Cenote Xooch is one of those cenotes that you fall in love to the bone, a place of nature where you can enjoy the natural environment and the crystal clear waters. Simply imposing this cenote of the town of Cenotillo.

Cenotillo is a town that has a hundred cenotes, most of them are not touristy. This means that they are not enabled for the convenience of the visitor. Cenote Xooch has been adapted by a local cooperative that has been working on the conservation of the place for years. You must notify before going, as they accompany you to the place. Later we leave you the contact.

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cenote xooch cenotillo yucatan


Cenote Xooch is located in the Yucatecan town of Cenotillo, which receives its name from the hundreds of cenotes it treasures. Cenote Xooch, next to Cenote Usil, are the most popular. Both are enabled so that visitors can access to enjoy the waters.

Cenotillo is located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Valladolid, 2 hours from Merida and 1 hour from Izamal. Once you arrive at Cenotillo, someone from the cooperative must accompany you to the cenote, now we give you the information for the visit.

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The Xooch cenote is a semi-open cenote: partly in a cave and partly open to the sky. One of those cenotes that will make you fall in love with its beauty. Being rarely visited, it still retains that charm that many of us like so much, does it smell of nature?

  • CENOTE XOOCH CHARACTERISTICS: The magnificent Xooch cenote has a diameter between 60 and 70 meters, very impressive. Approximately 60 meters deep. It is a magnificent place to live in nature and to take your snorkel mask. You can also dive the Xooch cenote.
  • WHAT WE LIKE THE MOST: The views from above are impressive, and from inside the cenote they are even more beautiful. After descending some iron stairs, there is a wooden platform to access the water. The space of the Xooch cenote has been preserved in a very natural way, something that we love, since we are not fans of modifying natural spaces that are so beautiful in themselves.
  • WHAT WE LIKE LEAST: I couldn't say, surely the iron staircase is somewhat intrusive in the environment.
  • IDEAL FOR: People who love nature in its wildest state
  • PHOTO TIP: The open dome is large, so light penetrates the cenote for several hours. In the afternoon you will be backlit to photograph the cenote, that is not convenient for you: photograph the cenote in the morning

I feel totally lucky to enjoy these wonderful cenotes. I want to thank Regina, part of the cenote cooperative, for the good time sharing time. You have a magnificent place, continue taking care of it as you do, thank you?

cenote xooch cenotillo yucatan


It is not the first or the last time that you will see cenotes written in Mayan in a different way. Unfortunately the Mayan language has been undervalued and pushed aside for years, it was not taught in schools. The consequence is that the grammar fails on many occasions: many Mayan speakers who speak their language perfectly, do not know how to write it.

This reason makes that sometimes you see the cenotes with Mayan names written in different ways, and as they are written they have different meanings.

  • XOOCH is the Mayan name of the belfry owl (tyto alba / barn owl). A beautiful common white owl in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • XOCH means an opening. For example, when your heels are cracked they tell you that you have xoch on your feet.
Cenote Xooch, pure nature in Cenotillo 2
Xooch Cenote, Yucatan


We give you updated practical information about the Xooch cenote.


They open from Monday to Friday from 1 to 5 in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Being a little visited cenote, many times the cenote is closed. You must notify before you go, that is the best option, especially during the week.


40 pesos per local person, 70 national pesos and 90 foreign pesos. The vest is included in the price.


They have dry toilets and showers, as well as palapas for good shade.


+52 991 103 8353 / +52 999 955 9817 you can contact these two phone numbers, both people are part of the cooperative that runs the cenote. Remember to notify them before you go so they can receive you. They are not always in place.

cenote xoch
Path that leads to cenote Xooch


  • WEAR A VISOR: wear a mask or visor to see underwater, I assure you that it gives you a different and beautiful view of the cenotes. They do not rent a viewer in cenote Xooch
  • COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: access to the cenotes is very varied: dirt roads, sometimes slippery stairs, some of you enter the water stepping on stone. Go with closed shoes that fit, if you can get wet better.
  • CASH: they only accept payment in cash.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN: if you go to an open cenote where the sun hits you, I recommend that you use a lycra of water. Sunscreens pollute a lot, and biodegradable ones also pollute.
  • INSECT REPELLENT: bring biodegradable repellent, use it after bathing.
  • GO THROUGH THE SHOWER / SHOWER: a good shower before entering the cenotes is essential to avoid contaminating them with chemicals from our body, such as creams, deodorants, soaps, even our sweat.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: of course the swimsuit, and also a towel or sarong to dry off.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: do not hang from the roots of the trees, do not scratch the walls, do not touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place. Collect all your garbage, do not eat or drink in the cenotes, do not touch or subtract flora or fauna.
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To make it easier for you to discover cenotes, we leave you the map with cenotes around Valladolid. Can you open it in Google Maps and enjoy the cenote adventure easily?

  • WHAT NEARBY CENOTE CAN YOU VISIT: the Cenote Utsil you also find it in Cenotillo.
Cenote Xooch, pure nature in Cenotillo 3
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