The Coffee Route of Chiapas made us fall in love, another of the places on the Pacific coast of Chiapas where we can enjoy nature and know part of the history of this region.

The Coffee Route is from the corners of Chiapas that enamors, an area in the beautiful Sonosuco region of jungle mountains with heights ranging from the 600 to the 1500 meters, where several coffee farms are distributed uphill. Along a winding road you will find different natural landscapes and farms where coffee is grown.

Ruta del café, Tapachula, Chiapas
Finca Argovia, Coffee Route, Tapachula, Chiapas
Ruta del café, Tapachula, Chiapas

A route full of natural surprises, a walk through the history of coffee and its process, great hotels and local cuisine, we loved knowing this corner of Chiapas.

This area of ​​Sonosuco is ideal for planting coffee because of its climate and rainfall, with temperatures ranging between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius and 5,000 mm of rain per year, a very considerable amount of water that allows a rich soil ideal for coffee. And let me add one more thing that makes these large farms possible: very cheap labor.

An ideal place for aromatic grain, where one of the most famous coffee grows in Mexico.

How to get to the Coffee Route?

The Coffee Route is basically a road that runs through the mountains where the farms and coffee plantations are located. This road leaves from Tapachula, in fact on the 200 road of the coast there are other deviations, but the best way is to take from Tapachula the New Germany road.

The road of New Germany is paved 39 kilometers, until the junction of Ejido Zaragoza. From here is a dirt road of 15 kilometers that takes you to the Hamburg Farm, one of the most popular. Keep in mind that it rains a lot and the roads get muddy, so with a short car it is difficult to climb.

Some of the farms offer transportation from Tapachula so you can visit them.

Finca Hamburgo, Coffee Route, Tapachula, Chiapas
Ruta del café, Tapachula, Chiapas

What to do in the Coffee Route of Chiapas?

This area began to be populated by European colonizers who were invited by the President of Mexico General Porfirio Diaz to cultivate the highlands of the Soconusco, around the year 1885. These farms continue in use after so long. A few years ago the area was reactivated for tourism, enabling farms as lodgings and offering different tourist services. This new project is promoted by 13 farms in the area, something that has reactivated the economy of the place.

The farms offer excursions in the area.

they have tours of the farm itself to know the history and the process of making coffee. Some have a small museum where to look at old photos and documents.

In the Ruta del Café we were surprised with a place of powerful nature, with many corners to go, great accommodations and beautiful natural corners to enjoy the days walking. There is various activities to do such as hiking, cycling routes, excursions to natural places such as the San Francisco waterfall (in the town of Eden), bird watching, walk to the lookout to see sunrise, walk along the Cuilco River at Finca Chiripa. The offer is varied, the prices oscillate between 200 and 400 pesos, depending on the activity. In rain season they also practice rafting.

For us, the cutest place was the walk along the Cuilco River at Finca Chiripa. This area is enabled to walk and bathe in one of the natural pools that form in the river.

It is not necessary to stay in any farm to know the area, as we discussed some farms offer transportation from Tapachula so you can visit them. Or you can go to the farm and meet them on your own.

The area is really beautiful in landscapes. From the coffee plantations of this Route you get to see the Pacific on clear days.

Guide to know the Coffee Route in Chiapas 1
Cuilco River at Finca Chiripa, Tapachula Coffee Route, Chiapas
Cuilco River at Finca Chiripa
Cuilco River at Finca Chiripa, Tapachula Coffee Route, Chiapas
Cuilco River at Finca Chiripa, Tapachula Coffee Route, Chiapas

Personal notes about the Coffee Route area:

Do not forget that like most economic development stories, they have an ugly face of abuse behind them. Farms in Chiapas and Haciendas in the Yucatan Peninsula, they used cheap labor, they develop thanks to human slavery. Although today the working and housing conditions of the workers who work there have improved, my impression is that there being a huge gap that we should improve. Children do not go unnoticed working in the field and cover the miseries. This really did crack me, after all the farmer knows what it means in most cases.

That part of me weighed a lot. The years go by and I think our footsteps around the world do not leave great improvements in many ways.

Finca Hamburgo, Coffee Route, Tapachula, Chiapas
Guide to know the Coffee Route in Chiapas 2
Finca Hamburg
Finca Hamburgo, Coffee Route, Tapachula, Chiapas

Where to stay in the Coffee Route?

There are several farms enabled for tourism, with good restaurants and excellent stays, where you can rest and relax. We went to the two who told us they were the best, and are the ones that I will recommend. We did not find cheap places to stay, but you can sleep in Tapachula and make a route from there, it's an option. We were in luxury in this area, great days.

FINCA HAMBURG: a luxury accommodation for its services and location LOCATION: It is located in the highest area of ​​the mountain, at 54 kilometers from Tapachula, about an hour and a half by car HOTEL DESCRIPTION: great rustic cabins with rooms with private bathroom, coffee maker and minibar. Furnished wooden balconies with mountain views SERVICES: they give you a cup of coffee every morning, pool, SPA services and Wifi. The farm offers excursions, has its own museum. The Perleberg restaurant offers excellent service and spectacular views THE BEST: enviable location and good value for money PERSONAL OPINION: we loved it, I would definitely go back HALF PRICE

BOOK here and check out the photos and reviews of other travelers at Finca Hamburgo

ARGOVIA FINCA RESORT: an accommodation designed for your enjoyment LOCATION: It is located 30 km from Huixtla, an hour's drive from Tapachula HOTEL DESCRIPTIONRooms in rustic cabins with private bathroom, ceiling fan, mosquito nets, minibar and coffee maker. The private balcony with hammocks and table is a wonder of relaxation SERVICES: bar, restaurant, coffee museum and an area with Wi-Fi connection. Excursions in the area, bicycle rental, visits to the plantation THE BEST: good value for money and its location in the middle of the jungle. PERSONAL OPINION: We dined in luxury on the terrace of our room, an excellent hotel. HALF PRICE

BOOK here and check out the photos and reviews of other travelers at Finca Argovia

I leave a list with the deals in Tapachula that may interest you for your trip. Tapachula is a city with a lot of traffic to be the border with Guatemala, where there is a variety of accommodation. In the city you find cheaper places.
Guide to know the Coffee Route in Chiapas 3

Coffee route, nature

LOCATION: The Coffee Route is located east of Tapachula, in the upper area. Take the Nueva Alemania highway from Tapachula. The Coffee Route is 3 and a half hours from Arriaga, along Highway 200 on the Pacific coast. 4 hours from Tuxla Gutiérrez (387 kilometers), 4 hours and 40 minutes from San Cristóbal (466 km), 4 from Comitán (246 km of winding road) and 6 hours from Palenque (518 km).
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Tapachula there are combis that go up the road, and they leave you wherever you say. Some farms are close to the road, for others you must walk a little to get there.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, swimsuit and towel. Better wear comfortable closed shoes to walk through the coffee plantations and the area. Take a coat because the area is cold. Also bring repellent, if you go to the river, better long sleeves to protect yourself from being bitten by bugs.

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