The Mozon iik' Community Museum is located in Temozón, Yucatán. It is part of the interesting network of Community Museums of Yucatan. I'm a big fan of these spaces

Let's discover the Mozon iik Community Museum. Community museums are little gems that you can discover on your way through the Yucatan. Community museums are created by the community itself.

I really like community museums in Yucatan, it's something I really enjoy. They are small museum spaces where they treasure local pieces of Mayan culture, both ancestral and contemporary.

The identity that it gives to the community is of great value, very inspiring as I feel. They always welcome you with open arms and wanting to show you their treasures, and I assure you that you will be surprised.

On this occasion we visited the Temozón Museum, where we had a great time thanks to the good performance of the members of the project. We recommend it 100%

Mozon iik' community museum, Temozón 1
Mozon iik' community museum
Mozon Community Museum iik Temozón


It is located in the Yucatecan town of Temozón, very close to Valladolid.

Temozón is the town north of Valladolid. The road that crosses Tizimín and leads you to Río lagartos. This town is known for its smoked meats and its woodwork. You will see that there are several places to try smoked meats.

We recommend two smoked meat restaurants that never fail, Concepción and Mozón. There are more that we have not tried and they are sure to be delicious.


LOCATION: Calle 8 between 11 and 13 downtown Temozón Yucatán Mexico, Temozón, Mexico

When you arrive from Valladolid along the main road, you will see a large sign indicating the Museo Museo Comunitario. Turn onto 19th street and go straight until you come across a yellow building. There is the museum, we mark it with the green dot.

NOTE: if you go in the other direction, from Tizimín to Temozón, you will not see the indication of the sign that only has one side, so keep an eye on turning onto 19th street.

  • HOW TO GET THERE BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Collective taxis leave from Valladolid (they have 4 seats and leave when they are full) to Ek Balam or Tizimín. They go through Temozón, so you can get off right at the corner of Calle 19 to turn and walk to the museum (at most you walk 400 meters). The taxi should cost you around 30 pesos.
  • HOW TO GET THERE BY TAXI: You still have the possibility of agreeing a price with a private taxi from Valladolid.
  • HOW TO GET THERE BY CAR: very simple, take Highway 295 towards Tizimín. This road crosses Temozón, so look for the sign indicating the museum to turn.
Mozon iik' community museum, Temozón 2

Temozón Mozon iik Community Museum

The Mozon iik' Community Museum was founded on June 28, 2019.

What are you going to see in the museum?

There is a collection of fossils and another of very interesting ancient Mayan pieces. There are also objects from contemporary Mayan culture such as "lifelong" toys with which you can interact, everyday things and ancient coins...

We also have a curious collection of vinyl and music devices. This museum is a wonderful potpourri of artifacts from Mayan culture.

The truth is that I am a big fan of antiques, they are very nice windows into history.

Mozon iik Community Museum in Temozón
Collection of fossils
Mozon iik' community museum, Temozón 3
Mozon Community Museum iik Temozón
vinyl collection

What does Mozon Iik mean?

Mozon iik Community Museum Hours

From Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon

Contact Us

They have a page on Facebook Mozon Community Museum iik' and his WhatsApp contact +52 985 133 3488


We leave you the map of the different community museums in Yucatan. Little by little we are getting to know these treasures, I hope you will also be encouraged to do so.

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Mozon iik' community museum, Temozón 4


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