I recommend yous the best cenotes 9 in Tulum, enjoy the destination as it deserves. The beautiful Tulum is surrounded by several cenotes that you can enjoy on your vacation.

The tourist cenotes of Riviera Maya are almost all suitable for swimming and diving. In this article we talk about The best cenotes in Tulum to swim: diving and swimming give very different landscapes, you have to know how to differentiate according to the activity.

The underground fresh waters of much of the Yucatan Peninsula will flow to the Caribbean coast of the Riviera Maya. This circumstance, together with the mixture of fresh and salt water, makes the vast majority of cenotes open here. Some arise to the surface in the form of a spring or waterhole, as it happens in the Tankah cove.

Cenotes in Tulum
Caleta Tankah


We will see the cenotes in Riviera Maya, including the interior area of ​​Cobá because of the proximity that groups them. All of them have had the opportunity to visit them in these years, some of us still don't know them. I don't have a good photo of them all, so I use some of the photos from fellow Instagram to illustrate them.

All the cenotes in Tulum of the article are less than 50 kilometers


A well-opened open cenote with hammocks and easy access, as well as a platform from which to jump. The entrance fee includes a visit to Cenote Escondido, so you are in an 2 × 1. To swim with a mask is very entertaining. LOCATION: It is located at 3 kilometers south of Tulum, towards Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The entry is on your right. ACCESS: Public transport arrives from Tulum, you can also go by bike from Tulum. PRICE AND TIMES: 120 mxn per person, divers pay 200. Open from 8 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: being a cenote so close to Tulum is quite quiet place. MORE INFO of 👉 Cenote Crystal

tulum cenotes


It is a lagoon with a cenote inside. The area of ​​the cenote is fenced for bathers, but the natural landscape is a must-see between the emerald of the lagoon and the intense blue of the cenote.LOCATION: is located at 7 km south of Tulum towards Felipe Carrillo Puerto, on the left ACCESS: Public transport arrives from Tulum, you can also go by bike from Tulum. PRICE AND TIMES: 70 pesos. The divers 150 weights. Open from 9 to 17 hours. THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: a different landscape in Riviera Maya, services and facilities are somewhat neglected MORE INFO of the Kalaguna Kaan L'uum

cenotes near tulum
In the background the blueest color is the cenote


A cave cenote with comfortable access for the visitor, for this reason I choose this cenote from the Cobá area, although it is not properly from the cenotes in Tulum. LOCATION: It is located near the town of Coba, 45 km from Tulum. In Cobá it is easy to locate the cenote ACCESS: it is very difficult to go by public transport, in Coba there are taxis that take you, you can also rent a bike and discover this and the other cenotes of Cobá. PRICE AND TIMES: 100 mxn per person, open from 8 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: easy access to this cenote cave where you can find a tour, but usually quiet MORE INFOl 👉 Choo-Há cenote

cenotes in tulum

We live in the area since 2007, we hope to answer your questions : )


A nice open cenote to swim with the mask for its interior vegetation, it is very entertaining, of which I like. Beautiful natural environment. Turtles still live, I hope you see them LOCATION: It is located 7 kilometers south of Tulum, towards Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The entrance is on your left. ACCESS: Public transport arrives from Tulum, from the highway you must walk 2 kilometers to the cenote. You can also bike from Tulum. PRICE AND TIMES: 150 mxn per person. Open from 9 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: being a cenote so close to Tulum is quiet, avoid the peak hours of 11 to 3 in the afternoon.MORE INFO 👉 Cenote Heart of Paradise

cenote heart of paradise


Of the most beautiful cenotes for swimming, it is open and cave, one of the best in Riviera Maya for swimming. It is one of the most visited strains in Tulum, there are usually quite a few people LOCATION: It is located at 4 kilometers west of Tulum, on the 109 highway towards Cobá. ACCESS: public transport arrives from Tulum, but it is almost easier to arrive by taxi because the buses take a long time. You can also ride a bicycle from Tulum. PRICE AND TIMES: 180 mxn per person, open from 9 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: has all the services and good access, you must avoid the bulk of visitors from 10.30 to 4 in the afternoon MORE INFO of 👉 Spruce Cenote

