Within the great variety of cenotes in Riviera Maya, the Alamos cenote stands out with its own light within this vast panorama. If you like alternative paths, you have come to the right place.

Every year new cenotes open in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan area. These natural spaces are a business, something that has caused a trend to enable cenotes for the visitor's enjoyment. Right now in Riviera Maya there are hundreds of options to visit a cenote.

Cenote Alamos the safest thing is that you will not find it in any tourist catalog, nor do they offer it to you on a tour. It is one of those cenotes that Riviera Maya preserves silently. Only people come here who like to go a little more, who seek alternative paths.

alamos island cenote


The tourist Riviera Maya turns almost all of its natural spaces into tourist places, designed for the visitor's enjoyment. That makes the offer very wide, because at every step you find a beautiful place on this coast of the Mexican Caribbean.

The offer of cenotes covers many concepts: there are cenotes that have become recreational parks with zip lines, horseback riding, ATV rides, kayaking, others ideal for that happy Instagram photo, others that remain more natural, some ideal for families with children, others for diving, others rent them privately.

There are many types, so it is best to know what type of place you are looking for.

Complete information to discover the cenotes of Riviera Maya

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Riviera Maya is the destination in Mexico that receives the most tourism. After the CDMX airport, the Cancun airport is the one that welcomes the most visitors. Faced with such a touristy area, you think you have practically seen everything, but there is always a new corner to surprise you in the Riviera Maya.

Cenote Álamos was our last happy discovery in cenotes in Riviera Maya. Happy because I have not stopped surprising myself with the corners of this land since we arrived in 2007. Cenote Álamos was a chance encounter, as we were looking for the Mariposa cenote. We love good surprises, I hope you like it too.

The poplar tree is an indicator of water, it is one of the trees that indicate that there is a cenote. Its strong roots are planted firmly in deep-sea land. The roots of the Alamo are capable of piercing the limestone rock to seek water, creating truly wonderful natural landscapes on this land.

cenote alamos, cenotes tulum


It is known as Álamos Island because the water borders the contour of the place. The center is a platform of land, like an island surrounded by water.

Cenote Álamos is one of the few cenotes in Riviera Maya that preserves its natural charm without modifying it. It is a cenote that does not offer services such as a restaurant, changing rooms or even bathrooms. Cenote Álamos is really a natural space in the middle of the Quintana Roo jungle. You are sure to enjoy a place like this in the touristy Riviera Maya.

This means that in times of mosquitoes they will eat you alive, so go prepared for nature. You can take copal to light it and scare off mosquitoes. Administrators, if they have a reservation of clients, the day before or early in the morning fumigate the place naturally.

The mosquito season coincides with the rainy season, from May to October. There are days when there are few, there are days when there are a lot.

alamos island cenote


Cenote Álamos is located near Tulum, on the road that goes from Tulum to Cobá. On this road there are several good cenotes, as in the Cobá area. Cenote Álamos is one of the least known, there are no indications on the road.

So I'm going to tell you with love so that you can find it in an easier way.

A cenote in Tulum to feel like an explorer: cenote Álamos 1
Open Google maps for go to alamos island cenote


We consider the bus and taxis as the only means of public transportation to get to cenote Álamos.

  • BY BUS: it is difficult to get there by bus, I'll explain: the stretch of road between Tulum-Cobá there are buses, but somehow they push tourists to move around this area by taxi. There is not much bus service, and those that exist are occupied by locals. And then there is the distance from the main road to the Álamos cenote, which is about 3 and a half kilometers. If you are going to walk, bring a lot of water and protect yourself from the sun, you may have problems with sunstroke and dehydration. The heat here is very intense from April to September, and strong the rest of the year.
  • BY TAXI: if you are in Tulum you can ask the price to get to the Álamos cenote, and agree on the price so that they wait for you and return to Tulum. From Tulum you can move to the other destinations in Riviera Maya without problem.
alamos cenote
entrance from the road


Alamos cenote price

The price per person is 100 pesos.

Alamos Island cenote schedule

Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day

Cenote Alamos Services

Cenote Alamos It does not offer bathing and showering services, so we recommend that you not use creams, deodorants or other liquids or creams that could contaminate the cenote. Hopefully we take care of these places, in us is how to enjoy nature.

If you still want adventure, you can stay camping in the place. There are no bathrooms, but there is a wooden cabin that serves to protect you from the weather, whether from wind, rain or sun. In this area there are several cenotes, so you can take the exit as a mini cenote adventure. You can take advantage of the facilities and restaurant of the Canamayte cenote, which is a neighbor of the Álamos cenote.

In fact, the Canamayte cenote (Mariposa cenote / Chen Ha cenote) and the Álamos island cenote share an entrance from the road, along the dirt road you will see a rope, here they receive you and charge you the entrance.

alamos cenote


For us a trip to Riviera Maya without visiting cenotes is a lame trip. These natural wonders are to be enjoyed, as long as we know how to treat them. Follow the law of the good cenotero to conserve and preserve the cenotes, source of life and water.

  • WEAR A VISOR: wear a mask or visor to see underwater, I assure you that it gives you a different and beautiful view of the cenotes. If you have a water lamp, I recommend that you take it with you.
  • COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: go with closed shoes that fit, if it can get wet better.
  • CASH: they only accept payment in cash.
  • INSECT REPELLENT: if you are going to stay in the cenote, bring biodegradable repellent, use it after bathing. There are a lot of mosquitoes in the rainy season.
  • GO IN THE SHOWER/SHOWER: There are no showers, so try to go without body creams.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: swimsuit, a towel or pareo to dry yourself. Like a change of clothes to change and not go with wet clothes.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: do not hang from the roots of the trees, do not scratch the walls, do not touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place. Collect all your garbage, do not eat or drink in the cenotes, do not touch or subtract flora or fauna.
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So that you can locate other cenotes in the area, we leave you the map to make your trip easier.

cenote tulum map
Open the cenotes map around Tulum

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