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Turtles is one of the great natural attractions of the Mexican Caribbean, in this beautiful sea you can enjoy this fascinating animal in different ways. Where and when to see turtles in Riviera Maya?

Most of the time the sea turtles that arrive to these Caribbean coasts, live in their natural habitat, the sea. But during the gestation period they can be seen along the coasts to deposit their eggs, and in the following months we see the turtles being born and arriving at the sea. In Riviera Maya there are different places to see spawn turtles y participate in its liberation.

Turtle nesting in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo

Where and when to see turtles in Riviera Maya?

  • Spawning season: the season of turtle spawning it's from the middle of May to September. Even the beaches of Quintana Roo arrive 4 species of turtles: white, loggerhead, hawksbill and leatherback. All marine species live in a fragile ecosystem and are protected.
  • Season to release turtles: de July to November, according to the three month period that the turtles need to be born. The season is being October the highest month for the activity of the release turtles.
Marlin beach, Cancun

Beaches of Riviera Maya where to see the nesting of turtles:

They arrive turtles to spawn to a large part of the coast of Cancun to Tulum, counting Isla Contoy, Isla Mujeres, Holbox y Cozumel. This means that on many beaches you may be surprised by a turtle spawning. On spawning beaches, they are usually created corrals, where the volunteers deposit the eggs of turtles to have a greater protection of the animal. Usually they spawn at night, and there are beaches where night access is not allowed (such as Xcacelito or Isla Contoy, to give two examples), that is why I speak of the best ones to see them spawn, not where they come from.

If you are staying in Riviera Maya, inquire at your hotel, you may be in the turtle area. These are some of the best beaches where you can see them spawn.

  • In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. beaches of the Zona Hotelera from Cancun that unite Punta Cancun with Punta Nizuc can surprise you the arrival of a turtle, an experience that no tourist forgets. The most popular beaches to see them are Delfines Beach, Marlin Beach y Chac Mool Beach.
  • Akumal it's a Mayan word that means place of turtles, that already says a lot about the place, one of the best to enjoy these animals. Strolling at night on this beautiful beach, we have seen spawn turtles on several occasions, something that does not tire.
  • Beaches Jumpsuit they are another place where at night turtles usually come out to spawn. The entire spawning process is over 1 hour easily ... they are between 100 to 120 eggs, and alone. Watching them return exhausted to the sea is overwhelming.
  • In India there is Reserve of Sian Ka'an You can see them if you stay in one of the exclusive hotels of the Reserve or camped in areas enabled on the beach, both great options. At night the reserve closes and you can not enter.
  • Area Puerto Morelos, in what is known as Punta Brava, you can see how they come to spawn in the sand.
Where and when to see turtles in Riviera Maya 1
Corrals with turtle nests, Playa Marlín, Cancún

Beaches of Riviera Maya where to release turtles:

The activity of release turtles It is done during the nightfall, in order to avoid natural predators of turtles like birds. You have to understand that a newborn turtle is a piscolobis at sea. Only the 2% of the population reaches adulthood. To our regret, the human being is their greatest predator. In this activity you can participate with groups of experts in different locations:

  • On the beaches of Cancun: Delfines Beach, Marlin Beach y Chac Mool beach. You must show up at the 10 beaches minutes before the 20 hours to form the group. It is not a daily activity, as the turtles are born, so you should risk not doing it the day you go, but it is worth trying. Practical guide turtles in Cancun.
  • In the Xcaret park, at 6 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen, they have a turtle release program. You must contact them to ask for information.
  • In the least tourist Xcacel-Xcacelito beach those of CONAP are found with a conservation program. Since mid-September they have a program to free turtles. It is payment, about 80 mxn person, to participate in the release. Introduce yourself on the beach on the 19: 30.
  • I have never had the opportunity to do the liberation in Jumpsuit or in Akumal, but I'm sure the groups that take the issue of the spawning and care of the turtles, form brigades at night to do the liberation.
Akumal, swimming with turtles, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

In addition to these two activities of the spawn and release of turtles, throughout the year we can also enjoy them in their natural habitat, in the sea. Either diving or snorkeling, you can enjoy the turtles in the Mexican Caribbean.

Beaches Riviera Maya to swim with turtles (snorkel):

  • The place par excellence to see the turtles in their habitat with a diving mask and fins is Akumal Here you see them safe, as easy as going out from the shore to the area marked with balls and you will find them swimming and eating. Pure luxury!
  • In other beaches like Soliman Bay o Xcacelito, I have also seen them swimming between the coast and the reef.
Akumal, swim with turtles

Diving with turtles in Riviera Maya:

There are different points of diving on the coast of the Riviera Maya where to see turtles. Ask at your dive center and they will take you to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel ... These inhabitants are the undisputed protagonists of diving in these Caribbean waters.

Akumal, swim with turtles

I hope you enjoy the turtles in your trip through these lands, for me it is one of the great luxuries of living in the Mexican Caribbean. There are a number of logical rules such as not touching the turtles whether swimming, on the beach or diving. DO NOT touch the turtles, that we are very heavy with those things humans. Keep a prudent distance with them, do not touch or handle the eggs without the presence of an expert (having participated or seen turtle programs, or that they are from the BBC, does not make us experts), do not use white light at night (light red yes you can).

We hope to know how to keep them as good as possible, although I think we are far from giving our best version for nature.

Good way,

Where and when to see turtles in Riviera Maya 2
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