The Costa Esmeralda highway connects the towns of Progreso with Dzilam de Bravo, a really beautiful stretch of the northern coast of Yucatán. This is the coast of the capitaleños of Mérida, a privileged place.

Although the precious and world-renowned Riviera Maya is just over 3 and a half hours from Merida, many Meridans prefer to stay close to the tranquility and good living that its Yucatecan coast offers. Undoubtedly This area is more Mexican and authentic than the glamorous Riviera Maya.

Most will go to Quintana Roo to see its beautiful beaches, but to vacation, they choose their favorite coast: Emerald coast.

Costa Esmeralda, Yucatan

Costa Esmeralda, the Yucatan Coast

From the capital Mérida The roads go out like veins to the most common destinations of the capital. The scarce 38 kilometers that separate Mérida from the coastal town of Progreso are covered by the best asphalt in the entire Peninsula.

This indicates the preferences of the Meridan looking for sea and beach on vacation.

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Costa Esmeralda, Yucatan

Discover Costa Esmeralda in Yucatan

Costa Esmeralda is full of condominiums and houses where the capitaleños escape. The owners mainly occupy their houses at Easter and during the months of July and August, the rest of the year they usually rent them as a holiday home for days or months. Up to this coveted shore a migratory bird flies large community of Canadians and Americans looking for better temperatures from November to April than those of his homeland.

So on this coast you will find a curious mix of locals and foreigners delighted to enjoy the warm temperatures, the beaches, the walks, the food and the landscapes. Small Florida de Yucatán sprouts on this coast.

Contrary to the locals, many foreigners rent their houses in the months of July and August, so the accommodation offer is constant throughout the year, on a coast that is usually 100% occupied in high seasons.

Costa Esmeralda, Yucatan
Costa Esmeralda, Yucatan
Emerald Coast, the Yucatecan Coast 1
Costa Esmeralda, Yucatan

What to visit in Costa Smeralda

The D27 road of Emerald coast it links the coastal town of Progreso to the small fishing village of Dzilam de Bravo. Are 82 kilometers along a dream road which covers several of the most requested coastal towns as a beach destination:

  • Progress: the largest and most developed of the towns of Costa Esmeralda, with good fish and seafood restaurants on the beach. Its monstrous pier receives international cruises.
  • Chicxulub: This population is known for being the epicenter where the meteorite that caused the Chicxulub crater hit, the probable cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. Although there is no evidence that you can see, this town of 5000 inhabitants is very welcoming. They opened a museum on the crater.
  • Uaymitún: another of the coastal developments most prized by locals and foreigners. Near Uaymitún there is a viewpoint on the road that allows you to contemplate the swamp area, where the pink flamingo arrives.
  • Telcach Port: of the towns that delight those who seek rest and tranquility in their vacations. Its less than 2000 inhabitants, its beaches, houses of rent and proximity to interesting points of the Peninsula, make it very attractive, like the rest of Costa Esmeralda.
  • San Crisanto: From this quiet fishing village they make excursions through the mangrove area, a truly captivating landscape. In addition it offers as in the rest lodging and houses of rents.
  • Santa Clara:  Very similar to the other towns of Costa Esmeralda, this small town offers holiday homes that are filled in peak seasons.
  • Dzilam de Bravo: despite not having a beach in the village, It is known for its walks through Bocas de Dzilam and the famous Xbuya Ha water hole. A very interesting area to discover, without a doubt.

Near Telcach Puerto are the Mayan ruins of X'Cambó, a stop that I recommend on your way. Before entering the archaeological zone you pass through the Dzemul salt flats, where you can walk respecting the delicate ecosystem of the place.

Emerald Coast, the Yucatecan Coast 2
Source of the geophysical map of the impact of the Chicxulub meteorite

All these peoples are united by the beautiful road of Costa Esmeralda, one of those that gives pleasure to drive, with beautiful landscapes that will make you stop at some other point. On one side, the sea, and on the other, the swamp, wetlands and salt flats, natural habitat of pink flamingo, herons and hundreds of other birds that you can enjoy.

Emerald Coast Yucatan
Emerald Coast, the Yucatecan Coast 3
Salinas from Dzelam, Yucatan

One falls in love with Costa Esmeralda for its tranquility and variety of unique and beautiful places. Choose one of the towns to stay and discover the area, you will not be disappointed in this corner of the world. Those of you who like to drive, don't think about it.

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