Within the Mayan world, Xocen is known as the center of the world, a special place of contemporary Mayan culture. Its temple of the Cross Tun is one of the most imposing places of the Peninsula to live the syncretism between Mayan beliefs and Catholicism.

There are places that are so special that it is hard to write about them, especially to protect them from ourselves and our desire to possess what is foreign as if it were our own. I feel that our current tendency to trivialize the places visited through an ephemeral photo of «I was here»It is making us, if possible, more sugar than we already are. Tourism sometimes involves this point of possession of the alien, this innate depredation of the human being. We must remind ourselves that nothing is ours, that we must arrive with respect to the places. Many times this interest is born only to what we know, value and want. Xocén is one of those special places that I have had the privilege of knowing, I hope you want to know it with respect, but better not go.

Xocén, together with Kanxoc, are part of the important populations in the uprising of the Mayan peoples in the denominated War of Castes (1847-1901). Here begins an interesting route through the populations of the east of the Peninsula, less touristized and more authentic.

Xocén, Yucatán

Why is Xocén the center of the world?

In Xocén there are two main temples, the one of the square of the town, the catholic, and the one of the Cross Tun. In this temple the Holy Cross Tun is worshiped, one of the most venerated symbols within the contemporary Mayan culture, as well as the best known Temple of the Talking Cross of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. To know well the history of the Cross Tun I leave you the document by Renán A. Góngora-Biachi and Pedro Gonz · lez-MartÌnez.

The Catholic temple, like many temples in the Yucatan Peninsula, has a fallen roof and rebuilt, where ceremonies are still held at times dictated by the father of the town. You locate it entering the town, as always a plaza receives you in the Mayan towns, where the church and the municipal police station are.

The Temple of the Cross Tun is somewhat removed from the center of Xocén, It is open all day and it is forbidden to take pictures inside. Remember in essence the acquaintance Temple of San Juan Bautista, In Chiapas. Here there is no priest who does ceremonies, it is a different concept, similar to a hospital of souls where people come to interact with the Holy Cross Tun, which is very miraculous. The energy that is breathed in the temple of the Holy Cross Tun is very powerful. You can enter, put three candles (that's the custom) and give your request to the holy cross. Without a doubt, a different place where you can see beliefs and traditions. No need to be a believer, what is needed is the respect of a clean and healthy look.

Xocén, Yucatán
Plaza of Xocén
Xocén, Yucatán
Xocén Catholic Temple
Xocen, Yucatan
Mayan details in the catholic temple of Xocén
Temple of the Cross, Xocén
Temple of the Holy Cross Tun. You can not take pictures inside

I also leave you the words of Ichi narrating the history of the place, one of the guides of the community that is part of Yucatan Jay, local company that I'm talking about now.

Community tourism in Xocén

In the community of Xocén, tourism company Yucatan Jay, created by local people. Here you will have the opportunity to live in the community and do activities that they offer, enter into on the web to contact and know what activities they offer. I recommend them from affection and respect, they are years of knowing them and seeing how they progress in their work with effort and perseverance. Yucatan Jay are located in Xocén, in the House of the Charas, your base camp, where you have the opportunity to camp in their facilities and enjoy the fabulous skies at night. I recommend you always contact them previously, sometimes they are not in the place. If you want to do some activity with them, just contact them beforehand.

Yucatan Jay born as a company of guides for bird watching, they are specialized in nature and avitourism guides, one of the activities little by little more demanded. Are bird experts, luxury guides for anyone who wants go out to birch, as we commonly call it in the Peninsula. They also offer tours in the community where you have the opportunity to live closely with the villagers, learn to cook or visit a healer among other activities. I hope you enjoy this closeness and experience with the Mayan community.

The House of the Charas, Xocén, Yucatán
The House of Charas
Xocén, Yucatán
Xocén, Yucatán
Pajareada in Xocén with Yucatan Jay

Over the years I have been approaching and understanding this part of the Mayan world not so visible, the one that matters as much or more than the visible one to understand the culture. Far from having the deep knowledge that I would like, I am learning by observing its culture, an open door to a world that passes invisible before our eyes if we are not attentive to it. In the temple of the Cross Tun of Xocén they celebrate the 3 of May on the day of the Holy Cross, in case you want to join with respect on this important day for the Mayan community.

Remember that in our Maya Culture section find articles related to the contemporary Mayan culture. I wish the human beings had more sensitive souls and we could interact with our cultural and natural environment in a more conscious way.

Xocén, the center of the 1 world

Xocén, towns

LOCATION: Xocén is located in the state of Yucatan, to 12 kilometers of Valladolid
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? To Xocén collective taxi arrives from Valladolid, leave near the center, for about 20 pesos the journey.
WHAT TO SEE ON THE ROAD? There is the Cenote Xla'Kaj On the way to Xocén, local atmosphere, with restaurant and cabins. Do not forget the swimsuit and a towel to enjoy the cenote.
COMMUNITY TOURISM: Yucatan Jay It offers community tours in Xocén and bird watching in the community and in the Peninsula. Good connoisseurs and professionals.
WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable and light clothing, and hat to cover your head. From May to October the heat is hard, so protect yourself from the sun.

Good way,

Xocén, the center of the 2 world
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