Homún is one of the most popular destinations to visit cenotes. Within the varied offer we find the Sastal-Há cenote, small and beautiful. They have made the Parador Turístico the place.

Over the years the population of Homún has been adding cenotes to its varied offer. Now we can visit more than 20 cenotes in the area, a unique offer in a single population. The Sastal-Ha cenote has been one of the last to open.

Since tourism began in this town until now, Homún has changed a lot. The cenote of the town was barely known, the Tza Ujun Kat cenote, where the settlers went.

Now the offer is very varied: from tourist inns to spas, solitary cenotes, cenotes where ceremonies are held, some cenotes open at night... Also in Homún there is a good offer to sleep.

Sastal-Ha Cenote, Homun


SLEEPING IN CENOTES: there are different projects of tourist paradores in some cenotes such as the Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa, where they offer restaurant service and lodging in cabins.

HOTELS IN THE VILLAGE: the hotel Santa Maria, next to the caves of the same name, is our choice when we go to Homún. Excellent value for money and good service, what more could you ask for?

GAMPLING IN HOMÚN: a different option is the one offered in Gampling Hameki, a combination between camping and hotel. A more comfortable campsite for those who do not know the concept.

Know all the Cenotes of Homún in this article


This cenote is attached to the main road that runs through the town of Homún. It has been one of the last to open. It is very close to some of the most popular cenotes in Homún that have been open for years, such as the Bal-Mil cenote, the Canunchen or the Hool Kosom.

In the Sastal-Ha cenote, in addition to the natural cenote, they have made a pool and artificial cenote. The place is very attractive for tourism, and very unattractive for those of us who like more natural places. Personally, I don't like to see nature very modified, here they have dredged and made it more of a spa concept.

For those of you who enjoy this type of places, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

cenote sastal has
Swimming pool of the Sastal-Há Tourist Parador. Photo ©Facebook Sastal-Há
Cenote Sastal-Ha, another corner of Homún 1
Artificial cenote of the Sastal-Há Tourist Parador. Photo ©Facebook Sastal-Há

The truth is that there are cenotes for all tastes in Homún, which is why I think it is important to be well informed when choosing what to do in Homún. If your option is going to be to go by motorcycle taxi, I also think it is good to be well informed.

The Homún motorcycle taxis offer to take you to various cenotes in the town, usually the ones with the easiest access. Cenote Sastal-Há is one of those that offers being close to the main road, it accommodates a lot.

Since 2019 it is mandatory to wear a vest in the Homún cenotes

Unfortunately, there are many motorcycle taxi drivers who offer a guide service, without really knowing and being prepared. I have heard a lot of information that is not really nonsense, excuse me. Conveying good information to tourists is something important, not everything goes.

Cenote Sastal-Há is a small but attractive cenote. Along with the Mayan Sanctuary, Cheel Pak, Pool Uinic, Mani-Chan and 3 Oches are surely the smallest in Homún.

Sastal-Ha Cenote, Homun
Sastal-Ha Cenote, Homun


I explain the different ways to get to Homún. Once in Homún, going to the Sastal-Há cenote is very simple.

Cenote Sastal-Ha, another corner of Homún 2
Photo © Google Maps – click on the image to see how to go to the Sastal-Há cenote
  • HOW TO GO TO HOMÚN BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: from Mérida the bus leaves (medium van) from the central neighborhood (calle 52 x 65 y 67). Schedules from Mérida to Homún starting at 6 in the morning, last departure at 5:30 pm. From Homún to Mérida, the first departure is at 5:30 in the morning and the last between 5 and 6 in the afternoon. Price: 34 pesos per person. The schedules of the buses are not very exact, they leave when they are full. It is a very busy route, so it is easy for the bus to fill up quickly. The tour is approximately 1 hour. Once in Homún you can go by motorcycle taxi or other options that we give you here.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE SASTAL-HÁ BY CAR: from Mérida take Calle 59 to the city's peripheral, and follow the sign to Chichén Itzá. Continue on the road for almost 30 kilometers until the detour to Tahmek. Hocabá continues from here and then Homún. 
  • HOW TO GO TO THE SASTAL-HÁ CENOTE BY MOTOTAXI FROM HOMÚN: prices are around 300 pesos for a tour of the cenotes by motorcycle taxi. You can see from 3 to 5 cenotes depending on the time you spend. You can agree on another price to stay longer and go to more remote cenotes.
  • HOW TO GO TO THE CENOTE SASTAL-HA BY BIKE: they rent bicycles in Homún to do the tour to the cenotes. Protect yourself from the heat and the sun, always wear cool clothes, a hat and water.
Cenote Sastal-Ha, another corner of Homún 3


  • CHARACTERISTICS CENOTE SASTAL-HÁ: it is a closed cenote where you enter through a staircase right in the hole of a poplar tree.
  • WHAT I LIKE THE MOST: The photos of this cenote look very attractive, it is a good hook to go. It is small and cozy, the space is very nice. The colors are very successful. Light contrasts are complicated to take photos, so keep that in mind.
  • WHAT I LIKE LESS: They only allow you 30 minutes if there are people in the cenote. It's something that happens in several cenotes in Homún, it just bothers me a little to have to run around on visits. Although some may think, better 30 quiet minutes than 1 hour full of people. Tastes are tastes, there is something for everyone.
Sastal-Ha Cenote, Homun
Cenote Sastal-Ha, another corner of Homún 4


Sastal-Há cenote hours

From 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. every day

cenote services

  • Entrance to the natural cenote Sastal -ha
  • Entrance to the artificial cenote
  • Lake pool with water mirror
  • Day at our facilities
  • You can bring food and drinks
  • lifevest
  • bathrooms – showers
  • Parking lot
  • Tables, chairs, palapas

cenote price

120 pesos per person. They have another package for 300 pesos where they offer you to visit other cenotes.

Contact Cenote Sastal-Ha

Cenote Sastal-Ha, another corner of Homún 5
Cenote Sastal-Ha, another corner of Homún 6


  • BRING A VISOR: I like to go with a diving mask, and if you have a water lamp I recommend that you take it. She gives you a different perspective
  • COMFORTABLE SHOES: access to the cenote can be done with flip flops, although closed shoes are always better.
  • CASH: only pay in cash, if you have a small bill better.
  • GO THROUGH THE SHOWER / SHOWER: a good shower before entering the cenotes is essential to avoid contaminating them with chemicals from our body, such as creams, deodorants, soaps, even our sweat.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: of course the swimsuit, and also a towel or pareo to dry yourself. Do not forget a change of clothes to dry after bathing.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: do not hang from the roots of the trees, do not scratch the walls, do not touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place. Pick up all your garbage, do not eat or drink in the cenotes, do not touch or remove flora or fauna. It is a federal crime, it is punishable.
mexico cenotes


I leave you to make it easier for you the map with the cenotes of Homún and all the photos. You can open the map and organize your visit to your liking.

Any information leave me a comment and I will gladly help you.

homun cenotes map
Open the Homun cenotes map

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