In the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid you have the option to rent a bicycle and get to know some nearby cenotes and corners of the city at your own pace. A different and fun option to walk the place.

Valladolid It is a very precious stop between travelers of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its beauty, tranquility and authenticity make it catch like no other of the colonial cities of Yucatan. Its close location and easy transportation to interesting points such as archaeological sites, cenotes and haciendas make it a delight. Having the interesting Valladolid base camp is ideal.


Why cycling in Valladolid?

Valladolid It is a city with the soul of a quiet town, where the visitor is at ease among its streets. The idea of ​​renting bicycles has been growing for years, something that has become popular. In the surroundings of Valladolid there are several interesting visits less than 7 kilometers away, so the bike allows you a magnificent excursion.

There are many possibilities, we recommend an idea to do for free. You can also go with professional premises that offer you much more to know.

Our recommendation for bike tours around Valladolid

Rental price bicycles in Valladolid

Prices are around 20 mxn per hour or 100 mxn by  all day. They are rented in several downtown locations and hotels. Ask at your lodging.

Valladolid bike tour:

Our proposed bike tour is 20 kilometers leaving and arriving at the same point, the Central Park of Valladolid. In you bicycle route you can visit 4 cenotes, two haciendas and a convent, a fascinating day awaits you:

  • Hacienda San Lorenzo and Oxman Cenote: to 4 kilometers of the Park you have this Hacienda that protects a wonderful treasure. Take the 39 until you turn left on the 46. From here to the Calzada de los Frailes and you get to Convent of San Bernardino, I recommend you visit it when you return. From the Convent, take the 54 street and see all the right: you will cross the train tracks and follow the dirt road until the sign indicating the detour to Hacienda San Lorenzo. From the detour you have less than 2 kilometers. Schedules and price: from 9 to 17 hours, if you arrive before you can safely pass. 30 mxn
Bike by Valladolid, excellent option 1
  • Cenotes Samulá and Xkeken: The next stop is waiting for you at 7 kilometers. You must go to the dirt road and continue towards the landfill (opposite direction to which you came), which you will recognize by the vultures on the road and the strong smell. You must go out to the main road, where you will turn right Dzitnup. In this population there Two excellent cavern cenotes. There are places to have lunch. Schedules and price: from 8 to 17 hours, 90 mxn.
Bike by Valladolid, excellent option 2
  • Hacienda Selva Maya and Cenote Saamal: a few 2 kilometers back to Valladolid, you have the Hacienda Selva Maya and the amazing Saamal Cenote, with an artificial waterfall. For me this cenote is the best, so I recommend it for the end. Schedules and price: from 9 to 17 hours, 50 mxn. It offers a good buffet inside the hacienda.
Bike by Valladolid, excellent option 3
  • Convent of San Bernardino de Siena: back on the 180 road to Valladolid, take the detour that enters the city for the Convent, is at 4 kilometers. The afternoon is a good time to visit the convent, the last lights are beautiful. Schedule: 7 to 20 of hours.

Valladolid and its surroundings pedaling is a great opportunity to travel at another pace.

LOCATION: Valladolid It is located in the state of Yucatan. A 162 km of Merida, 158 km Cancun, 50 km Chichén Itzá.

HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Valladolid arrives public transport from Cancun (2 hours), Mérida (2 h), Playa del Carmen (3 h), Tulum (2h) ... Official Web of the main bus company that operates in the area.

WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, closed shoe, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use after showering and duck before entering the cenotes). The swimsuit and a towel or pareo to dry after the bath. It is a good option to take diving mask to better appreciate the cenotes.

THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.

Good way,

Bike by Valladolid, excellent option 4
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