In the Yucatan Peninsula there are many hollows to discover, but the caves of Kantemó have a unique attraction: in them there are snakes hanging in their cavities waiting to hunt the thousands of bats that come out at sunset Ready for something different?

The small town of Kantemó It is part of one of the community ecotourism developments that exist throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. From the 2003 this project welcomes curious travelers with a desire for different experiences. The hanging snakes of the caves of Kantemó They are a unique attraction.

One of the most well-known inhabitants of the caverns are the bats. In the caves of Kantemó 7 coexist with these species, strategically distributed through the grotto. Bats are the basis of feeding for other species that live here, including a rare endemic aquatic fauna such as blind eel and blind shrimp. For the visitor, the great attraction of the caves are the well-known ones Hanging snakes

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These spotted rattlesnakes (elaphe flavirufa) are common in Quintana Roo, the extraordinary is its ability to adapt to feed in these caves: it is exceptional to see how the bats hunt, remaining hanging from the rocks of the grotto, waiting for the right moment to attack their prey. From the grotto come out at sunset 100 bats per second for two long hours, For lovers of wildlife is really exciting to live places like Kantemó where we are so close to an unusual phenomenon.


Although during the visit to the grottos the emotion of the snakes, it is a place to enjoy its natural treasures. Going down to the depths reveals a fascinating world where we see the oldest traces of our existence in the form of stalactites or marine fossils, exciting tracks of the Planet.

Until the entrance of caves of the hanging snakes of Kantemó There is a trail of 3,5 kilometers from the parking lot and service area. The guides give you helmet with built-in flashlight for the interior of the grotto. Get ready to get dirty if you have to go inside to find the snakes, it's a Kantemo adventure.

In the population they offer lodging, 4 Maya-style cabins. In this area, a local tourism strengthened by its natural charms and the Route of the Churches begins, located between Peto and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, an area of ​​strong Mayan tradition. Going out of the usual route to see this wonder is sure to be a tasty appetizer for many. The hanging snakes of Kantemo are unique!

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  • Location: the caves of Kantemo (Yucatan) are located on the 184 highway, which links Felipe Carrillo Puerto with Peto and Mérida. After passing José María Morelos you will find Dziuché and at 2 km you will reach Kantemó.
  • Schedule: the time of visit at sunset. There are other activities such as visiting the Chachancanab lagoon that you can do with the Kantemó guides.
  • Cost: 250 MXN for nationals. I do not know if they apply another rate to foreigners.
  • How to get there by public transport? Public transport leaves from Merida, Felipe Carrillo Puerto or Peto.
  • From the Riviera Maya and Valladolid offer excursions to Kantemó.
  • What to bring? Comfortable clothes that can get dirty and shoes that hold your foot well.
  • Lodging: You can stay in one of the simple 4 Maya-style cabins. As well there is camping area. There are restaurant and common services.
  • Other populations with lodgings run by Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula? Pinch download here
  • The caves of Kantemó at map from Yucatan Peninsula. Open here
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