Chiflón is one of the many natural places that we can visit in the beautiful region of Chiapas. The passage of the San Vicente River gives us several waterfalls falling and whistling As it passes through these mountains, I walk towards the Central Depression.

How do you get to the waterfalls of Chiflón?

The Chiflón Waterfalls are located close to Comitan of Dominguez. Through a tour of wooden walkways we can visit this natural place of waterfalls and pools where to bathe, as long as the flow and strength of the river allow it. Everything is perfectly marked, it is a place within everyone's reach.

Chiflon Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.
Chiflon waterfall road, Chiapas, Mexico.

El Sigh It is the first waterfall we see, about 25 meters high, then the Angel wing, of 60 meters in height and if we complete the 970 steps we will reach the Veil, the impressive queen of the place with its 120 fall meters.

Chiflon Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.

Why are the waters of Chiapas turquoise?

The rivers of Chiapas, due to the karstic terrain, they give it the peculiar Turquoise Color to the area, as we see in Agua Azul, Montebello Lagoons, Las Nubes or any place of water in Chiapas that forms in this type of soil. The karst mantle has minerals his soluble in water. When sunlight hits the water, part of its radiation is absorbed and transformed into heat, and the other part is dispersed by the own water molecules, where the minerals are dissolved, which help to stain it with an intense turquoise.

Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul, Chiapas

When it rains the landscape changes completely in Chiapas: the waters are dyed in color chocolate, creating other landscapes. The rains drag sediments from the bottom, and stir up the beautiful turquoise colors of Chiapas. From February to July it rains very little in Chiapas, but we already know that the weather is going as it is, and more with the climatic changes.

Chiflon Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.
Chiflon Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.

Chiflón It offers a pleasant stop on your way, the impressive nature of Chiapas within reach of the visitor. In the place we find the El Chiflón Waterfall Chain Ecotourism Center, where they offer us comfortable cabins to sleep with the murmur of the river once the visitors left.

Chiapas it's talking about nature, and Chiflón is about the stops.

Chiflón, nature

LOCATION: Chiflón is located at 34 km Comitán. The groups leave you on the road, 1 scarce kilometer from the entrance to the Visitor Center. They offer services of tricitaxi to get closer that kilometer.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Up to Tzimol buses depart from the main avenue of Comitán, one block from the gas station. Close to the OCC buses. You have 30 minutes of travel from Comitán.
PRICE INPUT AND SERVICES: 30 mxn. There are services and restaurant in El Chiflón. Manage the place on Ecotourism Center Chain of El Chiflón Waterfalls. ACCOMMODATION: there are cabins where to stay and enjoy the solitude of El Chiflón. Web to reserve.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, closed and comfortable shoes that will help you not to slip on the damp climb and to protect you from insect bites. Bring water and do not forget your swimsuit and towel.

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