Cenote Taak Bi ha is one of the most beautiful cenotes in Riviera Maya. Very close to the well-known Dos Ojos cenote, we find this treasure of crystalline waters that captivates you instantly.

A few months ago I saw a photo of the Taak Bi Ha cenote and immediately wanted to meet it. I wrote it down on my list of next places to visit, a list that grows but luckily we are also erasing many wishes. We are excited to get to know the area, this curiosity has no limit.

Researching on the internet I was able to see more photos of the cenote and I wrote on my head map how to go. The information was somewhat confusing, but I managed to locate it. The issue is that there is another cenote called Tak Be Ha that confuses a bit, the use of different names and that the Taak Bi Ha cenote is not located on Google Maps creates some confusion.

So that you can enjoy the place we are going to give precise information to guide you to this wonder.


Cenote Taak Bi Ha you find it 55 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and 19 from Tulum. The access to the cenote is located at km 244 at the foot of the road. The Taak Bi Ha cenote shares the entrance with Parque Dos Ojos. This Park offers different activities and cenote packages, including the Dos Ojos cenote, one of the best known and most visited in the Riviera Maya.

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What few can imagine is that next to the famous Dos Ojos we find this treasure of Taak Bi Ha meaning hidden water in Mayan language.

cenote taak bi ha park dos ojos


The buses that leave you at the entrance to Dos Ojos Park leave from Playa del Carmen and Tulum. They are the ones who travel the federal highway 307 that runs parallel to the Caribbean coast. It is easy to travel this public highway in Mayan Riviera by public transport, where all-inclusive hotels are located.

From the general entrance to Dos Ojos Park there are 3 kilometers by shaded dirt road to the Taak Bi Ha cenote. You can cover this distance on foot or by taxi from the site.

  • WALKING: if you are going to walk take water and protect yourself from the sun. Despite the road being shady, it is very hot and can give you a heat stroke. Follow the advice please. Cars kick up a lot of dust when they pass.
  • BY SITE TAXI: Full taxi is 25 pesos per person and each way.
how to go cenote taak bi ha


The entrance to the Taak Bi ha cenote is not made when entering Dos Ojos Park, but in the Taak Bi ha itself. So from the park barrier you must go without prior payment to the taak bi Ha cenote, where you will pay your entrance.

The price of the Taak Bi Ha cenote is 350 pesos per person

You have the option of visiting the cenote with a local guide, basically to do a small snorkeling circuit. With guide the price is 400 pesos per person. The guide will swim with you, inform you and give you confidence inside the cenote if you need it.

The cenote is absolutely crystal clear and is very well located. For a better experience you can take your mask or visor, just as if you have a submersible lamp. They rent equipment there.

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Remember what we saw at the beginning about the confusion of names. Both cenotes exist and are located at different points. The only one located on Google Maps is the Tak Be Ha cenote and several are confused with the address. The Tak be Ha cenote cannot be visited as it is not open to the public.

With the information we give you I think it is clear where to go and how. Any questions you know you have the comments to try to support you.

cenote taak bi ha park dos ojos


The natural beauty of the place is incredible, this crystal clear cenote is very beautiful. It is one of the few cave cenotes that you can see on the Caribbean coast, where open cenotes are more common. Taak Bi Ha conserves bats, an indicator of the good health of the local environment (bats do absolutely nothing, in case you wonder).

We were not told before entering that we should go through the shower. Although they do not tell you at the entrances of the cenotes, make it a habit to shower before entering any cenote.

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cenote taak bi ha price

We used to say that for us power enjoying the places with the least number of people is an important factor. Obviously in the tourist Riviera Maya the matter is somewhat complicated. but there are always doors to the desire, so we give you a advice to visit Taak Bi Ha in peace: Go at 8:30 in the morning, at that time the divers hardly go. You will have a quiet hour in the place.

In the cenotes it is important to choose the best time of natural light to visit them, The light changes your environment completely. The good thing about the place is that, being a cave and without natural light, it is artificially illuminated. This means that there is no better daylight hour to visit it, they are all the same. The lighting of the cenote makes the site stand out in an excellent way, and the lights are friendly to the environment.

For us it is one of the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya, without a doubt.

Discover cenote Taak Bi Ha, the hidden one of Riviera Maya 1

Cenote Taak Bi Ha, cenotes

LOCATION: the Dos Ojos cenote is 55 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and 19 from Tulum. 1 kilometer from Xel Há Park. It is well indicated, you see it on the right hand side towards Tulum.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?You can go on collective (vans) that leave Playa del Carmen or Tulum. They run federal highway 307 from Cancun to Tulum. You ask the driver to warn you at the entrance to Parque Dos Ojos.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES:from 8 to 17 daily. There are services at the entrance to the bathrooms.
PRICE: entrance 350 pesos. With local guide for the snorkeling circuit 400 pesos per person. Divers 250 pesos per person.
WHAT TO BRING TO CENOTES? Swimsuit and a towel or pareo to dry yourself after the bath. A change of clothes to change, hat, insect repellent (use it after bathing if you stay in the area and there are insects). Do not forget the mask or visor (in many cenotes they rent, but that way you save it). You can access most tourist cenotes with flip flops, the closed shoe always gives you greater protection, it is my choice almost always. No boots or water shoes are necessary to access the cenotes, but if you have them you can take them for all water activities. Bring water, the heats squeeze a lot and you need constant hydration.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTER: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, protectors, or repellents before entering them. Always go through the shower before entering the cenote. Do not hang on the roots of the trees, do not touch the stalactites, or do any other idiocy that damages the place. If we learn to appreciate the natural environment the better we will treat it.

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