Part of the fame of Riviera Maya is due to its nightlife, there are places to dance and have fun all night. Coco Bongo is one of the mythical places to party, a show where spectators end up being one more part.

Coco Bongo inaugurated in Zona Hotelera from Cancun in 1997, being one of the pioneering clubs together with Dady O, Cristin and La Boom, the last two have already closed. Es a nightclub that has resulted in a live show with performance and imitations of star singers. 

Coco Bongo has managed to be one of the most famous shows of the Riviera Maya worldwide, a show where you end up being part without finding out. Do you go out to party?

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 What does Coco Bongo offer?

Something must have Coco Bongo so that every night it fills its capacity for so many years. Surprise and dazzle with a great show that intersperses performances by true impersonators of singers such as Rihanna, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Beyoncé and their catchy hits, with highly artistic performance of acrobatics and lightning performances, achieving with the mix a party atmosphere with a frenetic rhythm where without realizing it you will be one more participating in the show.

Here even the waiters end up demonstrating their good arts on the track.

The Coco Bongo show:

The show begins every day punctually at 23 p.m., and lasts until after 3 in the morning. Then the space turns into a disco and the night continues well into the early morning. Once the show itself is over, the open bar that includes the entrance ends, but the alcohol continues to flow in the premises. The party does not end.

Coco Bongo

Who goes to Coco Bongo?

A Coco Bongo people are wanting to have fun watching a good show, dancing, drinking, linking ... The night combines several tastes. Among young Americans is very popular Coco Bongo, mentioned in the movie The Mask, as if it were the Copacabana or a Broadway show or Las Vegas. In times of spring breaker (Spring break for students in the US) expect to find Coco Bongo full of young people looking forward to the night.

Capacity of Coco Bongo:

A frontal stage that gives rise to a capacity of a thousand people distributed either standing or sitting at a few tables for which you pay more, in a room where everyone ends up dancing on their feet to the catchy rhythms of the usual songs with current hits . It has different entrance prices, as you pay you receive better service and quality of drinks.

Useful information to enter Coco Bongo

Doors open at 22 hours, if you arrive early you can get a better place. If you already have your purchased ticket you will not have to do the entry line. If you want a waiter (waiter) take care of you bringing your drinks try offering him a good tip and you will see that it works. In the reserved tables it is usual to do this, a waiter takes care of them waiting for a good tip.

Coco Bongo, Cancun, Mexico.

Branches of Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo has three branches: Cancún, Playa del Carmen in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Cancun is its oldest seat. The three venues offer a very similar show. If the formula works, why invent? In this post I talk about Cancún, but the information is valid for the other two.

Coco Bongo show

Coco Bongo tickets price:

The entrance has different prices: they give you better service and better quality of drinks. The ticket prices of the three branches are similar. The prices I put are Cancún.

  • Gold Member Ticket: Sunday to Thursday $ 135 usd, Fridays and Saturdays $ 145 usd You have a reserved table and drinks premium unlimited, with access from 9:30 am at the Bar & Boutique.
  • Regular Ticket: from Monday to Wednesday $ 65 usd, Thursday to Sunday $ 75 usd. Unlimited national drinks from 10: 30 pm to 3: 30am
  • Late Ticket: la Cancun branch offers a session for Children and adolescents under 18 years, without clear alcohol. The price is 30 usd and the time from 18 to 21 hours. As I have not been I can not comment, they have not spoken to me either.

Well, if you want a good night out, you know that Coco Bongo will not disappoint you. Try it 🙂


Coco Bongo, mecca of the show in Riviera Maya 1

Coco Bongo, nightlife

  • Location: Coco Bongo is located on Blvd. Kukulkan of the Zona Hotelera from Cancun (km 9.5). In the 2do level of the Plaza Forum (in the Plaza del Hard Rock, as a reference the huge guitar)
  • Opening hours:  the doors open at 22 hours and the show starts at 23. Open every day.
  • Sale of entrance: You can buy them at Coco Bongo's own website, travel agencies, at the entrance of the place.

Great party,

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