There are two neighboring Yucatecan towns that have great fame for their cenotes: one is Cenotillo and the other Tunkás. Cenote Usil is one of the best known of Cenotillo, a place for adventurers.

Cenotillo It is a population that is located between the beautiful and popular Izamal and Espita. As the name implies, this population smells like cenotes. It is not the only population with a reputation for many cenotes in this area, the other is Tunkás, only 17 kilometers away. Both are from those places where you are going to have to look for a little life to get to the cenotes, something that we personally love, gives that romantic side to travel.


How to visit cenotillo cenotes

If you visit Cenotillo I recommend you go to the Municipal Palace to be told where the cenotes are. There is a cooperative that has been organized to show the cenotes, and that is that there are up to 138 cenotes, as I have read in Cenotillo. The data that I copy from Yucatan Today They are: «Catak Dzonot, Itzamná, Mul'Dzonot, K'ai-pech open type, which are suitable for bathing, diving and observing; A'yin, Xoch, and San Miguel are just for watching. "

Among all this variety, the Usil cenote is one of the best known, and it also carries a damn legend of a dangerous place. Dozens of deaths have been counted in this cenote, the villagers say that Usil has a guardian who "swallows them". The myths and legends of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula is something usual, there is a very wide culture around the cenotes, the Mayan underworld.

The newspaper has a section of myths and legends of cenotes very interesting

How to go to the Usil cenote?

When I visited Cenotillo I went through the Palace where they gave me the telephone number of a person from the cooperative who could not help me that day, so I went in search of the Cenote Usil, the most popular. The adventure was to find it, because there was no signaling, but the desire always ends up taking you to the place you are looking for. I'll explain it to you in detail so you can find it in a simpler waya: Cenote Usil is located two kilometers away on the Cenotillo-Tixbacab road.

The photo that I put to you next is the house that you will see before the detour through the dirt track that leads you to the cenote.

Usil Cenote, Cenotillo and its 1 Cenotes
After this house, turn on the dirt road
Usil Cenote, Cenotillo and its 2 Cenotes
Dirt road leading to the cenote
Usil Cenote, Cenotillo and its 3 Cenotes
In the parking lot there is a palapa

Once you take this detour (maybe today or when you visit it if you have an indication), you must travel about one kilometer by dirt road to the entrance of the Usil cenote. The entrance to the cenote is through a grotto, but you will immediately be in open space. The cenote is very small, a pity of the metal tube that they use as a pump to extract water is quite valuable, in my opinion.

It is a cenote where many locals take advantage of spending Sunday. It's nice but not wonderful, the good thing was the adventure. Of course, for divers it is another story, beautiful to dive the Usil cenote as I have been told. I usually say that the best of this Peninsula is often in its entrails.

If you want to read more about cenotes, you have the CENOTES section inside the blog.

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Usil Cenote, Cenotillo and its 4 Cenotes

We are waiting to return to explore the area of ​​Cenotillo and Tunkás, which we know is a candy that we want to try. There are places to sleep, basic, but you find. So we hope to continue talking about this place and its other cenotes. If you are of more adventurous profile, I am sure you will enjoy this place.

Usil Cenote, Cenotillo and its 5 Cenotes

Cenote Usil and Cenotillo, cenotes

LOCATION: Cenote Usil is located at 2 kilometers from the Cenotillo-Tixbacab highway. Cenotillo is a town between Izamal and Espita. It is located an hour and a half from the city of Merida, 150 kilometers away from the capital.
SCHEDULES AND SERVICES: there are no services, visit it in sunny hours.
PRICE ENTRY: There is no booth, at least when I visited.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? To Cenotillo public transport arrives in van from Izamal, Espita or Tizimin. Pata go to the cenote Usil you can hire the services of a moto-taxi in the same town, it's easy.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to protect yourself from insect bites, some water always goes well swimsuit and a towel or sarong to dry off after bathing. It is a good option to carry diving mask to better appreciate the place.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do no other idiocy that damages the place.
CHARACTERISTICS OF CENOTE: Usil is a semi-closed type cenote inside a cave, the water mirror measures 20 meters long by 6 meters wide and a maximum depth of 112 meters. You can dive, it is the deepest cenotes.

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