The haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula are a good way to know a part of the history that marked and transformed the life of this corner of the world, making it one of the most prosperous areas of Mexico. 

A complete trip through these lands involves visiting and getting to know a farm, where you can learn a fundamental part of the history of the Peninsula. You can choose from many, Sotuta is one of the best tours.

Tour Hacienda Sotuta de Peón:

Our Hacienda Sotuta de Peón offers guided tours, a very attractive option to learn about the history of haciendas of the Peninsula, here you will see the henequen production process in one of the few factories still in operation.

The visits are daily 10 am and 13 pm. On Sundays the henequera factory is visited but without workers. The route is 3 hours.

El henequen It was a product so demanded in the mid-nineteenth century that thousands of haciendas grew up dedicated to its production, they called it the green gold.

The henequen plant

 Main House of the Treasury:

The tour begins by touring the main house through the good explanations of the professionals who work in the hacienda. The guide will discover the secrets and life on the haciendas, very interesting.


Henequen factory of Sotuta de Peón:

Then you go to the engine room, to the factory, where the workers are processing henequen fibers. You learn the process until you see the henequen shredded and stored. From the product, the so-called henequen or sisal thread, ropes, packing thread, fabrics to decorate walls, carpets, bags for coffee, cocoa or corn were manufactured ... its texture very similar to hemp.

The visits are daily 10 am and 13 pm. On Sundays the henequera factory is visited but without workers. The route is 3 hours. There is restaurant service

Henequen fiber
They untangle the henequen fibers as if they were hair
Hacienda Sotuta de Peón, a journey through 1 history
In the corchería the final process

 The truck and Antonio:

But here the guided tour does not end, it is necessary to go truck... a transport of carts pulled by mules on rails, which they used to transport henequen through the extensive hectares of crops. Obviously the current trucks are accommodated for the tourist, here they treat you beautifully at all times.


On the way through the cultivated fields to meet Antonio, the most popular and endearing worker in the Hacienda Sotuta de Peón. A man who combines the best qualities of the Yucatec, with a very heavy story behind his back and a great smile that balances everything.

Hacienda Sotuta de Peón, a journey through 2 history

Cenote Dzul-Ha:

To round off the visit, you will have time to know the cenote Dzul-Ha, a good dip will end the journey. Fresquito you will return in the truck to the beginning, right to the restaurant of the hacienda .... in case you want to taste some Yucatecan food.


Sleep at the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon:

The last treasure of the ranch is hotel Hacienda Viva Sotuta de Peon that is inside the land: rooms, some with private pool, so you can live your henequen fantasies. To talk you have to try, so I took the whim to stay. Highly recommended, good service and a wonderful space to relax in the Yucatan countryside.

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With or without a stay at the hotel, the Hacienda Sotuta de Peón it gives you a tour very complete to know this piece of history, years that marked the future of the Yucatan Peninsula ..

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LOCATION: la Hacienda Sotuta de Peón It is located south of Merida, near Tecoh.
TOUR TIMES: the visits are daily 10 am and 13 pm. On Sundays the henequera factory is visited but without workers. The route is 3 hours. There is restaurant service.
PRICE ENTRY: adults 365 mxn, children of 4-12 years 180 mxn. Combo adult 770 mxn (includes transportation, tour and food).
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Collective transport from Merida, San Benito market: collective direction Tecoh (1h).
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