Noh Mozon, Nah Ya and Suhem are the three Pixyah cenotes, a town known for its beautiful cenotes. If it weren't for its three wonders Pixyah would go unnoticed.

The Yucatecan population of Pixyah has three fantastic cenotes to enjoy. In addition to these beautiful cenotes, the beautiful façade of the Pixyah estate welcomes you with its deep red under the blue sky.

Some Yucatecan populations such as Cuzamá, Homún, Albalá, Sabacché, Tunkás and a host of others have benefited from the cenotes they have in their land to encourage tourism. Reaching populations that surely would not have apparent motivation for tourism if it were not for their cenotes. This means that the local business can be favored, either by buying in small shops, from the man who sells coal chickens on the road or any small local business.

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How to get to Cenotes Pixyah?

Pixyah is located 56.5 kilometers from the city of Merida, Acanceh-Tecoh road, heading south towards the Telchaquillo police station. From here you take the detour to the Pixyah police station.

The 3 cenotes of Pixyah

You can visit three cenotes in Pixyah: Nayah, Noh Mozón and Suhem.

The best known are Nayah and Noh Mozón, two cenotes where divers arrive daily from Mérida. Cenotes Nayah and Suhem are near the town, and Noh Mozón is the one that is furthest from the town. Let's meet them one by one these cenotes.

At the entrance of the population of Pixyah you will find places that offer to accompany you to the cenotes. If you go by car it is not necessary, but you can rely on any of them to arrive more easily.

Of the three cenotes, the most complicated to arrive is the Noh Mozón cenote, in case you want a local guide to accompany you.

We will take as reference the Hacienda of Pixyah to go to the cenotes
At the cenotes you arrive on dirt roads, you can cross with cattle

Noh Mozon Cenote

For years I wanted to go to know this cenote, and finally it was given to me. I had seen photos that exerted me as a powerful magnet to Pixyah, we live trapped in the visual power of photos and videos.

HOW TO GET TO CENOTE NOH MOZÓN? We take the reference in front of the door of the farm, you must go to the right. You will see few indications to this cenote, follow the dirt road. If you can guide yourself with a map online, it can help you, and asking how we have done a lifetime, too. On the way to the cenote you must open and close doors, it is important that you close them: they are ejido land sections through which cattle pass, so open and close the fences. The entrance is charged for the road, you will see a van parked next to a sign made of canvas.

NOH MOZON CENOTE SERVICES: there are rustic bathrooms and showers, a parking area and a palapa where divers are equipped. There is place to camp and campfire.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CENOTE AND PRICE: 40 pesos. Open type cenote with 9 meters of free fall, descends through a wooden staircase that facilitates the entrance to the cenote from a platform where the water is accessed. Its mirror is 30 meters long by 20 meters wide and a maximum depth of 45 meters. SEDUMA technical sheet

The 3 Cenotes Pixyah: Noh Mozon, Nah Ya and Suhem 1
The payment is made 400 meters before reaching the cenotes

Nah Ya Cenote

Nah Yah was another of the cenotes that I really wanted to visit. I did not take photos with the camera, only with the cell phone because we were late to see it well lit. This cenote changes a lot being lit or not, so I advise you to visit it from 11 to 13 hours, depending on the time of year.

HOW TO GET TO CENOTE NAH YAH? Taking the entrance to the farm as a reference again, we take the road to the left. Cenote Na Yah is well signposted, you can arrive perfectly. After the asphalt, you go on a dirt road, but only about 400 meters.

CENOTE NAH YAH SERVICES: bathrooms and showers, they also have a couple of fixed-field booths where to stay in mattresses.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CENOTE AND PRICE: 40 pesos. It is a semi-open type cenote, with 9 meters of free fall. one descends through a wooden staircase that makes it easier to enter the cenote from a platform. Its mirror measures 22 meters long by 24 meters wide and a maximum depth of 27 meters. SEDUMA technical data sheet.

A very pretty cave is opened inside

Cenote Suhem

I love the excitement of being surprised, and it's something I did in the Suhem cenote. He is the only one he did not know before arriving at Pixyah, he had not seen any photo, and we just arrived at the good hour of light: in the afternoon starting at 15 hours.

HOW TO GET TO CENOTE SUHEM? Taking the entrance to the farm as a reference again, we take the road to the left. Once you pass the turnoff to the Na Yah cenote, you follow the dirt road a few meters further following the indications.

CENOTE SUHEM SERVICES: There are bathrooms and showers and rest areas where you can take your food and enjoy the shade.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CENOTE AND PRICE: 30 pesos. Open type cenote of crystal green water. There is no technical sheet, they told me that the jump is 20 meters, a large water mirror. The cenote is accessed by a wooden staircase that leads to a platform.


Remember that if you want to know more cenotes we have in the menu of the blog all CENOTES, where you will find many others to visit on your way through Mayan lands. Follow the rules of the good cenotero that we show you next, let's keep these treasures.

WHAT TO BRING TO TOURIST CENOTES? Swimsuit and towel or pareo to dry after bath. A change of clothes to change, hat, insect repellent (use it after bathing if you stay in the area and there are insects). Do not forget the mask or visor (in many cenotes they rent, but that way you save it). You can access most of the tourist cenotes with flip flops, the closed shoe always gives you greater protection, it is my choice almost always. Booties or water shoes are not necessary to access the cenotes. Bring water, the heat squeezes a lot and you need constant hydration.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTER: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Go through the shower before entering the cenote. Do not hang on the roots of the trees, or touch the stalactites, or do any other idiocy that damages the place. If we learn to appreciate the natural environment we will better treat it.

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