If your option is to travel by ADO bus in Mexico we give you a series of tips for your trip. The Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas has a wide network of buses that run through the different towns. 

In this area of ​​Mexico, the largest bus operator (truck) is the ADO company It has a wide service both in the Yucatan Peninsula and in Chiapas. ADO offers services between major cities and smaller towns. There are other companies, but this is the main one, with which you will surely travel more in this area of ​​the country.

Official website of the ADO company

Traveling on ADO buses in Mexico

ADO operates different transport brands, with luxury, first and second category services. They offer good service and punctuality.

  • of luxury and first category: these buses have fixed stops and established schedules between large towns. They are comfortable buses, with bathrooms and plugs for your cell phone or computer (this service only in what they call Premium and Great Lines).
  • second category: they are buses that leave the same ADO terminals (read adeo) with established departure times and link different cities. Change the comfort of the bus and they make intermediate stops, so you know when you leave but not when you arrive, within a few times, of course. They approach you to towns where the first buses do not arrive, excellent the option of intermediate stops along the way.

The ADO company also offers transportation from the airport in Cancun and from the Tuxla Gutiérrez airport to San Cristóbal de las Casas, exits to archaeological zones from Riviera Maya and bus trips with hotel reservations.

Where do I buy my ADO ticket?

If you buy in advance on the internet they usually have offers. The company, in addition to its Internet portal, has the sale of tickets in all its bus terminals and also in different central points of sale in the most tourist cities.

From other platforms and portals they sell ADO tickets too, I like to buy directly with them, it's my custom

Services offered by the ADO

  • The good thing is that if you want cancel a trip, you can do it until half an hour before the departure of the bus and change the tickets for other dates or the same day in another schedule at no cost. Personally, this option is very much appreciated, because changing plans is usual for me. If you pay with a card you can not cancel the ticket, only cash payments.
  • If you arrive late to your bus, you will not have your money back. Your ticket can be purchased with or without travel insurance, sometimes they do not ask you and they add it to the amount, it's optional.
  • The ADO terminals They offer waiting rooms, free WIFI and plugs to charge your mobile devices.
  • The ADO terminals have where to leave your backpack or suitcase presenting your ticket of the day, it is a free service. Very practical for travelers on the road that allows them to go around the city without loading their luggage. Some may charge for this service, I do not dominate all destinations.
  • For your luggage on the bus and at the ticket office they give you a receipt that you need to deliver so that they can return it to you, in this way they avoid robberies and go safe.
  • And something else that a traveler brought us was "the bus has a light pilot that goes on if the driver exceeds the speed limit so that everyone is very aware that the driver is violating the speed limit". We consider ADO a safe and responsible company, we know the controls that make the drivers and the rest they should take every few hours to avoid fatigue. On long trips there are two drivers.
  • Suelen put movies to liven up the journeys on most buses, if it is not Premium or GL, there are no individual screens, so you listen to what they send you. You can take your headphones to be abstracted from the movies if you do not feel like it.
  • There are toilet services inside the bus.

Tips for traveling on ADO buses in the Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas

  • buy your ticket in advance, you benefit from offers. On holidays of Holy Week, long bridges and Christmas I advise you to buy the ticket before, they are finished.
  • take a jacket or something warm on the bus, long or short trip does not matter, sometimes the air is very high. Many locals traveling at night carry a blanket, you're warned 😉
  • Add your carry-on luggage with what you need for the journey, the big suitcase you leave in the trunk. If you are going to stop intermediate, you must take your suitcase with you.
  • On the bus you can eat, just look at not mess and be polite with the rest. During the journeys, street vendors go up, most of them junk food.
  • in the long journeys they make a stop where you can go down for 10 minutes to stretch your legs, buy something or go to the bathroom if you prefer not to use the bus.
  • If you are going to listen to music or watch a movie on your device, remember to charge it beforehand (the bus does not always have a plug) and wear headphones so as not to disturb the rest of the bus.

It is a great option to move by bus on this land, good services. As always in our practical guides section You find the general information to move around these lands. There you will find articles that may interest you to expand the information, such as the different transports that there are in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Travel with education, something we all appreciate.

Good way,

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