Choosing the ideal population on your trip Riviera Maya is essential for your vacation. There are very different environments in coastal towns. We help you choose your ideal place in Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya is the coastal strip of about 130 kilometers of the Mexican Caribbean, from Cancun to Tulum, a paradise that many of us dream of. Something basic for your holidays: choose your destination and the other is the accommodation and its location.

In this article we help you choose your ideal place in Riviera Maya

Those who arrive on an organized trip to the Riviera Maya may be interested in a series of Tips for your all-inclusive vacation, and you may also want to visit some of the towns, beaches and islands we are talking about in this article.


The three most known and largest populations of Riviera Maya consist of Cancún, where is it the international airport, Playa del Carmen y Overall. Puerto Morelos It is the fourth largest population. Let's see what each one offers, what roll do they have? We also tell you about those coastal places where you can fulfill the dream of waking up in front of the Caribbean Sea, there are beautiful beaches with accommodations for all tastes, you can even camp. In this article we detailhow to get from the international airport of Cancun?

We also talk about Isla Mujeres, Holbox and Cozumel, the three Caribbean islands where you can stay, the islands are the islands 🙂

Choose your best and ideal hotel in Riviera Maya


There are 4 main towns in Riviera Maya, each with a very different environment, let's see what they offer.

CANCUN: It is the largest population of Riviera Maya. They are like two cities divided into two: the city of Cancun and la zona hotelera from Cancun, where are the beaches and hotels. In both areas there is a variety of hotels, in Cancun you can find all types of accommodation, it is a tourist center very developed in services. Beautiful beaches, entertainment and all kinds of services, Cancun offers everything to tourism.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in Cancun, we leave you the link of accommodation in downtown Cancun, hotels of all categories by different areas of the city.

PUERTO MORELOS: it is the population that passes more unnoticed, the one that has a more local atmosphere, with a mixture of residents of always, many fishermen, and a Mexican community and foreign alternative and quiet that has been installed in Puerto Morelos. A nice beach with reef is enough claim. I love my Puerto Morelos. Small and quiet, with the necessary and close to places to visit.

If you are looking for a place to sleep, read the link accommodations in Puerto Morelos, with different styles of hotels and departments to choose from.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN: Despite being a city that has grown in a fulminating way, it preserves the soul of a quiet town: by not allowing tall buildings, it gives the feeling of being smaller. A walk called the 5 avenue, is where the largest tourist offer is developed, along with the beach strip, bathed in beach clubs, restaurants and night clubs. Playa del Carmen like, the tourist feels comfortable surrounded by facilities and the beautiful beach.

To search for hotel read the link accommodations in Playa del Carmen, segmented by price for the different budgets.

TULUM: is the population that has grown up with the eco-label and alternative-hippie, and although we could enter into debate on the subject, Tulum really offers one of the stripes most beautiful beach, in a totally beach environment, with bungalows and little hotels facing the sea, with a Tulum village with all services a few kilometers from the sea area.

You can search hotels in Tulum here


We're going to give you options hotels in more unknown places that maybe you had not contemplated. There are not crowded beaches with small hotels, a wonder. In some you can camp, so do not suffer, there is for everyone.

Most all-inclusive hotels are on the beachfront. Some are facing the beach with stones, which makes the entrance to the sea uncomfortable, and limits the sun loungers to the pools area (it is something that you should consult to choose better). Apart from the all-inclusive, there are hotels on fantastic beaches where we dream of waking up.

MAROMA BEACH: one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, so it is not surprising that here you will find the most beautiful and luxurious hotels, those who choose the ones that can really afford these accommodations. Among them is the Secrets Maroma Beachplatforms, Belmond Maroma, Catalonia Privileged, Pure luxury on this beach. If you want to be in this area at a lower price, choose the Hotel Amarte Maroma, It is not on the beach but there are options to go.

PAAMUL BEACH: This beach 15 km from Playa del Carmen allows you to stay in a privileged place on the beach. In Paamul There is only one hotel, the Hotel and Cabins Paamul, a luxury accessible to the middle pocket. The restaurant on the beach covers catering services. There is a camping area, so you have no excuse to sleep in this place.

PLAYA XPU-HÁ: to 25 kilometers from Playa del Carmen is Xpu-Ha, a long beach with a couple of all-inclusive hotels and small hotels like the delicious HOTEL ESENCIA y To heaven, this with a restaurant highly recommended. Both run by the same administration, an incredible place away from the big complexes. The luxurious CATALONIA ROYAL TULUM BEACH, together with the suggestive commitment of SERENITY ECO LUXURY where you will sleep in a luxury storethey complete part of the hotel offer in Xpu-HA.

PUERTO AVENTURAS: This small town has taken advantage of a good beach area to make a residential mix of all-inclusive hotels, small hotels and permanent residences. This comfortable and practical complex is 19 km from Playa del Carmen, with all the services you will require. In Puerto Aventuras you will find varied accommodation offer look here what fits you.

AKUMAL: la Bay Akumal It is 32 km from Playa del Carmen, a small paradise that has been unable to stay away from the tourist. Preserve the charm and privilege of living a few days in front of the Caribbean Sea, near a beach where turtles live. The strip of sea, stretches of sand and others of stone or rock, has been built with private houses, some large hotel complex, apartments and smaller hotels. The place is not cheap, but you can find good deals.

