There are very few living farms that continue to work henequen as they did more than a century ago. We invite you to discover the only farm in Mérida active to the west of the capital: Hacienda San Miguel Chac.

Discovering the Hacienda San Miguel Chac is a direct window into the history of Yucatán and the haciendas in Mérida. This HAcienda in Mérida It is the only one to the west that continues to work with henequen today. This journey through time is something impressive, these windows that offer us direct glances to the past.

The haciendas in Yucatán are places to discover part of the history and of the social and economic structure. This legacy still prevails in society. This peep into history gives us a broader view.

Discover the history of Haciendas in Yucatan

Hacienda Yucatan San Miguel Chac


Currently there are about 400 farms standing on the Peninsula, either renovated or in a dilapidated state but still standing. Many of the Haciendas in Mérida and surroundings have been transformed into spaces for events and hotels. They take place from weddings to baptism celebrations or photo shoots.

Most of the farms are very beautiful architecturally. Some are completely renovated with beautiful interior spaces and gardens, and others in a dilapidated state but suitable for tourism. In both cases, the space they offer for events has a lot of charm, depending on what one is looking for.

Something that fascinates us about the haciendas are those that continue to work henequen. There are very few haciendas in Mérida who continue to work the henequen, these are the ones we mention as living haciendas in Yucatan.

Hacienda San Miguel Chac
Hacienda San Miguel Chac


The Haciendas in Mexico are part of the history of colonization. In Yucatan, the haciendas had a period of splendor thanks to henequen, a product that acquired great value. Yucatán was for a time the only exporter of henequen, the demand for this product was so great that they could not supply all of them.

hacienda in merida
Henequen grown on the San Miguel Chac farm


Henequen is a cactus that occurs in Yucatán. Its natural fibers are used to make different products, from bags to ropes. The natural fiber of henequen is a product that is being revalued in handicrafts, in addition to being used in cordage.

There are few farms in Mérida that continue to work henequen today, but there are. And finding one of these wonders is an open window to history. Most of these living haciendas in Yucatan continue to work with the old machines that do not stop fighting. They remind us of those times where things were made to really last, and not to buy and buy non-stop.

Planned obsolescence is an invention of capitalism, and these old machines make me smile.

haciendas in merida
German baler of the modern days
Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
Cordage made of henequen


San Miguel Chac is one of the few living farms that you are going to be able to visit today in Yucatan. Personally, I am very moved by these places because they are open windows to the past. The fact of maintaining the machinery and a good part of the gadgets from a century ago and more, give it a romantic character that captures. Suddenly you go through corners that you know have been unchanged over time.

Buildings in a semi-dilapidated state also help this temporary journey.

Hacienda Yucatan San Miguel Chac
Main house of Hacienda San Miguel Chac
Hacienda Merida San Miguel Chac
Ancient objects collected in the main house of the hacienda
merida farms
Comb of the soskil (henequen fiber)


Hacienda San Miguel Chac is open to the public every day from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. You must bear in mind that the henequen factory is not in operation every day. Yes you can visit it, but you will not see the machines working. The charm of the hacienda can be perceived the same, the Hacienda San Miguel Chac itself has duende.


Saul Bojorquez, who manages the visits to the Hacienda, is a person who floods you with stories of the hacienda, who explains the past and the present from his own experience. Living the experience with someone who is part of the living history of the place is a pleasure.

There is no better way to get to know a living hacienda in Yucatan, for us this shared moment was something very valuable. A luck on the way to be able to travel a living farm hand in hand with Saul.


Contact before to visit Hacienda San Miguel Chac, so they can better serve you. They are not there permanently and you do not know if the farm will be operating. Also if you want to do a photo session you can contact the administration, the space has a lot of charm.

  • EMAIL:
  • PHONE: +52 1 999 513 41 55
  • PRICE: 70 pesos per person
  • TIMETABLE: from 8 to 4 in the afternoon
  • WEB: Hacienda San Miguel Chac
Hunucma Hacienda San Miguel Chac
With Saúl in the engine room


The Hacienda San Miguel Chac is located 7 kilometers from the municipal seat of Hunucmá, on the Hunucmá-Ucú section. You can locate it in google maps, it is very easy to get there. The sign that indicates the hacienda is not very visible, so we leave you a photo to serve as an indication.

Once you take the detour, just 200 meters away is the entrance to the hacienda.

merida farms
Detour to Hacienda San Miguel Chac,


Saul explained to me that on one occasion some Koreans visited the farm. And what is curious about this? There were many Koreans who, together with people from other origins, worked on heneque farms. I insist once again on the fact of knowing history makes us expand what we see.

Discover the history of Haciendas in Yucatan

We leave you an interesting video about the history of Koreans in Yucatan, from the Canal Once cultural channel

You know how much we like to spread the corners of this earth from the blog. For lovers of History and stories, this farm in Hunucmá will not disappoint.

It was a trip full of magic, thank you very much Saul for your time and enthusiasm in your work. Very enriching to visit the Hacienda with you. Hopefully many more curious travelers come to know these wonders. The living Haciendas in Yucatán are a treasure, a great opportunity to enrich our journey.

Hacienda Merida San Miguel Chac
hunucma farm
Chimneys in Yucatan?
hacienda merida hunucma

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