big cenote tulum


It is one of the few cenotes in Tulum of cave that you will find, and it is also a wonderful cenote of beautiful LOCATION: It is located within the Dos Ojos Park, at km 244, 55 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and 19 from Tulum. Cenote Dos Ojos is also located at the same entrance. ACCESS: Public transport arrives and then you walk 2 kilometers to the cenote. there is a taxi service PRICE AND TIMES: 350 pesos per person access to the cenote THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: It is one of the most beautiful in Riviera Maya, although the entrance is expensive MORE INFO of 👉 Taak Bi Ha cenote


Surely the best known in Riviera Maya, and really the most beautiful to swim for being able to make it a cave part, which is more impressive. Dos Ojos Park has other cenotes to visit that may interest you LOCATION: is located at 22 kilometers north of Tulum towards Playa del Carmen, it is on your left ACCESS: public transport arrives, but from the entrance to the cenotes there are about 4 kilometers. There are taxis and mototaxis that accompany you PRICE AND TIMES: 350 mxn per person, open from 8 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: for me the most beautiful to swim, also the most visited. MORE INFO of 👉 Dos Ojos Park

tulum cenotes
Cenote Dos Ojos, Yucatan, Mexico.


An open cenote where it is very nice to swim through the mangrove vegetation. It is shaped like a river and the water is transparent. Of the most visited cenotes in Tulum LOCATION: It is located at 9 kilometers north of Tulum towards Playa del Carmen. The entry is on your right. ACCESS: public transport arrives, from the entrance of the road you must walk less than 2 kilometers PRICE AND TIMES: 150 mxn per person, children pay 100 THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: There are usually enough people, it is a very nice place with the beach very close MORE INFO of 👉 Cenote Casa Cenote

tulum cenotes


This open cenote is just at the foot of the road, very easy access. There are three cenotes almost together, the Cristalino cenote, the Agua Azul cenote and the Garden of Eden cenote (also known as Ponderosa, it is somewhat less visited for being somewhat removed inside). They have a similar morphology these three cenotes LOCATION: It is located at 26 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen towards Tulum. The entry is on your right. ACCESS: public transport arrives PRICE AND TIMES: 150 mxn per person, children pay 100 THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: the worst is that it is very visited and the best thing is that it is very easy to arrive on your own MORE INFO of 👉 Crystalline cenote

cenotes near tulum


We pass you a small map of cenotes in Tulum and surroundings so that you can better position yourself. The map also has other activities of tourist interest in the area.


Riviera Maya is the seat of the great tourist bulk of the Yucatan Peninsula, this means that the cenotes in Tulum are quite visited. Some you can access on your own by public transport, others are not possible because they are away from the road. There are 4 basic ways to reach them:

  • Some will be able to access on your own in public transport, we give you the information of what these cenotes are.
  • Others away is better than going by taxi (If you want any recommendation of a taxi driver responsible and trustworthy to move around the Riviera Maya, write me and I'll share it with you).
  • En private car or rental You can organize yourself to do the visits you want for free.
  • Most excursions and tours that are made to Chichén Itzá, Tulum or Cobá take you to visit a cenote.

I hope you enjoy these treasures very much, we consider them The 9 best cenotes in Tulum. Remember that the CENOTES section you find many more to enjoy. Follow the rules to preserve the cenotes, if we all add much better.

WHAT TO BRING TO TOURIST CENOTES? Swimsuit and towel or pareo to dry after bath. A change of clothes to change, hat, insect repellent (use it after bathing if you stay in the area and there are insects). Do not forget the mask or visor (in many cenotes they rent, but that way you save it). You can access most of the tourist cenotes with flip flops, the closed shoe always gives you greater protection, it is my choice almost always. Booties or water shoes are not necessary to access the cenotes. Bring water, the heat squeezes a lot and you need constant hydration.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTER: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Go through the shower before entering the cenote. Do not hang on the roots of the trees, or touch the stalactites, or do any other idiocy that damages the place. If we learn to appreciate the natural environment we will better treat it.

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