Isla Contoy is a small Caribbean treasure that is preserved in its natural and wild state despite being close to the maelstrom of the Riviera Maya. You cannot spend the night on this island, you must leave the same day.

The Isla Contoy National Park it's an absolute paradiseHere, the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the warmest of the Caribbean Sea, a bordering island in a marine mantle full of nutrients and life. It is a National Park from 1998, administered by the CONANP under the SEMARNAT.

The Mesoamerican Reef System begins in the waters of Isla Contoy National Park, the second longest after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. You can swim in the Ixlaché reef, part of this wonderful universe of corals.

Isla Contoy National Park, Quintana Roo
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 How to go to Isla Contoy?

El National Park of Isla Contoy it's a restricted place, You can only arrive on an organized excursion. Several tourist companies have the concession to operate in Contoy, in them falls the task of preserving Contoy by enforcing the rules of the National Park, such as not using a protector that is not biodegradable or collecting all the garbage that is generated. As always it is in our own spirit, conscience and education to do more or less.

Our Riviera Maya travel agencies sell excursions to Isla Contoy.  The prices of the tours are around 100 usd, depending on the package you request and from where you leave.

A Contoy can only be reached by organized excursion by agency

On the island only the rangers, soldiers of the navy who watch this strategic point, some fisherman and the lighthouse keeper live. Contoy allows the daily visit of 200 people, they must leave before the 5 in the afternoon.

PRIVATE TOUR TO ISLA CONTOY:a different way to go to Contoy, it's a private tour. Imagine with your friends or family on a unique and private trip around the island. There is an agency that makes these trips, I leave the link so you can make your reservation directly with them.



 What will you do on the excursion?

Our excursions to Isla Contoy They leave from the surroundings of Cancun, in the route of an approximate hour to the island, you will make a stop for those who want to do snorkel in the reef.

In the area of ​​Contoy where you disembark there is a dream beach, you will have between hour and hour and a half to enjoy it. Until the beach sometimes comes a blanket, this place is really beautiful. In your visit you will not move from this area of ​​the island, where the guides accompany you in a Visit the interpretive trails, lagoon where the frigates nest, the little museum and you will go to the observation tower, where there are magnificent views. Who does not want to make this visit can stay on the beach, but I understand that the visit is part more than interesting. There is a restaurant under a great palpa, where you go in turn to eat when the guide tells you.

Contoy falls in love, where the light of the Caribbean illuminates you with its maximum splendor

Here the top of the best excursions to Isla Contoy so you can contract directly without messes. The agency is going to look for you at your hotel, you can cancel up to 24 hours before. Easy, comfortable and safe. If you want my advice, the trip to the two islands, Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy, is the most recommended.

Isla Contoy National Park, Quintana Roo
Mariana already died, she used to come over to say hello

 Fauna in Isla Contoy:

Many birds live on Isla Contoy attracted by the delicacies of these waters, as well as Marine animals such as giant mantas, whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, sharks, mantas… in summer the turtles to spawn, a festival of nature what happens in these waters.

Isla Contoy is a paradise for birds, which without just predators, is home to 152 species of birds, among which we observe cormorants, brown pelicans, herons and frigates ... spectacular place for nature lovers. It was in Contoy where I began to appreciate the birds in a different way, giving me another look at this fascinating world.

Brown Pelican


For me Isla Contoy is a special place thanks to my dear friend Erika, who did a biology internship in this paradise, and maintains a great friendship with the guards who administer the island. I have had the absolute privilege of having visited Contoy staying there to sleep, savoring that luxury and that calm in a unique way. Priceless to leave early by boat with Nacho who has taught us the wonders of the place as if he were talking about his own son, always great and eternally grateful for living the privilege of Contoy.

Complete information on how to go to Isla Contoy 1
Complete information on how to go to Isla Contoy 2

    Contoy, many good things forever

Contoy It is a place that fills me with good memories. Thank you Erika, and all the people of Contoy for taking care of this paradise. Sometimes one can feel that he flies without being a bird.

Complete information on how to go to Isla Contoy 3

Isla Contoy, nature

LOCATION: Isla Contoy is located northeast of Cancun, north of Isla Mujeres.
HOW TO ARRIVE IN TRANSPORTATION? There is no ferry to take you to Isla Contoy, you can only arrive by private boat or excursion.
TOURS TO ISLA CONTOY: They sell you the excursions to Contoy in the Riviera Maya agencies. Excursions to the Isla Contoy National Park leave around 9 am from Isla Mujeres, Cancun and Puerto Juárez. They return around 5 in the afternoon. The bad thing is that you you eat the dynamics of mass tourism in this area.
TIPS: here is the contact address In case you want to communicate with them, who knows if they give special permissions to spend the night?

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