The cenotes in Mérida and surroundings are one of the most beautiful cenotes that you will enjoy in Yucatán. If you are looking for good cenote information, you came to the right place 🙂

We are great lovers of these natural wonders, we have cenotera soul. What are the cenotes, how to go, how many cenotes are there, prices of the cenotes? We present an informative map of the cenotes of Mérida and Yucatán so you can discover them on your own. We hope the blog will help you get to know the cenotes panorama.

In the years that we have lived on the Peninsula, the rise of the cenotes has been considerable, due to the tourist use we make of them. Cenotes are spaces that have been revalued and hopefully it is something that benefits them, although we already know the negative impact that we usually cause the human being.

cenotes in merida
Photo of Cuzamá cenotes

What are the cenotes and how many cenotes are there in Mexico? ?

The word cenote is born from the Yucatecan Mayan word ts'ono'ot or dzonot (cave with water). When we talk about cenotes we mean the
water holes that are created with natural rock landslides. They are wells that allow us to reach the water, so in a simple way to visualize.

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Thousands of cenotes have been counted in the Yucatan Peninsula. Numbers come out Between 2000, 5000 and 8000 cenotes in different publications, between the states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Campeche. No figure I found could verify it. They are a barbarity of cavities, it is very difficult to have an exact census of cenotes.

Most cenotes are lost in the dense jungle, others on private land, ranches or houses. Only one hundred of these thousands of cenotes are what we call tourist cenotes.

Seduma Cenote Census, the most accurate I found

Tourist Cenotes in Yucatan

  • CENOTE TURÍSTICO is one that is open to the public and they have conditioned it for people to access. These cenotes are a source of income, they are used as natural pools, entertainment places to spend the day. They are given maintenance and cleaning by administrators, and offer services from bathrooms, showers and in many restaurants. In a few you can sleep in cabins or camping. The cenotes are announced on the roads of the Peninsula, follow any indication to cenote, so you discover on your own and you are surprised. There are cenotes that have preserved them more naturally, by putting for example a simple wooden staircase as access. Instead others break the natural charm by putting more cement and modifying the environment. Personally we like the most natural, but that is according to each one.
  • NON TOURIST CENOTE is the wild, natural cenote. Some are in private properties, others in the middle of the jungle. Despite knowing cenotes in a completely natural state, we don't pick them up in the blog because they would lose the spirit that takes you to them. You always have to leave magic for the road 😉
cenotes near merida

Where we found the cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula

The cenotes are mostly found in the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatán. The 90% of the Yucatan Peninsula is less than 200 msnm, the maximum elevation being close to Uxmal, the so-called little sister of Ticul, with 300 meters above sea level.

The only river system that exists on the Peninsula is in Río Hondo, border with Belize. Due to the gradient and elevation with respect to the sea of ​​the Peninsula, in the state of Campeche there are hardly any cenotes.

These flooded caves that are seen in the graphic, give you the idea of ​​how fresh water flows in the Yucatan Peninsula. Quintana Roo, the state of the Caribbean Sea coast, will flow many of these waters, in the Tulum area. There are hardly any dry caves in this area, they are flooded.

Cenotes in Mérida: the best 8 cenotes in Yucatán that I wouldn't miss near Mérida 1

Graph from the western side of the Peninsula to the Caribbean coast, from the different cenotes and caverns formations, water level relationships, underground connections, etc. Source

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Cenote prices in Yucatán

There is a big price difference between cenotes, the main reason is tourism. The most expensive cenotes are found in Quintana Roo, where mass tourism is concentrated in the Riviera Maya. Many of these cenotes have become in adventure parks, where they offer zip lines, quad tours, rappel, kayaking or horseback riding. Personally I enjoy Yucatan much more with the cenotes.


