I must confess that I was always too lazy to visit the Zazil Tunich cenote, and when I did, I was pleasantly surprised. It is a magnificent cave cenote that offers something different for the traveler.

The Zazil Tunich cenote is in the Yalcobá area, in the surroundings of Vallaldolid. In this area there are some of the most impressive cenotes of the Peninsula, it will excite you. Cenote Zazil Tunich offers something different from the other cenotes in the area: a guided tour in small groups explaining the history and legends of the cenotes, and the possibility of a romantic dinner on site 🥰

If you know the blog, you already know that we like natural cenotes, where we enjoy nature with the least interventions. You will also know that our goal is to provide information on everything that may interest you, beyond our preferences, and that is why we went to see Zazil Tunich. And he surprised us 😊💙

I went with my adventure partner and blog colleague Mexico cenotes & ruins. We love to explore together and go out to photograph places, a pleasure to experience everything in these lands with the illusion of little girls. As we were going to photograph and we were not interested in the tour, they allowed us access without a group. And we enjoyed it very much 😁

cenote zazil tunich


The Zazil Tunich cenote is only 30 minutes from the city of Valladolid. This area is full of impressive cenotes to discover. We leave you the best cenotes to visit in the surroundings of Valladolid so you can enjoy the area to the fullest.

15 cenotes in Valladolid to visit

  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE ZAZIL TUNICH BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: From the center of Valaldolid (near the central park) what we know as collective taxis leave. These taxis are for 4 passengers, they leave when they are full. They will leave you in the town of Yalcobá and from here you can go by mototaxi to the cenote. Or you agree on a price with the taxi driver to take you to the cenote. Traveling is solving situations 😊
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE ZAZIL TUNICH BY TAXI: You can still go by private taxi from Valladolid. I leave you the contact of a totally trustworthy taxi driver/guide in case you are interested, he knows the area very well and does tours: Manuel +52 1 985 112 2143
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE ZAZIL TUNICH BY CAR: take highway 180 towards Cancun, do not go by the fee (the paid one), you must go by the highway towards Chemax. The detour to Yalcobá is very well indicated. This detour takes you to other cenotes such as Chukum, Sac Aua, Xcanahaltun, Palomitas, Agua Dulce, Secreto Maya. There is so much good to enjoy around here.
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  • ABOUT HIS NAME: Zazil Tunich is a Mayan name that means “bright stone”
  • CHARACTERISTICS OF CENOTE ZAZIL TUNICH: it is a cavern cenote. Access to the cenote is very simple, by stone steps and the tour of wooden platforms when necessary. Everything very well maintained, magnificent facilities. You can go as a family with children, it is very easy.
  • WHAT WE LIKE THE MOST: The beauty of the cenote captivated us. We are not very d cenotes so manipulated for the comfort of the human, but they have done well, preserving enough the naturalness of the place. In addition, the lighting is very successful.
  • WHAT WE LIKE LEAST: Well, that is what we like least, the modification that makes it a natural showcase.
  • A LITTLE SECRET: we visited the cenote on our own. The ticket price is the same but you can go without a guide so as not to be aware of the pace of the guide.
Cenote Zazil Tunich, do you fancy a romantic dinner in a cenote? 2


Cenote hours cenote Zazil Tunich

The cenote opens from 15:20 p.m. to 15:00 p.m. daily. There are tours at 17:00 p.m., 19:00 p.m., and XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Services cenote Zazil Tunich

Showers, bathrooms, lockers and parking. At the entrance they have different handicraft shops.

Zazil Tunich cenote price

Price per person 300 pesos in guided tour in small groups. Tour times are 15:00 p.m., 17:00 p.m. and 19:00 p.m. The tour with food costs 500 pesos. An exclusive romantic dinner is 9000 pesos. There are dinners from 2000 pesos.

Contact them directly at Reservations Zazil Tunich

Contact cenote Zazil Tunich

Zazil Tunich cenote website Contact telephone number for reservations: +52 985 808 5827

Zazil Tunich cenote guided tour map

They offer guided tours on a tour of 200 meters to 20 meters below ground. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The maximum groups are 20 people. The cavern cenote is magnificent, and you will be able to contemplate about 80 formations of stalactites and stalagmites, some of them impressive

Cenote Zazil Tunich, do you fancy a romantic dinner in a cenote? 3
cenote zazil tunich
travel platforms
cenote zazil tunich
dinner cenote zazil tunich
Dinner inside the cenote


  • WEAR A VISOR: you can wear your mask or visor to see underwater, I assure you that it gives you a different and beautiful optic. If you have a water lamp, I recommend that you take it.
  • COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: go with closed shoes that fit, if it can get wet better.
  • INSECT REPELLENT: inside the cenote there are no mosquitoes, please do not use it before bathing. Take it in case you stay in the facilities outside.
  • GO THROUGH THE SHOWER / SHOWER: it is mandatory to go through the shower so as not to contaminate the water with the chemical products of our body, such as creams, deodorants, soaps, even our sweat.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: of course the swimsuit, and also a towel or pareo to dry off. Like a change of clothes to change as you schedule the day.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: this cenote is better cared for because the entrance is with a guide in small groups.
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We have made a map with the cenotes around Valladolid that you can visit. We provide you with the information so that you can enjoy these natural treasures.


There are many more cenotes in this area, open the map and enjoy the place 💙🤗

Cenote Zazil Tunich, do you fancy a romantic dinner in a cenote? 4
Open the cenote map Valladolid

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