For some years, Homún has been opening cenotes to which I have had the opportunity to get to know, such as the beautiful Cenote Hool Kosom. Homún is one of the populations that always surprises you.

Homun has dozens of cenotes, and they are beautiful. That makes it a very desirable population to visit, and in recent years it has been growing in services and opening more cenotes. The great thing is that they keep popular prices, something to be grateful for in this voracious world.

How to get to the cenotes of Homún, Complete guide where you have photos of the cenotes to choose better, prices and where to stay in the town.

How to go to cenote Hool Kosom

The beautiful Hool Kosom cenote with crystal clear waters is on the cenote route around Homún. On the east exit of the town you will find two detours to two groups of cenotes: some on the right hand side just leaving Homún (3 Oches, Oxolá, Yaxbacaltun) and others further away from the town on the left hand side.

Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun will surprise you 1
Posters indicating the detour to the cenotes

The turnoff to Cenote Hool Kosom is found two kilometers past the town of Homún, it is the same dirt track that takes you to Chelpak, Bal-Mil, Chulul and Canunchén. You will see a sign on the road, it has no loss if you go attentive.

Cenote Hool Kosom

Cenote Hool Kosom (swallow hole) is a beautiful cavity that has conditioned to facilitate the entrance and enjoy its crystal clear waters. The entrances to these cenotes are indicated or marked by poplars, one of the trees that indicate the presence of a cenote. Its impressive roots cross the limestone rock to look for fresh water. In many cenotes we can admire the beauty and strength of the roots of the poplars, what precious things nature gives us.

Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun will surprise you 2
Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun, Yucatan
Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun, Yucatan

The entrances to the cenotes accelerate my biorhythm, I like to go down slowly, savoring the emotions. Despite being a small cenote, the space is beautiful, and more with swallows, roots and the entrance of overhead light (we are late, better to visit this cenote from 11 to 15 hours to see it with the beam of light going through inside).

The services are rustic. A booth at the entrance where you get your ticket and you can buy some junk food botanita (that if patatitas, cookies and other forms of food with no nutritional value that both hook).

You have showers and changing rooms. The wooden platform does not break the charm of the place, something that is always appreciated. You will have space to leave your things and bathe in peace in one of the coldest waters of Homun.

Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun will surprise you 3
Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun, Yucatan

A pleasure to always visit Homún and enjoy its cenotes. If you can, it's better to avoid Sundays because of the number of people who go these days. The charm of the cenotes has risen so much in recent years that it is difficult to visit them in solitude, we are already a large family of lovers of the cenotes. that we take care of them and continue enjoying.

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Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun will surprise you 4

Cenote Hool Kosom, cenotes

LOCATION: cenote Hool Kosom is located in Homún. Homún is at 60 km east of Mérida. If you go from Mérida take the 59 street to the peripheral of the city, follow, the sign for the road to Chichen Itza, after 5 km there is a detour to Acanceh. Arrives at the village of Acanceh, then crosses Cuzamá and 5 km is Homún. When entering from Mérida, you must continue until 2 kilometers from the east exit of the town, where a dirt road on the left leads you to the Hool Kosom cenote (at 2 kilometers from the turnoff).
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?You can go intrucks(buses) second class collective (vans) that cross the 180 highway leaving Mérida, Valladolid or Piste. Bus leaves from the Northeastern terminal of Mérida, 67 x 52 and 50; 7: 45, 9: 15, 10: 45, 12: 30 and 14: 30 schedules; It costs 23 pesos. Another option is to go by bus, leave when they are filled in front of the same terminal, on 67 street and charge 25 pesos. They take between 1 hour and a little more the big bus. From Piste or Valladolid also arrive collectives.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES:from 9 to 17 daily. There are services at the entrance.
PRICE: 30 mxn (Mexican pesos).
WHAT TO BRING?Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to protect you from insect bites, some water is always good. The swimsuit; and a; towel or sarong to dry off after bathing. It is a good option to wear a diving mask to better appreciate the place.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.
CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CENOTE HOOL KOSOM: it is a cenote of closed type inside grotto, with 8 meters of descent.

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