Hacienda Santa Domingo Yunku has a cenote on its premises. It is located in the small town of Yunku, where several surprises await you.

Yucatán is a land very rich in natural wonders, largely thanks to the thousands of cenotes that bathe this arid land. Yunkú is a town where you will discover different cenotes and you can enjoy the Yunkú farm. Are you ready to enjoy an incredible place?

I headed to Yunkú with the purpose of visiting the deepest cenote in Yucatán, and I left enthusiastic about the place: Yunkú totally exceeded my expectations. That day I also met an old friend who is doing wonderful things on the Peninsula, and I know you're going to love him too. After a while I present to you his project that passes through Yunkú.

We are going to enjoy a good walk through Yunkú and its different tourist places.

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From the periphery of Mérida, take the Exit 4 exit (the 42 south exit, the military exit). Keep going straight to go through Thadzibichen, San Pedro Chimay, Tekik de Regil, Uayalceh and Mucuyché. From here you take the route to Sacalum and at kilometer six you will find Yunkú. There is a sign with the famous colored letters that indicates the entrance to the town.

The tour is approximately one hour by car. Hacienda Yunkú is 200 meters from the junction.

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Hacienda Yunkú is one of those places where you find everything: accommodation, restaurant and cenote. Who gives more? ? You can stay or visit the place in the modality day pass. You cannot enter with food or drinks.

The Hacienda is remodeled, it has a couple of nice swimming pools, a restaurant area and the accommodation. Without being a luxury hacienda like others, it is a small and cozy place that falls in love more than other luxurious ones.

  • YUNKÚ HACIENDA SERVICES: accommodation, restaurant and cenote. If you are not staying at Hacienda Yunkú, you can visit it as a day trip.
  • HOSTEDAJE HACIENDA YUNKU: we leave you contact to book with Hacienda Santo Domingo Yunku. In our opinion it is somewhat expensive due to the facilities and services they offer, but the environment is something incredible.
Hacienda Yunku, Yucatan


The cherry on top of Hacienda Santo Domingo Yunkú is the Yunkú cenote, the sweet and blue heart of the hacienda. A spectacular cave cenote awaits you below the hacienda, an absolutely wonderful gift.

As happens on many occasions, a poplar is the one that shows the way to the cenote. This tree braids very strong roots that cross the earth to reach the fresh water of the cenotes. The poplars in Yucatán form incredible landscapes, very beautiful.

An iron staircase (to my liking this type of material totally breaks the naturalness of cenotes) leads you to the wooden platform from where you access the cenote. It is a large diameter cave cenote, one of the large vaults that we have seen in Yucatan.

The incredible thing is the opportunity to stay at Hacienda Yunkú and enjoy this phenomenal cenote in solitude, it is a delight.


A very good option if you don't want to stay here is to spend the day. I give you the costs:

  • Adults $ 200
  • Children $120 (between 8 and 13 years old)

Includes access to facilities such as:

  • Piscinas
  • Cenote
  • Hammocks
  • Gardens
  • Bar
  • Restaurant.

Hours from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. No food, drinks or pets are allowed. 

Reservations to the number: 9999702162

Yunku cenote, yunku farm
Yunku cenote, yunku farm,


There are more cenote surprises in Yunkú, we are going to see them so that you can enjoy the destination with everything.


Cenote San Marcos is one of the Yucatan cenotes where only locals, groups of road cyclists, motorcyclists, walkers of the Camino del Mayab (right now I will explain this project that passes through Yunkú) and people with an exploring spirit know so far.

Personally I love these less popular cenotes where you can enjoy nature.

The pity of the San Marcos cenote is the horrible cement staircase by which you access the cenote, for my taste it detracts from the natural beauty. The cenote is wide and you have good space to swim.

I'll explain an anecdote: for a while I shared the Yunkú cenote with a couple from Mérida. They were two lovers, and I say this with certainty without knowing them because the laughter they shared in the cenote was undoubtedly in love. This couple strangely infected me with their good vibes, as I confess I am not very tolerant of human sounds in natural spaces.

As a thank you for the beautiful moment, I asked them if I could take a photo of them, they said yes. I sent them the photo by cell phone, I was happy to be able to give them that moment

  • CENOTE SAN MARCOS PRICE AND SERVICES: to date this cenote has no cost, nor services
  • HOW TO GET TO THE SAN MARCOS CENOTE: from the town there is a dirt road that takes you 1 kilometer through the mountain to the San Marcos cenote, where there is a sign that indicates it. Ask someone to show you the way, it's the best.
cenote san marcos yunku
Cenote Yunku Sacalum Yucatan
How good to coincide, good way couple


This cenote was my main motivation to get to Yunkú. Nothing more and nothing less than the deepest cenote in Yucatan, with 120 meters of depth registered, the maximum is not known. Getting to the cenote Sabak Há is not easy if you don't know the way.

A path of about 2 kilometers from the junction of the town through the mountain, leads you to this mythical place in Yucatan. It was a good adventure to get here, I was very happy to live the place. For us, cenote Sabak Ha is one of those little-known tourist places in Yucatan where it is worth escaping to know.

  • CENOTE SABAK HA PRICE AND SERVICES: there are no services and no cost to date.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE SABAK HA: at the Yunku entrance junction there is a dirt road, a small canvas indicates it. You must travel 2 kilometers through the mountain. There is a first detour on the left that you should not take, it would be the next detour. Or better you can ask someone to accompany you.

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deepest cenote in yucatan
Way to cenote Sabak Ha
cenote sabak has
After a while it rained, what an exciting day


Camino del Mayab is a simply wonderful initiative: 111 kilometers of trails have been set up in Yucatán to be traveled by bike or on foot. A journey that is sustained by the communities, an excellent private initiative that we strongly recommend to you, an example of sustainable nature tourism.

We leave you the contact of Mayab road so you can know the project. This long-distance road passes through Hacienda Yunkú, it is one of the stops where you can stay.

It was in the San Marcos cenote where I had the great luck to meet Beto, who is part of the team that leads the Camino del Mayab. We agreed with Beto in 2013 in a volunteer service in a community in Yucatán; He was a very alert young man, with a special lucidity at 18 years old, he caught my attention: he was talking about Carl Sagan, he seemed incredible to me.

I was very excited to meet Beto, and thus be able to congratulate him in person for all the good they are sowing and to be able to know first-hand about his projects.

We give you practical advice to explore the Mayab road

Mayab road map


Collective taxis (vans) leave from San Juan Park and head to Sacalum. Tell the driver that you are getting off at Yunku and he will let you know at the intersection or take you to the entrance of the Hacienda.

On Sundays the last bus that returns to Mérida is around 3 in the afternoon, on other days there is service until later.

Cenote Yunku, a hacienda with private cenote 2
How much we like to travel this land


I confess that there are more treasures in the area, some locals are moving to open other interesting places for visitors, and I assure you that they are good things. Enjoy this wonderful land, enjoy these places where we find more personal spaces.

I leave you the map of the cenotes around Mérida to facilitate the information. The closest ones are:

cenotes merida map
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Good way,

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