Homún is from the towns near Mérida that will surprise you. The wonderful Homún cenotes are the main tourist attraction. A place to stay and discover with calm, Homun falls in love.

The cenotes they are one of the great tourist claims of the Yucatan Peninsula, these natural treasures are a fixed source of income for many locals. This reality is causing many cenotes to enable them for tourism, and they are now called tourist cenotes: this means that the cenote has good access and minimum services for the visitor.

Homun Cenotes

Homun and its location in the cenotes ring:

The great luck of Homun is that it is a population that remains in the so-called cenotes ring, circumference produced by the impact of the famous meteorite of Chicxulub, which coincides with the diameter of the meteorite expansion, where more cenotes were formed.

I think with the image you get a quick idea of ​​what I'm trying to explain. In Homun We found at least 12 cenotes of the so-called tourist, an authentic cenotero paradise.

Discover the Homún cenotes, cenotero paradise in Yucatan 1

The town of Homún, 50 kilometers from Mérida, It is knowing how to take advantage of its privileged situation by offering tourist tours at good prices and comfortable restaurant and accommodation services for the visitor. This is transforming Homun into a place to stay, and not just in passing.

An excellent way for the local to take advantage of a weekend in a quiet and natural environment, and for the traveler to get to know smaller towns with good services.

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Their good performance with their resources makes them be on par with their neighbor Cuzamá, where one of the famous cenote circuits is located.

cenotes in homun

How to visit the cenotes: mototaxi tours to the cenotes in Homún or by free?

Most cenotes in Homún they remain in the same population or within a radius of less than 5 kilometers. The Entrance to the cenotes of Homún it is between 20 and 30 weights each, are administered in a particular way. The schedules are from 9 or 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

  • LOCAL MOTOTAXI TOUR: the most popular option is to visit the cenotes with guide-motorcycle taxi. Once you get to Homun the guides locate you very easily, in fact you see them during the road. If you arrive by public transport you can get off at the central park or in the cemetery (opposite is the cenote Tza Ujun Kat), at both stops you can ask for information to visit the cenotes. PRICE AND SERVICES: a tour of the cenotes in mototaxi you get in 250 pesos. The time is unlimited, you can choose between 3, 4 and 5 cenotes to visit, according to your time and desire. Mototaxis drivers show you photos of the cenotes for you to decide which ones you want, and during the tour they give you the pertinent explanations, such as the formation of the cenotes, some rites that are done in them and local stories.
cenotes homun tours mototaxi
Mototaxi covered and with space for your bag
  • IN PARTICULAR TRANSPORTATION You can visit them for free without problem, the roads are adequate and well signposted. They will tell you that you better go with a guide, it is your business; As always, feel free to choose your way to visit and get to places.

The local guides, like in all the trades there are those who have better or worse performance, according to their training and desire. In Homun you will see how popular mototaxis and tricitaxis are in the populations of the Peninsula, welcome to Mototaxilandia.


  • Inside the town of Homún There are several cenotes where you can walk quietly if you want: TzaUjunKat, Pool Uinic, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, San Antonio and the caves of Santa Maria
  • In the surroundings of Homún: Bal-Mil, Canunchen, Chelpak, Chulul, Hool Kom, Yaxbacaltun, 3 Oches, Oxolá, Candearia grottos and Che-Che-Bak grottos are located nearby. You can go in own transport or with the premises.
  • Cenotes of Santa Bárbara: These three cenotes are at the west entrance of Homún. Another concept of visiting cenotes, we will talk about them.

As we already know, each cenote is unique and unrepeatable, that's why they do not tire. To see which one you like or if the conditions of access fit you, let's get to know those of Homún one by one.

From August of the 2019 the vest is mandatory to swim in all the cenotes of Homún

Cenún Homún inside the town

  • CENOTE TZA UJUN KAT This cave cenote is one of the most popular in the town for its beauty, spaciousness and comfort. Access to the cenote is suitable for everyone, here cruise tourists arrive from Progreso. Services of bathrooms and rustic changing rooms.
Cenote TzaUjunKat Homun
Cenote TzaUjunKat
  • CENOTE POOL UINIC It is very close to the TzaUjunKat. It has no services and access is easy. Of cave, illuminated and with a beautiful tree of mamey and a poplar in the collapse of the cenote.
Cenote Pool Uinic Homun
Cenote Pool Uinic
  • CENOTE SANTA ROSA It is of simple access and illuminated with artificial light. They have built a tourist hostel with services of cabins, restaurant, crafts, bathrooms and changing rooms. El Cenote Restaurant, which is on the village road, belongs to the same administrators.
cenote Santa Rosa Homun
Cenote Santa Rosa
  • CENOTE SANTA CRUZ It is in a tourist inn with cabins and restaurant services, a concept similar to Santa Rosa. It is administered by the same as the Yaxcabaltun cenote. I think the cenote requires prior notice to visit it.
  • CENOTE SAN ANTONIO, very popular with the locals, it is easily accessible, in a cave, well lit and you can go kayaking as it is spacious. I didn't visit, I owe it to myself.
  • SANTA MARÍA GRUTAS They are popular for their mud bath, a common activity among visitors. The caretakers of the cave explain the interior route: after the cave you must get half your body wet and continue along an underground river, at the end you will see the body of water, the cenote of crystalline water. Bathrooms and changing tables in the neighboring house.
Grottos Santa Maria Homun
Grutas Santa Maria

