From Palenque there is an interesting road to the southeast bordering the Usumacinta River, the natural border between Mexico and Guatemala, with many places to discover. The Southern Border Highway is a cultural and visual adventure.

The most usual route among travelers in Chiapas is to travel the serpentine road from Palenque to San Cristóbal de las Casas. From Palenque there is another road that is increasingly popular among travelers who do not want to miss the treasures of this area. Road South Border it runs along the Usumacinta River, natural border between Mexico y Guatemala. The borders are always moved, it is universal law.

Highway from Palenque to Comitan by Montebello Lagoons:

The South Border Highway go through the 470 kilometers that separate Palenque of the lagoons of Montebello and Magic Town de Comitán, 55 kilometers. There are many speed reducers along the Su Frontier Highwayr, be patient. The low cars are possible that they touch with some disproportionate stop, that so well they construct, the trick is to happen them inclined. With rains and wet asphalt extreme precautions.

Along the road there are numerous checkpoints full Marine Secretary and the Mexican ArmyThey are very bulky in view of someone not used to it. Borders are borders, and this road runs along the Usumacinta river, the area is not easy.

There are few checkpoints of premises due to the presence of the army, which carries out severe controls.

From Palenque to Comitán. Southern Mexico border.

What to visit on the Southern Border Highway?

La South Border Highway from Palenque to Comitán the We are going to divide into two sections: Palenque to Frontera Corozal (164 km), and the next one Frontera Corozal to Comitán (351 km). The 525 kilometers, many through the Montes Azul Biosphere Reserve, deserve to go slowly: it treasures amazing Mayan landscapes and cities.

Section from Palenque to Frontera Corozal:

Cascade of the Swallows (Ch'en Ulich): a 117 Kilometers awarded by the South Border from Palenque and you come to a detour before Nueva Palestina, where you have to detour to the Ch'en Ulich Ecotourism Center (about 9 km). There is lodging and taxi service from the road.

Lacandon village Lacanjá Chansayab: in the town of San Javier, before Frontera Corozal, the detour comes to this population of Lacandon Maya enabled for tourism. You can go hiking in the jungle, interesting experience.

Lacandon Jungle, Lacanja Chansayab, Chiapas, Mexico

Bonampak archaeological site: one of the most emblematic Mayan vestiges for the painted murals that were preserved in three bedrooms of this wonderful site. It is located near Frontera Corozal.

Fresh. Bonampak archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico ,.

Yaxchilán archaeological zoneFrom the town of Frontera Corozal the boats go to Yaxchilán, my favorite Mayan place in Mexico, a spectacular archeological zone.

Yaxchilan archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico.

Archaeological site of Piedras Negras: For Mayista adventurers, more than two hours of travel awaits you upriver to Piedras Negras, the remarkable city of the Classic period where the remains of Tatiana Proskouriakoff lie.

Archaeological zone Piedras Negras, Guatemala.

Mexico-Guatemala border: one of the most popular border crossings when making a section by boat and connecting with Tikal, in Guatemala. Join the population of Frontera Corozal in Mexico, with Bethel in Guatemala. In Frontera Corozal there are lodgings. Bethel better in step, make way to Flores (Tikal) or Sayaxche

Usumacinta River. Mexico and Guatemal border.

Frontera Corozal to Comitán section:

This section is the least traveled by travelers. From Frontera Corozal to Comitan, other great destinations await you, which are hard to say no to.

Las Guacamayas Ecotourism Center: past Benemérito de las Américas, there is this center for the preservation of the red guacayama, in the Montes Azules Reserve. There are cabins to stay.

Las Nubes Waterfall: one of the most secluded and sought after places in Chiapas, Las Nubes. The pleasure of sleeping on the banks of the Santo Domingo river. There is accommodation in the ecotourism center, run by locals. Before arriving at Montebello Lagoons.

Las Nubes, Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, Chiapas, Mexico.

Lagunas de Montebello: a unique place in pine forest with lagoons of turquoise colors that dot the landscape. To lose a few days between hiking and kayaking. There are different surprises, mostly rustic. To 50 km you have Comitán.

Lagoons of Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico.

Archaeological site of Chinkultic: a Mayan vestige on the walls of the cedars that crown some of the Montebello lagoons. Leaving the area, it is worth stopping and touring this archaeological zone.

Chinkultic archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico.

Chiflon waterfall: the Chiflon waterfall It is a spectacular waterfall with a 120-meter drop that will not leave you indifferent. Chiflón is located at 34 km Comitán. There are cabins where you can stay at the foot of the river.

Waterfall of the Chiflón, Chiapas

Comitán de Domínguez: is Colonial city closes the circuit by the South Border Highway. An authentic colonial gem eclipsed by the nearby San Cristóbal de las Casas, only 1 hour by road.

Commander of Dominguez, Chiapas, Mexico.

How to travel the southern border road?

  • tourist excursion: to travel the first stretch from Palenque to Frontera Corozal, agencies Palenque offer day trips or two to visit Bonampak y Yaxchilan, spending the night in the Lacandon jungle. It is a popular choice among travelers. The excursion takes up the whole day, returns to Palenque and leaves daily. Prices between 600 and 1000 pesos, according to option. You can stay in Frontera Corozal. In the second section, from Corozal to the south, there is no tourist transport.
  • collective: road Southern border of Palenque to Comitán la dozens of colectivos go through, vans of about 12 passengers that stop wherever you indicate. With this option you get to all the tourist spots in the area. Even some of you will have to walk, take a taxi or wait for another bus to your final destination. In the section from Frontera Corozal to Comitán, it is the only collective transport option in the area. There is not truck (bus)
  • cab: You can share a taxi among several to reach different destinations.
  • Own car or rental: the comfort of getting everywhere in your own car, is a candy for many, gives a lot of freedom. Drive with the patience and care that this road requires. Estimated time Palenque-Frontera Corozal section: 3 hours. Frontera Corozal-Comitán section: 4 hours.

Hazards of the southern Chiapas border road:

Chiapas It is an area with a special idiosyncrasy, and many times there are uprisings in the area. It is possible that you will find local retailers inviting you to collaborate with their cause. One of their most common practices is to cut roads and make you collaborate with their cause, whatever they tell you. It is one of the reasons why I do not recommend travel by rental car to Chiapas, but you have a vast baggage as a traveler. They are not usually violent situations, but they can scare those who are not accustomed.

Anyway, this section is quiet in that sense due to the large amount of checkpoints what's on the part of the Navy and the Army. A lot of safety on the road denotes a busy area, let's not forget that we are in border land, and the borders have a strange swing. I remember once we had to sleep in the not highly recommended Benemérito de las Américas, to the question of How was the thing going? to a local, his response was «Very calm, to dead by day». One is simply far from these realities, even if we pass through them.

It is a tortuous road y full of stops. With rains and wet asphalt extreme precautions. Do not drive at night, for road safety as the roads are not illuminated and for possible assaults.

Jungle. Chiapas Mexico

This road from Palenque to Comitán is one of those routes that make the traveler fall in love. United to the one that travels from San Cristóbal de las Casas to Palenque you have a traveler circle full of nature, culture, traditions ... Chiapas is a very special area.

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