Cenote Toh expands the offer of the cenotes of Valladolid. Valladolid is surrounded by incredible cenotes, it is a paradise for cenote lovers.

Cenote Toh is the last one so far to open its doors in the surroundings of Valladolid. It opened in June 2022, expanding the great offer of tourist cenotes in the area.

The tourist boom of the cenotes has made several ejidatarios, who are the owners of the land in Mexico, encouraged to open the cenotes that are on their property to the public. And so they generate extra income.

At the Toh cenote you are received by a Mayan-speaking family, who manage the cenote with all the hope of embarking on an adventure that brings prosperity in their lives. They are making improvements in the place, the principles are always little by little.

The Toh cenote is a simple and endearing place.

Cenote Toh, Valladolid


This map shows the cenotes around Valladolid. I know almost all of them, so it can be very useful to know which cenotes to visit in the Valladolid area.

I live in the area and I am passionate about cenotes, I am updating the general information so that we are up to date. Enjoy the area, here you will find some of the most incredible cenotes on the Peninsula.

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cenote valladolid map
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As I told you, this cenote is managed by a local family, a fact that makes cenotes not so well known. If the cenote is managed by a company, they know better the tools to publicize it and make it known. In the case of a family it is more difficult to achieve notoriety.

Personally, I really like these family cenotes, there is more heart. It's nice to know their stories and work. The truth is that the range of tourist cenotes is wide enough to choose the cenotes that most attract our attention and go out to enjoy them.

The lighting of the Toh cenote works with a power plant, something quite usual. When I visited it I was alone, so I asked them not to illuminate it. I like to see the cenotes with natural lighting.

Natural light filters through the collapse of the cenote vault. I had the pleasure of being alone for more than 3 hours watching the Toh cenote light up with different shades. Observing nature is something that gives me peace, I love doing it.

The descent of about 18 meters down the stairs is not for everyone, some experience some fear. It is safe, but I say it from experience that some find it somewhat complicated.

  • ABOUT ITS NAME: the toh is one of the emblematic birds of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is simply beautiful. During April and May, the end of the dry season, these birds come to the cenotes to nest.
  • CENOTE TOH CHARACTERISTICS: it is a closed cenote with an 18-meter entrance that leads you to the water. It is a wide cenote.
  • WHAT I LIKE THE MOST: The cenote is beautiful and with few people, so I really enjoyed the place. The family that runs it is very nice.
  • WHAT I LIKE LEAST: I feel that cement and iron are not materials that favor a natural environment. In this case, the floor platform is made of cement and the stairs are made of iron.
  • A LITTLE SECRET: many will not like this cenote because the stairs are not easy for everyone to descend, and the facilities are rustic. It is the cenote around Valladolid where you are most likely to be alone for hours.
Cenote Toh, Valladolid
18 meter descent
Cenote Toh, Valladolid
Family that manages the Toh cenote
Cenote Toh, Valladolid


The Toh cenote is in the surroundings of Valladolid, on the peripheral. It is part of these cenotes as close as the Chichikan, Oxman, Saamal or Dzitnup cenotes. The offer is very varied and attractive, and all so close to the beautiful Valladolid.

  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE TOH BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: There is no public transportation to this cenote.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE TOH BY TAXI: you can ask for a price and agree on a waiting time for the return.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE TOH BY CAR: from Valldolid you are only 5.7 kilometers, 12 minutes by car.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE TOH BY BIKE: from the center it is 4.5 kilometers by bike, about 15 minutes pedaling. You can rent a motorcycle or bike to tour the cenotes of Valladolid.
Cenote Toh in Valladolid, the hidden one 1
Photo © Google Maps – click on the image to know how to go to the Toh cenote


Toh cenote hours

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day

Toh cenote services

The services are rustic.

  • Bathrooms
  • Watering cans
  • Changers
  • Life jackets

Toh cenote price

100 pesos per person.

Cenote Toh Valladolid
Cenote Toh, Valladolid


  • COMFORTABLE SHOES: I recommend closed shoes so as not to trip on the stairs.
  • CASH: only pay in cash, if you have a small bill better.
  • GO THROUGH THE SHOWER / SHOWER: a good shower before entering the cenotes is essential to avoid contaminating them with chemicals from our body, such as creams, deodorants, soaps, even our sweat.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: of course the swimsuit, and also a towel or pareo to dry yourself. Do not forget a change of clothes to dry after bathing.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: do not scratch the walls, do not do any other idiotic thing that damages the place. Pick up all your garbage, do not eat or drink in the cenotes, do not touch or remove flora or fauna.
Cenote Toh in Valladolid, the hidden one 2


Addition Cenotes around Valladolid that I mentioned before, there is some treasure in the area that may interest you.

  • Santa Rita Grottoes 63 km from Valladolid 50 minutes by car. They are incredible caves where there are hundreds of painted hands, a very special place.
  • Xocén 13 kilometers from Valladolid 20 minutes by car. A Mayan town where you can do various Mayan culture activities.
  • Ek Balam Archaeological Zone 28 km 35 minutes by car. The closest archaeological zone, an unmissable place Ek Balam.

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