Cenotes Homún in the surroundings

  • CENOTE BAL-MIL It is on a dirt road where there are several cenotes. This is one of the most beautiful and popular, with an entrance of steep stairs. The interior space is wide. Changers and rustic bathrooms.
Cenote Bal-Mil Homun
Cenote Bal-Mil
  • CENOTE CANUNCHEN It is on the same dirt road as the Bal-Mil. Both cenotes have steep stair accesses, the Canunchen has a smaller interior space with a wooden platform. Rustic changing tables and bathrooms, they are working on making a restaurant.
Cenote Canunchen, Homún, Yucatán.
Cenote Canunchen
  • CENOTE HOOL KOSOM It is another beautiful cavity of crystalline and cold waters where you can enjoy a swim in nature. You will go down a stairway to the underworld.
Cenote Hool Kosom Homun Yucatan
Cenote Hool Kosom
  • CENOTE CHULUL it is on this same dirt road. It is a small cenote, ideal to go with the family with children as it stands in parts of the cenote.
Discover the Homún cenotes, cenotero paradise in Yucatan 2
Chulul Cenote
  • CENOTE CHELPAK it is a natural cenote with a rustic wooden staircase as the only access to the waterhole. It is on the same dirt road, you see the detour near the main road.
Cenote Chelpak Homun
Cenote Chelpak
  • HACIENDA KAMPEPEN CENOTES offers an experience where you can learn part of the history of Yucatan through a tour of the Hacienda Kampepén and its three fantastic cenotes. Very good services and facilities, we loved the place.
Discover the Homún cenotes, cenotero paradise in Yucatan 3
Cenote and Kixné grotto at Hacienda Kampepén
  • CENOTE YAXBACALTUN is another of Homun's most popular and photographed. The dirt road to the Yalahau lagoon leads you here. Open cenote, spacious and easily accessible by metal stairs. Rustic changing tables and bathrooms. The Santa Cruz Restaurant is managed by them. You can camp for 30 pesos.
Cenote Yaxbacaltun Homun
Cenote Yaxbacaltun
  • CENOTE 3 OCHES It is a beautiful natural water hole, with a steep rustic wooden staircase as the only access. There are no minimum services. It is on the same dirt road as the Yaxcabaltun.
Cenote 3 Oches Homun
Cenote 3 Oches
  • CENOTE OXOLÁ It is on this same road, I did not see it. For the next visit I walk the road to the Yalahau lagoon, where you can also visit the Candelaria caves and Grottoes Che-Che-Bak. And other surprises that I hope to discover on the way, besides enjoying the lagoon, which seems like a great place to straw (watch birds).
  • CENOTES SANTA BÁRBARA They are at the west entrance of the town, coming from Mérida, they are well indicated. They are the most popular, visit 3 cenotes by bicycle or truck. Good prices and services.
Cenotes Santa Barbara, Cenote Xoch ', Homun


  • SLEEPING IN CENOTES: there are different projects of tourist paradores in some cenotes such as the Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa, where they offer service restaurant and lodging in cabins.
  • HOTELS IN THE VILLAGE: the hotel Santa Maria, next to the caves of the same name, it is our choice when we go to Homún. Excellent value for money and good service, what more to ask for? 👌
  • GAMPLING IN HOMÚN: a different option is the one offered in Gampling Hameki, a combination between camping and hotel. A more comfortable campsite for those who do not know the concept.
Cenote Cabins Santa Rosa Homun

Surely there are lodgings that I do not know, and some cenote that I have left on the road. If you know more and want to expand the information, write to me and we will do so. Hopefully the citizens of Homún continue to take care of their treasures and thus visitors will continue to enjoy this beautiful destination with a Yucatecan flavor.

Discover the Homún cenotes, cenotero paradise in Yucatan 4

Cenote Homun, cenotes

LOCATION: Homún It is located 50 km east of Mérida. If you go from Mérida take 59th street to the peripheral of the city, follow the sign for the road to Chichén Itzá, after 5 km there is a detour for Acanceh. It reaches the town of Acanceh, then crosses Cuzamá and is 5 km away from Homún.

SCHEDULES AND SERVICES: the cenotes open from 9 or 10 in the morning until 17:XNUMX p.m. There are Services basic in most cenotes. I would like to have seen in all showers (showers) to be able to enter the clean cenotes.

Prices: Entrances to the cenotes range from 20 to 30 pesos. Mototaxis offer their services between 200 and 300 pesos to take you to know several cenotes of Homún. They give you a choice by showing you photos of the cenotes, I think more than one guide takes photos of me.

HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Bus leaves from the Northeast terminal of Mérida, street 67 x 52 and 50; hours 7:45, 9:15, 10:45, 12:30 and 14:30; it costs 23 pesos. Another option is to go by bus, they leave when they fill up in front of the same terminal, on Calle 67 and charge 25 pesos. The big bus takes between 1 hour and a little longer. Buses also arrive from Piste or Valladolid.

WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to protect you from insect bites, some water is always good. Swimsuit and a towel or sarong to dry off after bathing. It is a good option to wear a diving mask to better appreciate the place.

THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.

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