  • Prices of cenotes in Yucatan and the rest of the Peninsula: from the 5 pesos in very local places, being a more usual price from 30 to 150 pesos.
  • Prices of cenotes in Riviera Maya They oscillate between the 120 weights to the 350 weights, the most expensive one I know. Some are more expensive because they offer you packages to visit different cenotes and do activities.
Cenote Hool Kosom, Homun, Yucatan

Cenotes in Mérida city that you can visit

Did you know that there are cenotes in the same city of Mérida? If you visit the beautiful colonial city of Mérida you can take the option of visiting the cenotes: it is a solution to cool off the heats that not many know. Information extracted of the UADY

  • The Tivoli: It is located at the Banking Commercial Institute, at the crossroads of 62 streets by 45. To know it, you just have to ask permission from the Institute. It is in good condition.
  • Tulips: It is located on 42 street N ° 462 x 43-A of the Industrial neighborhood. You can visit it but not swim in it.
  • Villa Maria: The house where the cenote is is called Villa María and is located on 27 Street between 20 and 22, number 202. Its current owners, the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate, allow the entry of young schoolchildren and occasional tourists.
  • The Huolpoch Cenote: located on the 510 C property on 39 Street, right at the junction with the 62-A
Cenotes in Mérida: the best 8 cenotes in Yucatán that I wouldn't miss near Mérida 2
Cenote Huolpoch (photo from Sipse newspaper)

The best 8 cenotes near Merida that I wouldn't miss

The work of the blog is always in expansion and improvement works because we continually know cenotes, and I assure you that this has no ceiling. It is complicated to make a list with the best cenotes, but as we know they are useful, we have done it.

In the end, they are all personal tastes, we like the cenotes that retain their most natural appearance and we don't have much to do with the park-like cenotes or those that they have modified with.

The Mérida cenotes on the list are less than 130 km from the surrounding area


Beautiful open cenote in the town of Pixyah that meets the delights of divers and bathers. Its location a little remote and the dirt road does not venture so many people here. The place is amazing.

Complete information on how to get there and photos of the cenote Noh Mozón

cenote noh mozon yucatan pixya


The Kankirixché cenote is semi-new: wooden stairs lead you to a cavity of crystalline waters that seduces bathers and divers alike. They have restaurant service at the entrance of the cenote and affordable price.

Complete information on how to get there and photos of the cenote Kankirixche

Kankirixche Yucatan Cenote


Surely the town of Homún is known to you, and thanks to its dozens of cenotes, Homún is a must-see tourist destination for those who like cenotes. All are beautiful, it is difficult to choose: You can visit them for free or on a motorcycle tour with local guides. Like there are places to stay in Homun, there is much beautiful to visit. Accessible prices

Full information of all Cenotes of Homún

cenun canunchen homun


The Cenote Papakal is on its way between Mérida, Cuzamá and Homún. Most travelers pass by because Cuzamá and Homún's fame is much bigger. In Papakal you will find a nice and quiet cenote where you will marvel at nature.

Information on how to get there, price and photos of the Papakal Cenote

Papakal Cenote, Eknakán_Yucata


Cenote Yokdzonot is very visited for its beauty and good location: it is on the Mérida-Chichen Itza route. It is a beautiful open cenote and has all the services for the traveler. You can also camp. It is also an example of a local cooperative administration within the cenotes in Mérida.

Complete information on how to get there and photos of the Yokdzonot cenote

Yokdzonot Cenote


The X-batun of San Antonio de Mulix is ​​a very popular cenote inside the cenotes in Mérida for its beauty, because a soap opera was recorded and because the photos come out great. It is also a cenote a few meters deep, and many locals do not know how to swim, so it facilitates access.

Information on how to get there, price and photos of the Cenote X-Batún

cenote xbatun yucatan


Cenote Lol Ha is the furthest from this list of cenotes in Merida. It is located in the Yucatecan population of Yaxunah, a place where there is lodging and activities for tourists interested in Mayan culture and traditions.s. Access is somewhat dizzying, in case you think going as a family is not the most convenient.

Complete information on how to get there and photos of the cenote Lol ha

Cenote Lol Ha Yaxunah, Yucatan


Cenote Yaaluzdzil is another local cenote in the Abalá area. In this area the Mucuyché cenotes are taking the fame of the place to be more publicized, but there are several interesting community cenotes such as Yaaluzdzil or the aforementioned Kankirixché.

Information on how to get there and photos of the Cenote Yaaluzdzil

Cenote Yaaluzdzil Mucuyche

We hope to quench your thirst cenotera from the blog. In all we put the prices, which with love and work we try to have updated, if there are news and let us know we thank you, so we help the next traveler on the way 🙂 In our section of the blog about CENOTES you find more information about cenotes. If you have read what has been useful, share it on your social networks, thank you very much.

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Cenotes in Mérida: the best 8 cenotes in Yucatán that I wouldn't miss near Mérida 3
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