Near the border of Chiapas with Guatemala we find one of the cities with a most beautiful colonial center. Without the tourist influence that its neighbor San Cristóbal de las Casas receives, a most authentic population lives, a good stop on the way.

Distinguished Commander as Magic Town

Comitán is one of Magic towns de Mexico, a distinction that recognizes cities that work to preserve and protect their cultural wealth. Without a doubt, the committees do it. San Cristóbal de las Casas, the undisputed queen of Chiapas, makes Comitán, just an hour away, stay discreet in its long shadow.


My brother, living in Guatemala, crossed the border every 6 months to renew a visa, and instead of going up to San Cristóbal, he stayed a few days in Comitán. "Why go to San Cristóbal if Comitán is there?" That's what my brother used to tell me. And I understand ... San Cristóbal de las Casas It has become a place so visited that the tourist marks a fundamental weight in the city, transforming the place. It is from those places where the foreigner stays to live and set up his business. Where once there was a little bakery there is now a nice cafe, a pizzeria, a souvenir shop. Or the one who used to plant potatoes in the countryside, now sells handicrafts in the city. Tourism modifies the places. In Comitán the character of the place prevails, and this makes it one of those places authentic

Comitán de Domínguez It is a quiet place to stroll through its beautiful center, try the rich and varied local food, visit the good museums of Archeology, the Hermilà Domínguez de Castellanos Art Museum or the interesting Dr.Belisario Domínguez House Museum, where the furniture from the time of the house of this famous Doctor who illustriously surnames Comitán is preserved.


Comitán it's a good base to savor what authentic of Chiapas in a local environment Like most urban centers, the Central Park it is where the activities and the transit of the people are concentrated. Always the entertaining Park in the towns, I love the evenings in the Plazas! On one of the sides is the beautiful Church of Santo Domingo.

Church of Santo Domingo sXVI-XVII
Church of Santo Domingo.
Representation of a family scene, the churches educating.

Comitán it serves as a base for touring the Surroundings better known as Montebello Lagoons, Chiflón, Or the Mayan archaeological zones from Tenam Puente or Chinkultic. If you are one of those who are looking for authentic places, give yourself a night in Comitan.

Comitán, an authentic colonial city of Chiapas 1

Commander of Dominguez, Chiapas

  • Location: Comitán is located at 90 kilometers from San Cristóbal de las Casas (hour and a half) and to 82 kilometers from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc (one hour), border with Guatemala.
  • How to get there by public transport? Buses leave from San Cristóbal (1h and a half) and from Tuxla Gutiérrez (2h 15 ″).
  • Lodging: you find lodgings of various categories.
  • How to move in public transport? There are many combis and buses that travel through the towns in the area to reach the Montebello, Chiflón, Las Nubes Lagunas and the archaeological sites of Tenam Puente or Chinkultic.
  • What to bring? Take a coat, especially in the dry months from October to May. San Cristobal is tall, it's cold.
  • Comitán of Domínguez in the Chiapas map.

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