAR: You can take the free road to Cobá and take the detour to Nuevo Durango, or the toll road from Playa del Carmen. More comfortable the one of quota, for time about 3 hours both options.


  • BY BUS: ADO buses leave from both terminals in Playa del Carmen. SCHEDULES AND TIME: It leaves at 6:45 and another half hour faster at 7:15, duration of 5 hours and a half the length, price 430 pesos. There are other options by second-class bus or passing through Tizimín.
  • BY CAR: 3 hours 45 minutes approximately.

Check bus schedules and prices directly at the ADO page. Remember that the destination is Chiquilá

How to get to holbox


I usually encourage you to go out by car, I think it's a great option. I leave you the Tips for driving around the Peninsula in case you were thinking about doing it. To rent a car you will need to be over 18 years old (some companies over 21 years old, and others from 25), a Driver's license (driving license) and credit card.

I recommend you book your car online months before, especially if you travel in peak times such as Christmas, Easter or summer. They tend to increase prices as the date approaches, just as it happens with airline tickets. You do not need an 4 × 4 to travel the Peninsula, the roads are good and safe. If you have any questions write us and we try to solve.

Book from this Rentalcars link, they give you the comparison of prices between companies and opinions of other customers.

how to get to Holbox Island
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The island of Holbox became known for being pioneers in excursions to swim with the whale shark, the biggest fish in the world, an animal that overwhelms you. This activity is carried out mid June to mid September, a great excuse to come on these dates.

Years ago in these dates the island was filled, now they have a high level of occupation throughout the year. The inhabitants of Holbox have always lived off the wealth provided by the sea, now the whale shark is one of their most precious assets.

how to go by ferry to holbox


Over time it has become a Desired destination by lovers of relaxation, nature and the sea. During the year you can take different boat trips to get to know corners of the island, go fishing, go horseback riding, travel by golf cart (prices start at 200 pesos an hour), stroll leisurely along the long beach, Kite surf if the wind allows it or lie in a hammock. 

Holbox Island


  • VISIT PUNTA COCO: you can go on your own, and also on a tour to visit this beautiful place. For those who want to be alone, you can go early in the morning. Sunrise is cool in Punta Coco, yes, be prepared to be eaten by mosquitoes (bring good repellent).
  • SEE THE LIGHTING: there are kayak tours and others take you by golf cart to the beach where we can observe this phenomenon. Forget about getting good photos like those on the internet if you don't know about professional photography. The best time for this activity is from June to September. New moon days are the best, so it goes with the lunar calendar of each year.
  • SWIM WHALE SHARK: mid-June to September season. It is one of the star tours in Holbox. All agencies offer it, find yourself a good one.
  • MANGLE KAYAK TOUR: a good excursion to enjoy one of the most important and diverse ecosystems on the planet, the mangrove area in Holbox.
  • TOUR OF THE ISLAND: they take you by boat to the different islets of the island of Holbox where you can enjoy nature and birds. It is quite likely to see pink flamingos.

You can book this day trip from Riviera Maya to Holbox



The island of Holbox has greatly expanded its gastronomic offer since we first met it in 2008. Every time we return we find some pleasant surprises, so we are going to recommend a few places.

Take the opportunity to eat good fresh fish in restaurants or try the typical lobster pizza. It's your time in Holbox, enjoy the island of calm and its flavors.

The truth is that Holbox has a hundred places to choose from. We like to try and we choose a lot according to intuition, in addition to going with two or three recommendations in the pocket of a friend. We hope our experience will serve you.

  • A LA CHINGADA: ceviches, fish, seafood and tacos. Moderate prices with a sea flavor. Simple and local with good portions. The ceviche is prepared spicy.
  • RESTAURANTE MILPA: an excellent option to dine more beautifully in a pleasant and simple place where you can enjoy signature Mexican cuisine made with local products.
  • PALMETTO: its location on the beach makes it very pleasant, one of those places where you can stop for a while and have a drink accompanied by some sea food.
  • LUUMA: a more than pleasant garden delights visitors in addition to its tasty tapas-style dishes from different tables. A nice place to go.
  • EDELYN RESTAURANT AND PIZZERIA: Creators of lobster pizza since 1985, the pioneers in Holbox. You find the place in a corner of the main park, it is a classic.
  • TACOQUETO: local atmosphere and tourists in a great taco place, where you can try the tacos you like, also the pastor taco. Popular and cheap.
How to get to Holbox from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other 4 destinations


Holbox is not a cheap destination, but since the offers have tripled in a short time, you will surely find your ideal place for your stay. The big difference is being in front of the beach or in town. Anyway, everything is so close to the beach that it is not a big problem either. As usual, beachfront accommodations are paid more expensive.

I leave you the accommodation offers in Holbox so you can decide. Remember that if you book through the blog, it is not more expensive for you, you benefit from the offers, and it is a way to support my work by receiving a small commission. Sincere thanks to all who support the blog 🙂

Holbox has been such a big tourist boom that it has not been outside of controversial situations and decisions. Hopefully Holbox, despite humans, survive as a natural site.

How to get to Holbox from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other 5 destinations

Island of Holbox, beaches

LOCATION: Holbox is located north of the Peninsula, 150 km from Cancun. You can go for the fee or for the free from Cancun to Valladolid, the detour is well indicated Holbox, has no loss.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? There is a bus from Cancun airport, downtown Cancun and Playa del Carmen. All buses arrive in Chiquilá, from here you take the ferry to Holbox Island. In private transport, calculate 1 hour 45 minutes from Cancun. A private taxi from Cancun to Holboxte costs 1,900 pesos. From Mérida to Chiquilá there is a bus that takes about 6 hours. WhatsApp contact for ADO buses: +52 1 984 2141112
schedules and prices public transport to Holbox
WHERE TO PARK THE CAR?: If you go by private car, in Chiquilá you will find parking lots to leave it. Cars do not cross to Holbox. Price 100 mxn per day, half day 50 pesos.
FERRY A HOLBOX SCHEDULES: the ferry to Holbox leaves from the port of Chiquilá, the journey is 20 minutes. It leaves every half hour or so, from 6 in the morning to 20 at night. Outside of ferry hours, you may be able to cross by private boat, which costs the same. 
FERRY PRICE: 150 mxn tourist, local 80 mxn and INAPAM 90 pesos. In total round trip are 300 Mexican pesos.
TAXIS IN HOLBOX: A taxi, which are golf carts, takes you from the dock to your hotel for about 40 pesos. If you have a reservation, ask at your hotel if they have free transportation.

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