Ek Balam is one of the Mayan settlements with a privileged location due to the proximity to the archaeological zone of Ek Balam, one of the most visited of the Yucatan Peninsula. Most visitors are just passing by Ek Balam, I would stay here to sleep here.

El Ek Balam town is located 2 kilometers from the archaeological zone of Ek Balam, which is the third most visited in the state of Yucatan, behind the indisputable Chichen Itza and almost at the same time as Uxmal, according to these statistics from the most visited archaeological sites. A few kilometers away has fantastic cenotes such as the XCanche or the Sac aua.

Thanks to this privileged situation many villagers live on tourism, either working in the cenotes, in the lodgings and restaurants, selling hammocks that they themselves make or other crafts.

Few travelers stay sleep in Ek Balam something that I definitely recommend for being a fantastic way to live in a rural Mayan environment, enjoy the peaceful calm of the nights in the countryside and its friendly people.

With Gutberto, who works in the cabins Uh Najil and sells handicrafts

Tourism in Mayan villages in the Yucatan Peninsula

Several Mayan villages such as Punta Laguna, Kantemó, Sabacché, Cobá or Santa Elena who benefit from the beauties of their surroundings to offer accommodations and services for the traveler. This tourism is very beneficial for communities that usually have few economic resources. In these villages you can live life in the Mayan countryside up close, in some they carry out activities to know their culture. It's a nice way to know this land.

Sandra Salvadó

Where to sleep in Ek Balam

You find at least three places to sleep in the village of Ek Balam, also in the nearby Xcanché cenote They offer sleeping in Mayan style cabins. The people are the Uh Najil Cabins from a cooperative of village villagers, where I usually stay. They offer different activities to know the area. The other two are the recommended Genesis Eco-Oasis of a Canadian and the Dolce Vacanza of Italians. Both with restaurant, the Genesis of vegan food and Italian Dolce Vacanza.


Ek Balam It is one of those towns that have nothing and they have everything for the traveler. The life of the town breathes calm and nothing to do ... Ek Balam it's like dancing without music, what they said in the movie ¿A quién ama Gilbert Grape? Ek Balam's silent sounds, I really like this place. The most remarkable thing for the visitor is the color that the town has thanks to the sale of hammocks, which adorn the entrances to the houses. The hammocks are made by themselves, you can buy them without intermediaries, they are of good quality and it is an economic incentive that supports families with scarce resources to live in the area.

Ek Balam
Ek Balam
Ek Balam

The last time I was in the town of Ek Balam was Sunday, and I could relive the one I call the drinker's Sunday: in the villages of the Yucatan Peninsula one of the pausible realities is the damage it causes the alcohol Among the population. Sunday is the day of rest, and also the day that more alcohol is consumed among the local population, at least openly.

This situation causes that on Sundays you find some other more talkative man than usual who will want to talk for a while. There is the sympathetic drunk, the latoso and still harmless and sympathetic, the too daring, the latoso that without alcohol you would not endure, the one who does not understand him or the Pope, the one with a murky look without a word ... all of them emboldened in endless personalities

As a traveler there is no danger the drinker's Sunday, rather it puts you before anecdotal situations. At no time traveling alone or accompanied by these lands have I lived an uncomfortable circumstance in this reality, but I do try to settle the conversations quickly in a pleasant way.

Ek Balam

I think that having the opportunity to stay in a Mayan town is a very interesting part of the journey through this land, traveling is having the opportunity to live in other environments, other cultures, other situations, knowing your roots, your countrymen ... Ek Balam It gives us the opportunity of all this, it is a pleasant experience on your way.

Ek Balam
Spending the afternoon in his patio
Spending the afternoon in his patio

The area near Ek Balam is full of unmissable cenotes as well as in Sac aua, Popcorn, Fresh Water, X-Ca'anajaljun or the nearest Xcanché cenote. I hope you enjoy this wonderful area, its culture and its life.

Good way,

Ek Balam

LOCATION: Ek Balam is located at 28 km north of Valladolid (30 minutes) on the 295 road. The detour is indicated after Temozón, famous for its rich marinated meats.

HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Collective taxi from the 44 street with the 35 (30 minutes) Valladolid.

WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable and light clothing, and hat to cover your head. Protect yourself from the sun and insects, and do not forget your swimsuit to enjoy the cenotes.

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