You can see our schoice of Akumal hotels and what hotels are located in front of the beach of the swim with the turtles.

CALETA TANKAH: 57 km from Playa del Carmen, or just 5 from Tulum, is this delicious Caribbean corner with a restaurant and a hotel: the hotel of the Tankah inlet It resembles the privilege of sleeping on Paamul beach, where you wake up alone on the beach. It is very likely that you can camp in Caleta Tankah, I forgot to ask.

BAHÍA SOLIMAN: 11 kilometers north of Tulum this bay is almost privatized, a luxurious place with a restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful Beach of Soliman BayEs another one that I consider of the best beaches of Riviera Mayawhere the luxurious one is located Hotel Jashita.

SIAN KA'AN BIOSPHERE RESERVE (PUNTA ALLEN): within the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve there are accommodations with prices similar to those in Tulum, the luxury of sleeping in front of the sea is paid. Wilder, less services ... I recommend you come by car to this area if you do not want to depend on transport constantly. Look at these wonderful accommodations of the Reserve. If you get to sleep in the fishing village of Punta Allen, there is cheaper accommodation and a place to camp, you will experience a very authentic Caribbean. Of course, in the mere town forget about the best beaches, those are on the way.


The islands always have a natural charm, and if they are in the Caribbean, more 🙂

WOMEN ISLAND: This small and accessible island is a few kilometers from Cancun, it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Riviera Maya, North Beach. On Isla Mujeres you have several accommodation options without the need to be in an all-inclusive in front of the sea. A relaxed Caribbean life with all the services in what was once a destination for the backpacker fleeing the big resorts of Cancun. Isla Mujeres has a center near the ferry with all the services of restaurants, hotels, inns, hostels, shops. Really very comfortable and quiet place.

COZUMEL ISLAND: the largest of all the islands, very popular for scuba diving, a destination made fashionable in the 80s by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, and since then tourism has increased. The urban nucleus is concentrated near the ferry, while the best beaches are more isolated. It is an urbanized island with many virgin corners and several options of activities for the visitor.

HOLBOX ISLAND: Welcome to the island of calm, where you will find the most authentic Caribbean atmosphere. The rush here does not go well, if you go fast you stay alone and you must wait. Although the prices have gone up a lot, the range of hotels is wide, and the island is so small that everything is on the beach. Holbox Island It is a unique destination, with crystalline and calm waters, an island where you stay at least two days.


Once we have known the possibilities where to stay, we will go to other questions that will help us to choose the destination that one wants and how know the Riviera Maya.

Is it better to come in an all-inclusive package or on my own to Riviera Maya?

Travel agencies offer cheap flight + hotel packages. The truth is much of Riviera Maya is organized for this type of all-inclusive hotel tourism. If you come in an all-inclusive package you can extend the date of return and combine days of beach at a resort, with a route through the Peninsula. If you do not like all-inclusive or you will not take advantage of it because you come to go on excursions, to dive or move around the area, it's best to come by free: you are looking for the flight and the hotel you choose where you want. We hope this article helps you with your accommodation.

Travel Riviera Maya, where do I stay? 1
Is it better to choose a large population, an island or isolated beaches?

The only thing you have to contemplate is that in a large population you will have all the services and the possibility of moving freely in the city, with a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, shops of all kinds and international brands, cinemas, parks, easier transportation to the airport and other destinations. In an island, if your intention is to make excursions, it would not be ideal, because just crossing the ferry is a while. And in the populations or lonely beaches, it reduces the offer of everything, and increases the tranquility without a doubt.

So it depends on what you look for in your trip, the good choice is important. You can also combine a few days on an island such as Holbox and a coastal town from where you can visit the Riviera Maya.

What is my best transportation option from the airport?

From the Cancun airport You have direct transportation by bus to different towns, to the largest ones that we have named in the article. If you are going to a smaller destination, the most convenient thing is a private transfer or shared with other travelers.

If you would like to BOOK transfer from the airport of Cancun I recommend this company that offers good services and prices. You will not have surprises, comfortable and safe. Vehicles up to 8 seats.

What is the best thing if I want to move on public transport?

From a large population it is very simple move on public transport in Riviera Maya, think that every day there are thousands of local people who work, live and move on public transport, both urban and communicating the different towns and hotels on the road. From a resort, beach or smaller population, public transport is complicated, you can only move in buses or second class buses. The ADO (main bus company in the region) does not make intermediate stops, only communicates the largest populations. If you go with family or more than 4, I do not recommend going by public transport from an intermediate place because it may cost you to grab 4 free seats in the buses that pass along the road.

Book the car from Rentalcars, See the comparison of prices between companies and opinions of other customers.

If you come to Riviera Maya I recommend you to enter the blog section DESTINATIONS-RIVIERA MAYA where you find articles that can be useful to you as What is the best time to visit Riviera Maya?

I hope to help you with your choice on this earth so that you can enjoy your stay in the best way. If you want help to plan your vacation in Riviera Maya Personally we offer you our travel assistance services as experts in the area.

Any comment or doubt we are at your disposal.

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