Among the many attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula we highlight the cenotes as one of the natural wonders of this land. The X-Batún cenote is one of the jewels that we find in Yucatán.

South of Mérida we find some of the most beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. To get to the cenotes of San Antonio de Mulix, the cenote X Batún and the cenote Dzombakal, you must go along the Mérida-Muna highway until the detour to San Antonio de Mulix.

The road leads you through the former Hacienda Cacao and the former Hacienda San Antonio de Mulix, one of the many dilapidated Haciendas that you can see in Yucatán.

You dare to know the most beautiful 8 Cenotes near Merida

Cenote X-Batún, Yucatán


Once we pass the town of Yaxcopoil where we can visit the beautiful Hacienda Yaxcopoil, We must pay attention to the detour that we will see announced with a sign on Highway 261, which connects Mérida with Muna. Once the detour is taken, there are about 15 kilometers that pass through the Ex Hacienda de Cacao until reaching San Antonio Mulix. Here we find the toll booth.

From the collection booth we have the option to continue by car, walk or rent a bike and pedal the few 2 kilometers.

A dirt road leads you to the Dzombakal cenote and the X-Batún cenote, the latter much better known for having shot the soap opera Abyss of Passion. Between them there are 800 meters of distance. The paths that follow lead to a series of aguadas further inland. If you are a bike, here is a good opportunity to stretch your legs for a while.

Cenote X Batún yucatan
The rules to follow are indicated
Cenote X-Batún and cenote Dzombakal, the treasures of San Antonio de Mulix 1
Detour on the way to the two cenotes
Cenote X-Batún and cenote Dzombakal, the treasures of San Antonio de Mulix 2
Bathrooms and showers in the cenotes X-Batún and Dzombakal

Cenote X-Batún, soap opera Abyss of Passion

The most striking of the two cenotes is the X-Batún. If you talk with the locals, they will proudly explain that part of the telenovela was filmed here Abyss of Passion. In Yucatan, as in all of Mexico, the telenovela is daily bread. Bad menu for the soul.

X-Batún is a very visited cenote, if you want to be alone go first thing in the morning.

As an anecdote, I tell you that the administration officials made me pay I don't know how many pesos for the use of the tripod (the photography tripod). I tried to explain to them, I think with a very good education and attitude, that it was not a paid session that took place in the cenote where I understand a payment for the use of space, but rather to take a photo of a public place, and that also good photos can go well to the place itself. They told me that I paid the pesos to get in my tripod or I would leave, because they were very famous and they needed nothing.

Human walls bore me, so I walked in with my tripod saying I wasn't going to use it, as of course I did. While the administrator chased me restlessly to see if I was cheating him and planting the tripod. I take this pathetic image etched in my memory, everything goes way.

CHARACTERISTICS OF CENOTE X-BATÚN: open type cenote. It measures 5 meters long by 25 meters wide and a maximum depth of 20 meters. It is suitable for swimming and diving in caves as it has a large underwater cavern.

Cenote X-Batún and cenote Dzombakal, the treasures of San Antonio de Mulix 3
Entrance to the cenote X-Batún
Cenote X Batún yucatan
Cenote X Batún yucatan
Cenote X-Batún, Yucatán

Cenote Dzombakal, the companion

Many are the visitors who go out to know the X-Batún and find the Dzombakal cenote surprise, not so famous in social networks. The truth is that it is a beautiful cenote, the only bad thing is the wasps that are sometimes in the area, be careful.

The entrance under the poplar is gorgeous, and its crystal clear waters delicious. It is also a cenote for friends divers, both have spoken wonders of diving.

Cenote Dzombakal
Cenote Dzombakal
Cenote Dzombakal

Sleep in cabins near the X-Batun cenote

The Caamal family manages the Xuux Eek cabins, located a few meters from the entrance where payment to the cenotes is made. They offer bicycle rental, lodging services in cabins and a restaurant. They also have a camping area, rental of snorkeling equipment and bikes.

The beautiful cenotes are often the livelihood of local families. Staying in the Mayan-style cabins is being able to savor the authentic charm of the Yucatecan night.

  • Rent of bicycles to 50 pesos
  • Rent of ATV to 200 pesos per hour
  • Rent vest to 50 pesos
  • Snorkel mask rental 35 pesos

For me it is a great way to travel to stay in Mayan communities, to learn more about the Peninsula.

11 cabins to sleep with cenoteAre you going to miss this luxury?

Cabins Xuux Eek

The visit to these two cenotes and the possibility of staying to sleep in the cabins offers you an interesting stop on your way. For a few months the cenotes have been part of the Mayab road, the first long-distance trail in Mexico. Something that we highly recommend you do?

Cenote X-Batún and cenote Dzombakal, the treasures of San Antonio de Mulix 4

Cenotes X-Batún and Dzombakal, cenotes

LOCATION: Cenote X-Batún and Dzombakal is located in San Antonio Mulix, 49 Km from Mérida. Mérida-Muna 261 road, kilometer 39 detour. Upon reaching the former San Antonio Mulix estate, you take a dirt road of 2.3 Km to the entrance.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Unfortunately, there is no public transport to these cenotes. You can go on the buses that leave Mérida towards Muna, you stop at the entrance to San Antonio Mulix, and the rest there are motorcycle taxis or tricitaxis that take you.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES:  from 8 to 4 in the afternoon daily. There are services in both cenotes and in the area of ​​the collection booth (2km from the cenotes). They offer bicycle tour guide services. For more information and services for events: 9991 32 80 26/9991 98 07 13/9992 21 24 62
INPUT PRICE National and local 35 pesos, 80 foreigners. Children pay from 5 years. Disabled do not pay. Diving 100 pesos per person.
CHARACTERISTICS OF CENOTE: Cenote X-Batún 20 meters deep and Dzombakal has a fairly small OPEN area. In both you can dive and swim.
WHAT TO BRING?  Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to protect you from insect bites, some water is always fine The swimsuit and a towel or sarong to dry off after bathing . It is a good option to wear a diving mask to better appreciate the place. You can bring food, there are palapas in the cenotes.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.
ACCOMMODATION IN CABINS AND CAMPING AREA: Mayan style cabins of the Xuux Eek cooperative, at the entrance of the toll booth.
WHAT MORE TO DO FOR THE AREA? You are in the middle of the Convents Route and the Puuc Route, Mayapán, Loltún, Hacienda Yaxcopoil and cenotes in the area such as those of Cuzamá, Kankirische, those of Telchanillo, Tecoh, Sabacché there are countless in the area.

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