You will have no problem finding flights to Cancun, the Cancun International Airport receives hundreds of daily flights. Which airline is best for you from your destination? We will see the options on national and international flights.

Something essential on the trip is to buy the plane ticket to the destination, and if we can save money, then better. The plane knows that it has these injustices, that not everyone pays the same at the time of flying. We will see the options of different airlines from your destination and the best way to save on your plane ticket.

Cancun International Airport is one of the most important entrances to Mexico

The most important entrance to Southeast Mexico is through CancunThere are other international airports, but we are going to focus on Cancun. Airlines with flights to Cancun from other destinations in Mexico, international flights from Spain, United States, Argentina, Chile, Colombia. Find your best option, we pass you the complete information.

A good tip is to use a flight search as SKYSCANNER where they give you the different flight options.


From Spain there are only direct flights to Cancun from Madrid, less in the summer season, from mid-June to mid-September, there is some company that also flies directly from Barcelona.

Based on our experience, that of friends and clients, we have been residing in Mexico since 2007, we have traveled with several companies

Direct flights Spain-Cancun

For direct flights there are only three airlines that offer this service from Spain to Cancun, the other options scale. Two of these airlines are charter flights.

What is a charter flight? They are airlines specialized in flights to all-inclusive destinations, such as Cancun-Riviera Maya in Mexico, Bavaro-Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic or Varadero in Cuba. Normally all-inclusive package tourists go, but You have the option to buy these flights individually. They have weekly departures throughout the year. They are not very large and comfortable airplanes, nor the best service in my opinion, but you can find interesting economic offers.

Do you want to fly first class? All companies allow you more comfortable seats in first class, in addition to a better service in meals and preference of VIP lounge at airports and not queuing for preferential access. In some companies you don't pay much more for this service.


  • EVELOP: Fly three days a week directly from Madrid (MAD) to Cancun (CUN). In high holiday season in Spain, summer months and Easter, they put more flights.
  • WAMOS: Fly twice a week directly from Madrid (MAD) to Cancun (CUN). In high holiday season in Spain, summer months and Easter, they put more flights.
  • AIR EUROPE: It is the only regular flight company that offers this service. They leave Madrid and fly directly to Cancun. Airplanes are somewhat more comfortable by amplitude, but don't expect great amenities.

Children under 2 years do not pay a ticket on flights

Flights with scale Spain-Cancun

Scaling doesn't have to be less interesting, as in everything it is about having the information to be able to choose well. There are even stops that can add you to the trip stopping to visit another destination on your trip, as some travelers do.

We do not recommend in the winter months to stop in New York, Canada or any cold place. We know several cases of flights canceled by snowfall and complicated weather.

We will see pros and cons of each of the airlines so that you choose your ideal company. Something basic is the place of the stopover because there are airports that are more annoying than others, and airlines that offer better service than others.


  • IBERIA: It has direct flights from Spain to Mexico City (CDMX has been called for a few years, changed the name of DF). I don't like to stop at that airport, it's cumbersome, somewhat chaotic. I never saw good prices compared to other airlines.
  • EDELWEISS: We liked this airline a lot, they stop in Zurich or Toronto, both airports very comfortable for transit. You can take advantage of the stop in Canada or Switzerland, several travelers know they have made the Toronto in Canada. You must get your eTA if you stop in Canada, is mandatory for nationalities such as Spanish. Airplanes more comfortable than the charter services, and better service without a doubt, from the food to the members of the plane. (They are airplanes, do not expect exquisite food service).
  • DELTA AIRLINES: from the major US airlines that have stops in different parts of the United States. The good thing about the companies in the United States and Canada is that the seats are always somewhat larger, and I like the services they offer, more professional than the Spaniards in our opinion. You must get the ESTA for USA.
  • AMERICAN AIRLINES: another of the great companies of the USA, also with stops in greedy destinations like New York. Save the Miami airport as a transit stopover if possible, another one of those airports where it is very lazy to make a stop for the big and somewhat chaotic. Same you must get the ESTA for USA.

Other companies that we have not tested but have flights are Lufthansa, AirFrance, Air Canada, Swiss, AeroMexico.

How to get from the Cancun airport?

North Beach, ISla Mujeres.


Many Argentines and Chileans from the Southern Cone of our beloved Latin America take advantage of the fate from December to February, in its coldest months. Here a good warmth awaits you, in fact the best time of Riviera Maya by climate, because it is not hot like the rest of the year. At Christmas prices are always more expensive and I invite you to book in time to have better prices and place.

