Many times we do not stop in places due to ignorance, not knowing what to do or what to do. The town of Espita was a wonderful gift on the road, my luck was that I stopped.

Sometimes I go without a specific plan of where I am going to sleep, which allows me to choose according to the day. Spigot I did not enter into my plan, I was on my way to Cenotillo and Tunkás to photograph their cenotes, but I was tired, the day was half cloudy and I did not know for sure if there was a lodging where I was going. When crossing through Spigot I saw a lodging and I stopped to ask: talking to the hotel boy, very kind as the rest of the guys I talked to, he told me that there was a Very nice cenote in the vicinity. That was enough to change my plan and end up sleeping in Espita: that's how simple the changes are sometimes.

spigot, _yucatan
Spit, Yucatan

Once found lodgingI was missing where to eat. In the towns you always find where to have breakfast near the markets and several places of inexpensive cuisine, sometimes unannounced, inside the same houses. They are not easy to see if you have no habit. The simplest thing is to ask, the kindness of the villager of these lands always leads to good things. On this occasion I simply passed in front of a place where several nuns ate and I entered. A hit: tasty food and good price. Mildred's restaurant, who has a good hand behind the stove, knows him as La Doña (behind the Municipal Palace, 22 street with the 23). They told me that Espita is famous for desserts like arepas, so you have to try the sweets and other delicacies next time.

Espita, the Athens of Yucatan 1
Some basses accommodate them as restaurants, without sign
Espita, the Athens of Yucatan 2
With Mildred, how nice it was 🙂

Hacienda and cenote Kancabá:

Hospedaje and full belly is all that the traveler needs, I already had my basics in Espita, I just needed to go out and visit the cenote.

It was another nice surprise cenote Kancabá, which takes its name from the old Hacienda henequera. This area was prolific in haciendas, where they cultivated the so-called green gold, A species of Yucatan native cactus. From the leaves of the henequen, their natural fibers are extracted for the manufacture of yarns and fabrics for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial use. The henequen It marked the social and economic life of the Yucatan region, where everything revolved around 1850 to 1950. The old train tracks, a means of transporting henequen, cross the town of Espita, indicating this not so distant past. The Hacienda Kancabá they have reformed it to offer lodging, and they allow to accede to the fantastic cenote that there is inside the property, something very usual in the haciendas. This place deserves a full entrance in the gaits of these lands, sure you will like it.

Hacienda cenote Kancaba, Espita, Yucatan
Hacienda cenote Kancaba, Espita, Yucatan
Hacienda cenote Kancaba, Espita, Yucatan

What else to do in Espita?

Other attractions to visit in Espita are the archaeological zone Pom, you have left at the west exit, the old railway station, the cultural center Progreso and Recreation Society, the bullring or the church of San José.

Travel Spigot is to savor Yucatan, its central park, the gazebo, the Willys and its thunderous music, the cultural house, the tricitaxis and mototaxis, the combis waiting to fill, the couple romancing in the park, the gentlemen talking in the shade of the trees, the doñas with their huipiles in the market, street vendors ... I do not need much more to spend a good afternoon strolling, pure Yucatan sober, humble, welcoming with respect and kind heart.

Spit, Yucatan
Spit, Yucatan
Entrance to the market, in the surroundings you can find where to have breakfast and eat
Spit, Yucatan
Spit, Yucatan
What would Yucatan be without the motorcycle taxi?
Espita, the Athens of Yucatan 3
Spit, Yucatan
Spit, Yucatan

Spigot it was and still is of the populations with hearth of the Peninsula. Something basic to know the historical importance of a population is to look at the church: if it has two large towers on the side of the main facade with its corresponding bell towers, it tells us that it was a big city, in the smallest towns the temples do not have towers. This is because the towers were paid in the form of a tithe to the Church, as a contribution from the settlers. If they were few settlers they did not arrive to pay for their towers, in notorious cities yes. The temple of the village of Spigot It is one of those that gives a very long shadow, a place with history and pleasant surprises.

Spit, Yucatan
Church of San José de Espita
Spit, Yucatan

On more than one occasion he had gone through Spigot when going to Izamal, the interior road has nice stretches and I like to drive around here. This time I had the fortune to stop and get to know a little bit Espita, now I know that I will return and I will eat where Mildred, the good is repeated.

Espita, the Athens of Yucatan 4

Spita, towns

LOCATION: Espita is located east of Merida, 80 km from Izamal and 49 km from Valladolid. Tizimin, entrance to the tourist corridor of the Ría lagartos Biosphere Reserve, is only 27 kilometers from Espita.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? A Spigot Transportation arrives from Tizimín, 22 pesos the half hour journey. Merida leaves direct combis only on Monday and Tuesday morning. Tizimín is perfectly connected to Valladolid, Mérida and other important towns in the area.
ADVICE FOR VISITING ESPITA: Espita's parties are from 19 to 26 in December, at that time, the best reserve accommodation. At Easter, it is full. The hacienda and cenote Kancabá It is located at 6 kilometers from Espita, north exit to Sucilá. Follow a wooden sign with the name Kancabá, and more than 4 kilometers along a dirt road. Entrance to Cenote 20 pesos.
ACCOMMODATION: hotel inn Georgina and the inn San José. I stayed in the first one, very good value for money.

Good way,

Espita, the Athens of Yucatan 5
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