The 4 cenotes in Cobá are a great excuse to discover this area full of good surprises. Coba is one of those populations that is worth knowing calmly.

I am very enthusiastic about Cobá, I really like the area and the surroundings. It has always surprised me that being so close to the Riviera Maya, less than 50 kilometers away, it has preserved its tranquility and its Mayan identity. The village of Cobá is surrounded by beautiful lagoons and is a place of cenotes, so get ready and enjoy.

The maximum claim of Cobá is the archaeological zone of the same name, where one of the most Mayan temples in the Yucatan Peninsula is located, 42 meters high await you to enjoy the views.

In the parking lot of the enclosure they usually offer you the package of 3 cenotes in Cobá. Let's see them and so you can better choose which ones you want to visit.

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How to get to Cobá from Tulum or Playa del Carmen

The town of Cobá and its archaeological zone are just 47 kilometers from Tulum, the coastal town of Riviera Maya.

Cobá has a particular situation with public transport: yes, there is, but very little. The few buses that leave Tulum for Cobá are somehow used only by locals. There is a large Mayab bus that goes to Valladolid: it leaves Playa del Carmen, goes through Tulum and stops in Cobá (ask at the ADO terminal in Playa or Tulum for the schedules).

The taxi union is basically the one in charge of moving tourists in this area.

TAXI PRICES BETWEEN TULUM AND COBÁ: a taxi from Tulum to Cobá costs about 550 pesos. From the archaeological zone of Tulum to Cobá it will cost you about 600 pesos. Taxis you pay per unit and journey, you can share up to 4 people.

We live here from the 2007, hopefully our experience serves as premises for your trip, we are in love with the cenotes.

The 4 cenotes in Cobá, complete information of the 1 area
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The 4 cenotes in Cobá

There are 3 cenotes in Cobá that are the most visited and well-known, those of San Juan de Dios are less visited. In any case, apart from some somewhat crowded tourist groups, they are cenotes that can still be enjoyed calmly.

They are managed by locals, one more reason for locals to live off their natural riches by taking care of the environment.


It is the closest to the town, very close to the Tamcach Há. It is a cave cenote, a large space ideal to see the formations of the cenotes. The best to go with children, with low areas to swim.

Complete information and more photos of the Choo Há cenote



It is a cave cenote, its main attraction is the platform from which you can jump into its deep and crystalline waters.

Photos and complete information of the Tamcach Há cenote

cenotes in coba


Another cavern of great diameter by which you will go down about 17 meters. A wooden platform allows you to stand on the crystal clear water and contemplate the impressive vault.

Full information and photos of the Cenote Multum Há

cenotes in coba


It is the most unknown of all, and also keeps surprises as a nearby archaeological zone that remains hidden in the jungle. The cenote is another great cavern with wooden platform on its waters.

Full information and photos of the Cenote Muul'ichi Ts'ono'ot

cenotes in coba

How to get to the cenotes in Coba

There are three basic ways: by private car, by taxi or by bicycle.

  • BY PRIVATE CAR: from Tulum it takes 50 minutes to Cobá. On the road you pass several shops that offer local handicrafts.
  • IN TAXI: from Cobá the taxi drivers accompany you and wait for an hour. TAXI PRICES OF COBÁ TO THE CENOTES: to Choo Há 250 pesos, 300 pesos to Tamcach Há, 350 pesos to Multun Há, 400 pesos to Mul'ichi. They combine Choo Há and Tamcach Há for 350 and the three closest cenotes for 400 pesos.
  • CYCLING: they rent bikes on the 50 pesos in the town. DISTANCES FROM COBÁ TO THE CENOTES: to the Choo Há cenote: 6, 2 kilometers, to Tamcach Há 6,6 km, to Multun Há. 7,8 km and 11 kilometers to the entrance to the Mul'ichi cenote.
The 4 cenotes in Cobá, complete information of the 2 area

Hotels in Cobá

Personally, I like to sleep in Coba to visit the calm ruins in the early hours, before the Riviera Maya tours arrive. Then I choose a cenote to enjoy the day.

Hotel Lol-Ha hotel Sacbé his back cheap accommodations, side by side, they get confused and everything. Both have restaurant service and are similar in services. I have stayed in both, very friendly always.

Other lodgings are the Hotel Hacienda Cobá and Coqui Coqui walk to the lagoon. The Coki Coki is a small chain of charming hotels based in Valladolid and Izamal. Another excellent option for services, surroundings and its restaurant is the Aldea Coba and Escape Resort.

Enjoy the good, as you see Cobá and its cenotes are a wonderful excuse to spend a day of nature.

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