I thank my friend Ale for the information he has provided me with his vast experience as residents with his wife Anatxu in Cancun and frequent travelers to Latin America.

Airlines that fly to Cancun from Latin America

Basically there are 3 large companies that offer service in this area of ​​the Planet, I link their websites directly to see prices.

  • COPA: It is surely the largest airline in Latin America, with its largest base in Panama, from where they connect with countries in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Considered a good company, it is the only one with which we have flown to have our opinion.
  • LATAM: the other big company in this area of ​​the Planet, which links Latin American countries, very popular in Chile and Argentina. Another good option for you to look at your flights to Cancun.
  • AVIANCA: the third airline with the most operating margin that can help you for your trip to Cancun.
  • ARGENTINIAN AIRLINES: Argentine company with several departures in Latin America to Cancun that can help you find your ticket.

complete guide trip to Riviera Maya

Watersports. Nichupte Lagoon Cancun.


Cancun receives a large number of tourists from the United States and Canada, a destination for travelers in search of parties, retirees in search of sun and economic places, couples and friends in search of relaxation, adventure and the Caribbean. A destination much appreciated by the neighbors of North America

Airlines that fly to Cancun from North America:

  • DELTA AIRLINES: from the major US airlines that fly from different places in the United States to Cancun. There is a large group of Americans who reside on the Peninsula a few months a year. They enter through Cancun or Merida.
  • AMERICAN AIRLINES: the other major US airline that has direct flights to Cancun from different airports. The same in Mérida, another popular destination for some visitors.
  • AIR CANADA: The most popular airline in Canada with flights from different airports in the country. The Canadian community chooses the destination of the Yucatan Peninsula in the months of its cold, from November to April, as migratory birds we receive them.
Zona hotelera from Cancun. Mexico. Flights to Cancun.


From inside Mexico there are different airlines to fly to Cancun. Over the years, more options have emerged, we can even talk about low-cost (cheaper) companies that we didn't have before.


  • VOLARIS: a reliable and punctual company that flies to Cancun from different parts of the country. You have several options to save without checking in luggage and those addition and follow.
  • AEROMEXIC: the usual airline in Mexico, with many criticisms at times, but that maintains its powerful fleet throughout the country and internationally.
  • VIVAAEROBUS: low-cost company that makes it easy for you to save by subtracting services, such as billing, the seat and those details. Any extra charge you, as
  • INTERJET: A delicate moment is happening right now, and this entails a malfunction of the company with canceled flights and delays. I still consider it a low-cost airline.
Cancun from the plane.


I have read several articles that repeat a series of details that I transmit to you, in addition to the experience with details that we have verified.

In the end this of the ticket prices is a mystery. An example that explains to me that the airlines do a little what they want with the prices, is that at the same time looking for a flight my brother and I in an airline (he from Barcelona and I in Cancun), we always get quite different prices. They must have patterns studied to vary prices without losing money, but to know how they apply them. I find a strategic unethical that for exactly the same service, one sometimes pays twice as much as others.

  • High seasons in Cancun tickets are more expensive: the summer months from mid-June to mid-September, especially August, Christmas parties and part of January, and Easter, in addition to festive bridges. From December to February it is high season for several nationalities that visit Cancun, such as Argentines, Americans, Canadians, Chileans or Brazilians.
  • Or you really travel in a very flexible way and you can access last minute offers, or the best thing when buying flights is to do it in advance How long before I buy my ticket? On long trips they advise from 5 to 2 months before, and in short seven weeks in advance. I don't know what they are based on, so I can't assure you of this information.
  • The cheapest day to fly are Tuesdays, and flights in the afternoon tend to be cheaper (also a flight is more likely to be delayed in the afternoon than one in the morning). Open your internet in incognito mode to search for flights and delete cookies, these tips do not know if they are true, but if you do you do not lose anything either.
  • Sign up flight alerts from a Skyscanner type flight search engine to guide you and be aware of prices. When buying, look at the airline's website to compare and make a better purchase.
  • In many airlines, safe charter flights, they make you pay for headphones. Take your own, you save about 3 euros in transatlantic flight.
If you are one of those who overwhelm you to buy tickets online, we work with two agencies, one in Madrid and one in Barcelona, ​​which get us cheap prices, if you want me to contact you, write to us and we will gladly pass you the contact

We hope the information will help you to find your flight to Cancun. Any questions or anything we can support you here you find us. Thank you for sharing the information if you found it useful for other people.

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