Among the various cenotes in the Yalcobá area, the Secret Mayan cenote joins the nature and adventure tourism offer. One of the cenotes in the surroundings of Valladolid that you will not want to miss.

Yalcobá is one of the areas of Yucatán where you can enjoy several cenotes. This town just 25 kilometers from Valladolid is home to several impressive cenotes in the Yucatan. He Secret Mayan cenote It is one of the attractive cenotes of Yalcobá, with great facilities. You can also add to the charm of sleeping in their Mayan-style cabins.

Secret Mayan Cenote, cenotes Yucatan


Secret Mayan Cenote It is located in Yalcobá, a Yucatecan town 25 kilometers from the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid. In 30 minutes by car you arrive. From Yalcobá it is 13 kilometers to the Cenote Secreto Maya, 15 minutes by car.

Cenote Secreto Maya is located on the Yalcobá-Xtut highway, at Kilometer 9. 40 minutes from the city of Valladolid.

From Yalcobá the cenote is well indicated, you must take the road towards Xtut. Above the entrance to the cenote there is a large sign: you cannot lose. On the way to Secret Mayan cenote you find the cenotes Xcanahaltun and Zazil Tunich. Then we will tell you a little more about the other cenotes of the place, you will love the area 😁


There is a collective taxi that makes the route from the center of Valladolid to Yalcobá, they leave when they are full. They are cars for 4 passengers, and they cost about 40 pesos per person.

From Yalcobá you will have to pay an extra for the cenote, whether you want to go by mototaxi or by taxi.

comoir secret mayan cenote


The beautiful open cenote with an impressive diameter of 50 meters is the perfect excuse to enjoy nature in the middle of the jungle, in comfortable and intimate facilities, and a restaurant managed with great care and affection.

The naturalness that the place preserves thanks to the materials used to access the cenote, is something that we really liked. Personally, we like tourist cenotes, those equipped with easy access for the visitor, which maintain their natural charm as much as possible, with nature intervening as little as possible with aggressive materials such as cement.

The wooden staircase that goes down the walls of the cenote is a very beautiful entrance. Cenotes such as Chichikán, Sac aua or X-canché, all in the area, have opted for wood at their entrances. Other cenotes such as those in Xibalbá Park have the philosophy of modifying nature in a substantial way. These modifications seem like a canned product to me, and canning nature is something that does not convey the same pure emotion of nature.

Secret Mayan Cenote, Yucatan
Secret Mayan Cenote, Yucatan, cenotes valladolid


Another place to visit within the place is the Grotto called the Jaguar's Den, which is at the entrance of the enclosure. If you decide to visit the grotto you will do it with one of the local guides. Unfortunately, I only saw the entrance as it was flooded due to the strong storms and hurricanes that the area suffered in 2020.

We will return to enjoy the place fully, and give you the information.

Secret Mayan Cenote, Yucatan


A great opportunity to rest and disconnect is to stay in one of the Mayan-style cabins that they have in the Secret Maya cenote. I was able to visit them with the good host Gustavo, who in a very kind way showed me the place and in the treatment you can see the enthusiasm and affection behind this project.

He showed me the plaque with his hands shaped like Hollywood Boulevard, one of the first clients who stayed at Secreto Maya. The illusion is seen in all the details and corners. They really have a very careful land.

The great thing about sleeping in the cabins of the Secret Maya cenote is that you have the luxury cenote all to yourself. These opportunities are fantastic. Rest and sleep among the sounds of the jungle is wonderful, we totally recommend it.

MAYAN STYLE CABINS IN CENOTE SECRETO MAYA: comfortable king size bed, breakfast, private cenote, guided tour of the Jaguar's Den and the trails of the place. All for 2900 pesos a night.

CAMPING AREA: they have set up an area to plant the tent. Maybe there they can rent you tents.

Cenotes with lodgingWhich one will you go to?

Secret Maya cenote cabins
Secret Maya cenote cabins


From the parking lot at the entrance of the cenote there are paths between trees that lead you through the facilities. You will find bathrooms, changing tables, showers, a restaurant, hammocks, rest areas and a mural with Mayan motifs where you can take a good souvenir photo.

The facilities of the Cenote Secreto Maya are more than good.

CENOTE SECRETO MAYA TIMETABLE: from 8 to 5 in the afternoon every day.

Secret Mayan Cenote


Entry per person is 150 pesos. If you want to visit the Jaguar Negro grotto it is 50 pesos more. Enjoy this wonderful place 🤗

We want to thank the administrators for their willingness to show us their special place, especially Gustavo. We know that this project is full of love, those things are noticed later when you visit them.

CONTACT: the Mayan Secret cenote website where you find his contact. WhatsApp cenote Secreto Maya for any information: 985 110 0673

Remember something very important: before entering the cenotes ALWAYS give yourself a shower, go through the shower before entering.

Secret Mayan Cenote, Yucatan


You know how we like to convey the best to you so that you enjoy this land as much as we do. The road from Yalcobá to Ek Balam, passing through Dzalbay, Hunukú and Santa Rita is a wonderful journey. On the way from Yalcobá to Xtut, you will still find several beautiful cenotes. We have traveled them infinite times, we love it.

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In this area there are several cenotes, all beautiful. We leave you the map and the information of each one of them.

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Open the cenotes map of Valladolid

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